Is Republicanism dead?

Politico takes a look at how the GOPer’s are lossing it on just about EVERY social issue as they back their parties social conservatives…..


Same-Sex Marriage….

Abortion Rights….

Are three of the TARGETS of Republicans…..

By going AFTER them instead of embracing them?

Republicans seem to moving backwards…Away from a country they live in that is cahn going….With…or Without them….

If you’re old enough to recall how the landslide election of Lyndon Johnson over the hapless Barry Goldwater supposedly spelled the end of the Republican Party, or how Ronald Reagan’s election amounted to a revolution that put the Democratic party on the mat until — more or less — the end of time, then you will understand my caution in saying that while the Republican Party may well survive its recent difficulty, Republicanism itself is dead. I think.

The recent difficulties consist of taking the wrong side in the great health-care debate, not only opposing what came to be called Obamacare, but also refusing to produce an alternative. People are worried about their health, and the party comes up with buffoons such as Sarah Palin who invents death panels and trivializes the whole debate. Obamacare is not only the law of the land, but it is also the inevitable next step toward universal health care — just like many countries have, even the poorer ones.

The party’s other recent difficulty is being on the wrong side of just about every social issue you can think of…..



Of course the author of this piece KNOWS the Republicans aren’t finished as a party….

Less than a year ago they won MORE elected spots than the Democrats who have the majority of the public behind them on most of the above issues….

The Republicans biggest problem right now is the sheer number of people running for President right now…

And lets face it….

Even with the Supreme Court siding with Democrats and the President recently?

There are STILL those who carry the flag for the old fashion Rightwing ideals….

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11 thoughts on “Is Republicanism dead?”

  1. Snappy comeback….

    The best line of this whole article, “Government must do what only it can do. Only a semi-mystical Republicanism, deluded by its own dogma, cannot see the future. That’s why it may not have one.”

    All, and I mean all, of the Republican Presidential candidates in that clown car are firmly gazing in the rear view mirror. Well, they can keep staring, last week is clear evidence that the country is changing, and leaving all of them in the dust.

    1. Now if we can just get ALL Democrats out to VOTE!

      I’m counting on a Hillary Clinton Presidency to help….

      There is a LOT riding on her…

      I’m glad she’s running stronger this time…

  2. James,

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t give Corey the lecture you always give me.

    As PEOPLE can be more than one thing ,so can WORDS. for instance lists three definitions for “Republicanism”

    The third?”…policies of the Republican Party.”

    1. Damn….

      You’re right Jack!….

      Yo Corey?….


  3. I do not think anybody uses the term “Republicanism” in relation to the Republican Party. It means something else.

    As to the point of this post, to state the obvious, the Republican Party is not “dead.” It currently has more people elected under its banner than anytime since the 1920s.

  4. You can “think” what you want but that is a definition of the word,


    I don’t think the Republican Party is “dead” either;however, the point of a political party is to win elections and implement policies generally associated with it.

    The Republicans can win elections but they are doing as well implementing their policies.

  5. It’s a minor point, but if I were writing james’ headlines for him, I would have thought it would make more sense to title it:

    “Is the Republican Party dead?”

  6. The Party isn’t dead, on the contrary, it is alive, well, angry, and kicking. But the ideals and ideas of the Party, now that’s another thing entirely.

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