Supreme’s stop Texas from closing more Abortion clinics…..

The court will review the Texas laws that raise abortion clinics requirement to a level so strict that 20 clinics have closed and another 10 would have closed if the court hadn’t entertained the emgency injuction against the law….

The Texas regulationsis are an efford to get around the Suprem Courts ruling that legalized abortion in America….

With the temporary hold, the 10 clinics will be able to stay open, in addition to another nine that were not impacted by the provisions, Miller said.
Monday’s order could also spur some of the 20 clinics that have already closed back into business and more could still open, Miller said.

The fate of the regulations will remain in limbo until the fall, when the Supreme Court will decide whether to take up the appeal. Four of the court’s more conservative members – Chief Justice John Roberts and associate justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito – opposed the order.

This is the second time that the Supreme Court has stepped in to temporarily halt pieces of the 2013 law, which activists say gives them hope that the court will eventually overturn lower courts’ decision to uphold the law.

“We think it’s a strong possiblity that the court will take this case,” said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The Texas law is among the strictest in the country and drew national attention after a marathon filibuster from then-Democratic state senator Wendy Davis. Since then, about half of the state’s 41 clinics have closed…..


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