Open Thread for 7/3/15…..The Islamic State is gonne be around for a while…

The more I hear about it?

The more I think the Islamic State is NOT gonna be dislodged from Iraq and Syria….

Let’s look a couple of things….

ISIS controls about 1/3 of Iraq….

They are Sunni based,  a religious Muslim group which comprises more than 1/2 of the country…

The minority Shia muslims run the country and get along with Iran…

The people running the military in ISIS are the top Saddam military guys that got kicked out by the Bush people…

The ISIS military is small, about 5,000 to 10,000 it is reported…

But THEY FIGHT….The Iraqi Army doesn’t….

While the US and it’s allies are doing air strikes….

They have little political will to put ‘boots on the ground’……

All of this HAS to be making the White House aware that in the end?

Iraq WILL  become THREE separate places….

While it was cobbled together by conquers….

The religious thing will probably divide the country by Sunni (ISIS), Shia (Present Iraq) and Kurdish  factions….

Somebody tell me if I have this wrong….

Cause I don’t think so….

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116 thoughts on “Open Thread for 7/3/15…..The Islamic State is gonne be around for a while…”

  1. Trump also said Hillary was the worst Sec.of State in our nation’s history and would be a “disaster” as President.


  2. He said when she left office that she was a fantastic Secretary of State, had done a wonderful job, and would be a wonderful President.

    He was either lying then or lying now. Nonetheless, the opinion of Hillary Clinton held by millions of Americans, has or will probably continue to lessen, so that is a trend that at least makes sense.

    Back later, maybe.

  3. And if he’s lying now is it at the behest of his puppet master Hillary so his hatred of her will propel him to the nomination so he can then throw the election to her?

    That would be the only way your cockamamie conspiracy theory would play out now that Trump has spoken ill of Hillary, something you said he’d never do.

  4. I said he eventually would in an over the top and irrelevant way. The real question is why he had not before.

    He knows he is not going to be nominated, and indeed may never even file the papers to appear on one primary ballot. My theory is that he is trying to cause chaos in the GOP primary process and hurt the Republican candidates in the process. He certainly has damaged his own “brand” , perhaps more than anticipated, and if he now “attacks” Hillary in an irrelevant or over the top way, it makes her look good. The bottom line is that his attacks on her now do not square with what he has said about her before and his positions do not square with things he has said very recently about the Clintons.

    It’s a theory. You can take it or leave it. It does not add up to me. I may not be always right, but usually I am, such on election predictions, or what was going to happen to the Confederate flag in SC, when most on the left were convinced the right would fight tooth and nail to keep it. I hear from people on the right who think that Jeb Bush is a GOP plant, designed to lose the election to Hillary Clinton on purpose.

  5. Corey?

    Your missing a WHOLE LOT of things on ‘The Donald’

    He’s in the media EVERY DAY

    He’s in the media EVERY DAY

    He’s in the media EVERY DAY

    Being the media has propelled him to second place in sveral polls

    Some of the stuff he says IS true

    Do you notice that he tends to talk about MONEY….Particularly Spending Money?

    Thers’s more….
    But it REALLY doesn’t matter…

  6. Looks like the Greek leaders are
    They are offering austerity measures against their people for an economic lifeline

  7. I will be doing a Donald Trump story in a little while that shows that saying stupid things gets you places these days….

  8. The flag is being taken down in the South Carolina capital….


    CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk
    Confederate flag being removed from capitol grounds in South Carolina. Watch live on @CNNgo

  9. White House Spokesman Tears Into House GOP Over Confederate Flag

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday lambasted House Republicans for pushing for an amendment that would allow Confederate flags to be displayed in federal cemeteries and sold in stores located in national parks.

    “A sizable number of House Republicans are eager to protect the states of the Confederate flag on National Park Service grounds. These are the same house Republicans who voted for a party leader who once described himself as ‘David Duke without the baggage,'” Earnest said at Thursday’s press briefing, according to the Huffington Post.

    Earnest was referring to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), who has been linked to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke…..

    More @

  10. “Confederate flag being removed ”

    It’s going into the “relic” room. There are arguments on how or if it should be displayed there. Not to give anyone any ideas here but I think the Russians have Hitler’s remains in a file cabinet in the Kremlin instead of being displayed on public view to help the economy.

    “an amendment that would allow Confederate flags to be displayed in federal cemeteries and sold in stores located in national parks”

    I wonder if that includes re-enactor exhibitions?

    On the meantime, feelings of people are being respected all around the world.

