Open Thread for July 12, 2015…Donald Trumps dissing Mexicans sends him to the head of the GOP 2016 primary polls…

Day by day with the release of every poll of the 15 or so people running for the Republican 2016

Presidential nomination we feed into one thing….

Donald  Trump is now either in the second spot or LEADING

The reason for his meteoric rise is two fold

First…. his constant giving access to the media

Second….. his constant imploring that Mexicans are surging over the U.S.  Southern border

They aren’t….

The actual numbers of illegals coming across the border has DROPPED DRAMATICALLY

But that isn’t. Stopping the guy who peddled the bullshit about President Obama’s birth certificate

(he’s already mentioned that)

That SO MANY Republican could buy into his media grabbing comments is , well, scary

But I’m NOT surprised

As the reality hat America IS  in the 21st Century sinks in

Some people have grown more worried

They can’t deal with the fact that country elected this black looking guy (he’s actually mixed)

with Hussein as a middle name….

On top of that  people have lost their minds and want to get rid of the Confederate flag?

Oh, and the Obamacare thing won’t go away!

So all this…..and More…. Seems to have made a Rich New York media hound

The Pied Piper for the Republican ‘s right now

and he is keeping the media feed with more and more bullshit falsehood ‘s  about


Undocumented people don’t vote right?


The other Latino’s and Hispanic’s

Who CAN vote?

I don’t think they are gonna forget the Republicans  has supported this guy….


108 thoughts on “Open Thread for July 12, 2015…Donald Trumps dissing Mexicans sends him to the head of the GOP 2016 primary polls…”

  1. But I bet Trump WAS talking about his employees – even though I bet they think he is an a–.

  2. … if that Mexican-American abrazo around the neck of el Donaldo gets too warm, close and cuddly, think of the dangers to Trump’s new-found base ! ;–)

    No doubt his new-found amigo, the Meanest Sheriff in America (whom Mexican-Arizonans also love so dearly), is just waiting for that moment to jump in from the sidelines to seize his base.

        1. PPP Virginia poll 7/16/15….

          PPP’s newest Virginia poll finds Jeb Bush leading the Republican primary field in the state with 18%, followed by Donald Trump and Scott Walker at 14%, and Ben Carson also in double digits at 10%. Rounding out the top ten that’s become important in the context of the upcoming debates are Mike Huckabee at 8%, Marco Rubio at 7%, and Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Rand Paul at 5%. Missing the cut for the top ten are Bobby Jindal at 3%, Rick Perry at 2%, Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, and Rick Santorum at 1%, and George Pataki at less than 1%.
          On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is dominant. She gets 64% to 14% for Bernie Sanders, 8% for Jim Webb, 5% for Lincoln Chafee, and 2% for Martin O’Malley. Clinton has 79% support from African Americans, is over 60% with liberals, moderates, men, women, younger voters, and seniors, and is over 50% with whites, Hispanics, and middle aged voters..

          More @

  3. Yes Jack, “Trump has apparently lost Hispanic vote” is more obvious than “Hillary IS Human”.

    Although I did hear Trump say that Mexicans love him.

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