Red State sours on Scott Walker?….


Internal bicking against the Republican Governor from Wisconsin has emerged…..It seems Walker has hired someone who is not acceptable to some…..


Scott Walker just dropped off my list of acceptable candidates. I like a lot about Governor Walker but people are policy. And his decision to hire Brad Dayspring, an unprincipled political operative who combines viciousness and incompetence in equal measures tells us a lot.

As we have documented here on RedState, Brad Dayspring was on of the loudest lying voices in the dishonest, dishonorable, and disreputable campaign the NRSC waged on behalf of the mildly senile, corrupt, and adulterous Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) 46%. In this campaign Dayspring was front and center in lying about challenger Chris McDaniel. In fact, the scorched earth campaign waged by Dayspring against McDaniel exceeded any campaign the NRSC has ever run against a Democrat.He was also instrumental in launching attacks on the challenger to Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) 70%, Dr. Milton Wolf. In Arkansas, he attacked the GOP nominee, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) 85% for attacking Democrat Mark Pryor.

If you want to read Dayspring’s sordid history in GOP politics, we have it here.

We need to move away from this revolving door of GOP establishment apparatchiks affixing themselves like barnacles to candidates. Walker is not the only candidate with this problem. The equally odious Austin Barbour is working on Rick Perry’s campaign.


3 thoughts on “Red State sours on Scott Walker?….”

  1. I think Jeb is pointing to his past conservative record in public. Also, he is not running against wingnuts so much as they are trying to run against him.

    1. Maybe
      But in was inevitable that political knife fights break out
      There will be more
      Like Ted Cruz said
      The guys will be fighting amongst themselves
      While Jed keeps running against his parties rightwingnuts in public and pointing to his past conservative record in private…

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