Is President Barack H. Obama ‘acting brand new’?

Six and one-half years in , with only one and a half years left find the American President looser, angrier and more forthright….

Barack Obama in his first few years in office was trying to make ‘nice’ with Congress….

You know the community organizer from Chicago thing?

But being President is serious shit….

First the guy who left him the keys for the White House dropped  a ton of hurt on his door and the American public….The Economy and couple of wars….

Then in 2010 and 2014 the Republicans managed to pull off political wins , while rolling Obama on several fronts….

On top of this ?

He kept his mouth shut about race, which a LOT of people thought would magically be transformed by the nations first Black (Mixed) race President…..

It wasn’t…..

So we NOW find ourselves with a guy who doesn’t much resemble the one we started of with in 2009….

Barack Obama has shepherd thru a Healthcare program with the Supreme’s help…NOT CONGRESS….

Barack Obama has helped patch up and American economy that was in shambles…..

Barack Obama has brought most of the troops home…But has also made cuts in the military…

Barack Obama has TRIED to get Immigration reform , after deporting MORE illegal;s than just about any President….He’s  Democrat…

But Barack Obama has also finding Congress unwilling to to do anything about immigration except wanting to hire more border guards?

He’s gone his own way….

He’s made moves on healthcare…

He’s gotten a Trade agreement done by working with Republicans….

He’s cut a deal with Iran….

And he’s talked about racism in America….

There’s this thing people sometimes say down South.

So-and-so is “acting brand new.” Sometimes that’s a reference to someone behaving like they don’t know old friends and family — that they have evolved past their old crowd. Sometimes that’s Southern speak for the emboldened, someone behaving like they either don’t know the rules or have outright decided to disregard them.

In the past four weeks, we’ve seen President Obama take up residence in a place that sits somewhere in-between.

He’s spoken off the cuff about race relations on a widely circulated podcast (even using the n-word) and then eloquently followed that with what can only be described as a sermon on race relations in America before breaking into song. He’s challenged America to go deeper in its support of equality than retiring symbols of slavery (like the Confederate flag) and impolitic words (like the n-word).

While eulogizing a slain minister and state lawmaker allegedly killed by a white supremacist in Charleston, S.C., he outlined a whole raft of ways in which discrimination remains and inequality continues to grow. And now he’s gone and announced two major reform packages — housing last week and criminal justice on Tuesday — in the span of two weeks that could, if ultimately implemented, be of particular benefit to people of color in the United States.

Here’s the thing: This Obama might look or sound “brand new” to some Americans. He might even sound a little something like the black president that some white Americans across the political spectrum feared (or hoped for). But to people who watch the White House closely, this is the President Obama that has been developing for some time….