  11. MSNBC ‘s Chuck Todd is talking up Nikki Haley as a possible Republican VP pick…..

    He’ll have interview her on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’….

  12. “Nikki Haley as a possible Republican VP pick”

    No *hit Sherlock!

    But are not Indian immigrants being recruited for all the high paying software jobs?

  13. On the Iran talks…..

    It appears that Iran and America are doing a last minute slow dance….

    Obama says a less than 50/50 chance for an agreement, which has GOT to NOT make the Iranian leaders happy….
    They BADLY want the sanctions to end…

  14. Biden?

    Didn’t Dukakis do him in?

    Slow news day?

    Are the Democrats worried about a Presidential candidate pseudo “missile” gap?

    Short of someone we all know and love slipping on a banana peel and having a fatal fall down the steps of the White House, Joe will never be President.

  15. Hot off the presses at the NY TIMES
    Govt shrinks complained about Bush era interrorgation methods…
    The CIA hired OTHER shrinks to countermand the first ones….
    Anyone surprised at this?

  16. Cruz is trying to position himself to inherit Trumps support when he he drops out.

    The question though is can Cruz survive as a viable candidate until that time happens?

  17. Trump has enough money to hang in till after South Carolina, when Bush will probably start to pull away from the pack..
    That would be too late for Cruz…

  18. I’m not saying that the Bush after SC scenario is necessarily invalid,but I could just as easily see Bush losing all four of the early contests(Iowa, NH, Nevada and SC).

    Except for raising money,which is important I admit,he has been generally unimpressive.

  19. As an example of how some Republican presidential candidates are trying to co opt Trump,Ben Carson says he could see Trump as his VP candidate!

  20. Wow – the pope is meeting with an LGBT activist in Paraguay. Catholics like Manila should be proud.

  21. Can papal meeting with LGBT activist change attitudes in Paraguay?

    Gay rights activist and atheist Simón Cazal never imagined he would be one of Pope Francis’ biggest champions during the pontiff’s visit to Paraguay.

    In fact, the director and co-founder of SomosGay, or We Are Gay, was shocked when he was invited to the pontiff’s meeting with civil society.

    “I thought it was a joke,” he told CNN during an interview at the group’s headquarters in Asunción.

    More @

  22. Cuomo, Senate GOP roll back some provisions of SAFE Act

    In a rollback of key provisions in his landmark gun control law, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo agreed Friday to suspend sections of his SAFE Act covering ammunition sales.

    Under the agreement with State Senate Republicans, New York will suspend indefinitely its efforts to require background checks for ammunition purchasers and to create a database of buyers….

    Morew @

  23. Walker tweets presidential run earlier than planned

    Scott Walker is running for president, he announced in what appeared to be an unintentional tweet on Friday.

    The Wisconsin governor isn’t expected to formally announce until Monday, but on Friday afternoon, the Republican appeared to tweet a black-and-white image of himself waving onstage that read, “Scott Walker is running for president.”

    The tweet was still viewable under his account later Friday afternoon, but had been taken down by Friday night….

    More @

  24. the TV series “the Strain” a horror series about vampires in NYC starts season two tomorrow night on FX. I enjoyed the first season. I don’t watch much TV, but I make an exception for this. Only sci-fi fans would be interested.

  25. Also ,apparently in on the “conspiracy?”

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who says Trump is telling it like it “truly is”

    This “line “that the GOP establishment is trying to spread that Trump is being condemned by the party in general is no longer viable.

    Except for Bush and Rubio ,there is a lot of hedging and some outright support for Trump and his wild talk,from all sorts of Republicans.

  26. And Cruz secretly desires for Hillary to take the White House too, or he wouldn’t be praising Trump.. We need to expose the truth. Corey can’t do it by himself.

  27. I think Cruz is trying to do what SO MANY OTHER GOPer’s do with the primaries…
    And the NY Times is screwing him
    So he’s trying to use the media direct to get around the Times…

  28. jamesb101 July 11, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    I think Cruz is trying to do what SO MANY OTHER GOPer’s do with the primaries…

    After a head-scratch or two, now I see you mean


    Proofread before you send, James, please, please, pretty pretty please!

    Don’t be the slave of auto-correct (much as you need it)

  29. The auto correct spells what IT wants!

    I typed out sell…

    It changed it….

    On the iPhone it’s not like laptop I’m now or the iMac where you get the BIG picture…
    Thanks for the correction….

    I am a slave to NO ONE!
    Except my bills…

  30. He, he, he….

    In my defense?

    People have NO idea how many times I clean up their spelling omissions here….

    It’s a thankless jobs….

    But I have others to point to things out….

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