President Obama gets his bounce …50% in new Poll…..

After a winning week on Healthcare and Trade….

The President has a good review….

His disapproval number is below 50%…..

This is the first of many polls…

But the guy HAS to be pretty happy….

But will his numbers stay at this level?

Cause if it does?

Hillary Clinton is gonna be a VERY happy person come next November….

President Obama’s approval rating has hit 50 percent for the first time in more than two years, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday morning.

Approval for Obama has increased 5 points since last month.
The last time Obama saw approval from at least half of Americans came in May, 2013, when 53 percent of Americans surveyed in the poll said they thought he was doing a good job.

Forty seven percent of Americans currently disapprove of his job performance.


Obama’s overall approval has been bolstered by his handling of race relations, which ticked up 5 points in the past month. Fifty five percent of Americans now look favorably at his handling of the issue….



The piece linked above makes the case that a mixed/black President gets appoval out there in America right now by talking about race in the context of issues NOW in America….

This is a issue several 2016 GOPer’s are pushing in a direction 180 degrees from the President….And Jeb Bush is not….


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28 thoughts on “President Obama gets his bounce …50% in new Poll…..”

  1. And a CNN poll shows 63% approve of the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare and 59% approve of it extending marriage equality to all 50 states.

  2. It is interesting that the word “Obamacare” was never used in that survey. It says “government assistance for lower income Americans buying health insurance..”

    Not much of a surprise that people would say yes.

  3. Either way Republicans are agin it.

    No comment on marriage equality now enjoying solid majority support?

  4. From the same poll:

    Approve of Obama’s handling of:
    Iran 38, to 58 percent disapprove
    Foreign trade- 40- 53
    Cybersecurity- 37-56

    He got a little bit of a bump after Charleston and his eulogy. That is to be expected. Already today, the Gallup tracking poll has his numbers dropping.

  5. It said it agreed with the decision. That result does not surprise me. All people in America have the right to their opinion. A poll on Voter ID would show that about 75% support that.

  6. The constant knock against Obama does nothing to hide the fact that he has done pretty darn good for the past 6 1/2 years
    He has helped the country move into the 21sy century while being engaged in a political tussle with FORCES THAT DO NOT want To go there…

  7. Obama’s major campaign promises have remained unfulfilled. The public still believes the economy is weak and more people believe America is on the wrong track since before took office. Foreign policy crises continue to be very serious and politically, he has presided over unprecedented losses for his party.

    One can suggest that he has put through two Supreme Court Justices as part of a lasting legacy, but on the rulings last week, it is likely that John Paul Stevens and David Souter would have ruled the same way.

    Other than that, I guess he’s doing great.

  8. So?

    That only goes to show that the majority of Americans favor GOVERNMENT assistance for lower income Americans to purchase insurance,a prime feature of ACA and one of the sources(along with the insurance mandate) of the Republican opposition to the program.

    It would be helpful to compare it to the Republican program ,but ,here we are Five years later and they have still not brought forth one ,instead contenting themselves with some vague references to something called a “market oriented” program(whatever that means) and sometimes shrill denunciations of ACA( Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said it would”ruin” the country.

    One things for sure,it is not a “very unpopular” program as you described it yesterday.

  9. With him being so unpopular and all the historical references you have made concerning the difficulty of a party winning a third consecutive term one would think 2016 would be a cakewalk for the Republicans.

    And except for all of them trailing presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton,they are doing great.

  10. In the political realm it is referred to as “Obamacare” and always polls unpopularly when phrased as that, which this poll does not do.

    The general concept of giving people health insurance is understandably popular, which is why this poll may have the result it did, but it does not mean that everyone understood the issue.

  11. She is statistically tied with some of the GOP candidates (don’t be like jamesb now)and she has higher name recognition and a more united party then the Republicans at the current time.

    There is a long way to go, but yes, I certainly agree that fundamentals in the 2016 election, especially the “Wrong Track” stuff should favor the eventual GOP nominee. We have a politically polarized and competitive country though, so I do not think you guys are going to lose 49 states again.

  12. I agree with your candidate,Jeb Bush, that the Republicans need to draw an “inside straight” (his words” ) to win or expand the playing field.

