With a GOP 2016 President field so big?…New hampshire grows in importance

With a feild around 16 potentials. and rising….

The lower teir hopefuls are gonna need some sort numbers to go on to evn Iowa….

With Jeb Bush , Scott Walker and Marco Rubio in the top group and well funded….Things are gonna turn swiftly in the money department….

As soon as he makes his presidential announcement tomorrow, Chris Christie will race to New Hampshire for a town hall. The embattled New Jersey governor has little choice: he has to go all-in on the Granite State.

Trouble is, he’s not alone. Jeb Bush and Rand Paul are also heavily invested in New Hampshire. So are a handful of GOP long-shots ranging from George Pataki to John Kasich, all of whom will be focusing their campaigns almost entirely on the first-in-the-nation primary state.

Never before have so many White House hopefuls bet so much on a single primary.

“New Hampshire has always has winnowed the field, but this time, because of the large number of really well-qualified candidates, it will be a do-or-die state for a lot of them,” said Steve Duprey, the state’s RNC committeeman. “The voters here are smart enough to recognize the power they have, and they’re really taking time getting to know these candidates, who are going to have to really work like they’re running for town council up here. It’s going to be hand to hand combat.”

The 16 Republicans who have declared themselves candidates — or signaled their intention of doing so before July’s end — are all betting on New Hampshire for the same reason. Iowa and South Carolina, which bracket New Hampshire on the February calendar, tend to favor social conservatives; and Nevada, the fourth contest on the calendar, is too unpredictable, a place riven by competing conservative factions. So for almost every moderately conservative, establishment-oriented GOP hopeful in need of an early state breakthrough, New Hampshire is really the only game in town.



Jeb Bush will suffer past the fist few states and move into firmer ground going into Supper Tuesday and beyond….One could see Mitt Romney parallels developing….

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