    There is no evidence at all that they are doing the latter.Indeed, they remain tone deaf to Black concerns (and except for some perfunctory verbiage here and there are making no serious effort among that minority)

    As to Hispanics,their hope seems to be that they will be attracted to them because Jeb Bush is married to an Hispanic and/or Cuban Aerican Marco Rubio is on the ticket.All this while their current Number two in the polls candidate Has labelled Mexico an enemy ,the Mexicans who have come here criminals and the Congressional wing of the party continue to oppose any meaningful Immigration reform, not exactly the makings of aserious “outreach” there.

    As for Gay Americans, they float between grudging acceptance of the marriage ruling ,while some continue to stir that pot.In my view,they aren’t easily going to let it go.

    Not a very fertile field for expanding the playing field as far as I can see and”inside straights” rarely occur.

  13. That’s what you say when you want to convince primary voters that you are the best bet. Smart strategy. It would be dumb to go in front of them and say, “Hillary is an immensely flawed candidate and I do not think she can win.”

    That’s the kind of candid stuff that I can say on here, because we are all just political junkies talking amongst ourselves.

  14. Or you’re just a cheerleader who has predicted a Republcan victory in every Presidential election.

  15. I do not think the GOP needs an “inside straight.” I just think we need to not nominate a “Joker.”

    And I have not predicted a Republican victory in every Presidential election. You know that, Scott.

  16. Hillary can’t DO paid speeches anymore
    That Chelsea Clinton making money speaking is portrayed as bad strikes me as bit sexist by the media
    Especially since the people paying her got a good deal

  17. No matter WHAT you call it Coreu?
    Over 7 million Americans have benefited from it
    Republican Govers have brought it to their states
    The negative perception belays the fact that warts and all
    The program IS here to stay

  18. How is it sexist? She got paid $65K for a short speech back in 2014. They tried to get Hillary but her asking price was too high. It’s quite a lucrative deal for Chelsea. Maybe she deserves it after the embarassment her father caused the family when she was young.

    The speech stuff is all legal. Others will have to determine whether it is a fair market value, but Hillary Clinton has certainly always liked to make money. I think that presents a contrast to some with Bernie Sanders, (who by the way was for “marriage equality” in 1972.) All the talk that Bill and Hillary have done about being “dead broke” and “gotta pay the bills” rings a bit hollow perhaps.

  19. Somehow I just do NOT THINK you deal with Hillary being ahead of the GOP
    So you ignore it

  20. “Here” until new people get elected and something better comes along, which would be just about anything.

  21. Both she and the GOP field need to get through primaries first, so there’s not much sense in “dealing” with anything.

    I can see the general election polls though and see that some Republicans run better than others. Her support in those have continued to take hits, but it will really only matter when we know whom the two nominees will be.

    But you certainly “ignored” all the Senate polls in 2014 that had Republicans ahead because you did not want them to be true.

  22. I point to the fact a married woman is trying to make buck
    She is leveraging her madien name like countless others
    What is wrong with THAT?
    If it was a guy would the media be doing the raised eyebrows thing?

  23. The 2014 miss is acknowledged as past history just like my early correct call on Romney….

  24. What does being a married woman and her maiden name have to do with anything?

    She is an adult, involved in the political arena, and she makes lots of money being famous.

    Nobody is “raising an eyebrow” but it certainly would be the same deal if she were male.

  25. Let make take this opportunity ,and I am as Guilty as anyone, to be the first to call for an end to this constant recitation of people’s mistaken”predictions” as to elections and nominations.

    Obviously ALL of us have gotten things wrong but constantly harking back, often many years ,to past mistaken predictions has little,if any, value in discussing current happenings.

    I personally am going to cease doing so.I will continue to point out inconsistencies in discussing issues and personalities but will no longer point out a persons past mistaken predictions as to election winners as I fail to see it really accomplishes anything.

    Others may do as they wish.

  26. Yet another historically black church burned yesterday – this one in South Carolina. Police say it appears to be unrelated to the other black churches in the South that have burned recently.

    Hopefully the people in the nearby white rural churches will welcome the black Christians into their church – especially in this time of need.

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