President Obama set to raise O/T pay for millions….

His action with affect up to 5 million Americans….

President Obama on Monday announced new rules that will require businesses to pay millions of additional American workers overtime wages.

The long-awaited regulation would make all salaried workers who earn less than $970 per week, roughly $50,440 per year, automatically eligible to earn overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours a week. The cutoff under existing rules is around $23,660 per year.

“In this country, a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay,” Obama wrote in an op-ed for The Huffington Post. “That’s at the heart of what it means to be middle class in America.”


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13 thoughts on “President Obama set to raise O/T pay for millions….”

  1. This is fantastic news and means a significant rise in income for up to 5 million low management types who work 60 hours a week and are paid 40.

    Of course Republicans are opposed as they’d rather eliminate estate taxes insuring the 3000 richest Americans never have to pay a dime in taxes.

    1. Obama moves ahead on several fronts….

      These moves can only help Hillary for next year…..

      And of course millions of Americans

  2. Former President Jimmy Carter says Barack Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments have been “minimal.”

    He says that he cannot think of many nations that we have a better relationship with than he took over.

    Pretty harsh stuff from a former Democrat President. What he says extends to Hillary as well of course.

    1. Jimmy Carter’s comments are worth about .2 cents
      He is viewed as a meddling pain in the ass by the former President’s according to several sources….

  3. If he had said that about a Republican President, you would have already had a breathless post up about it.

    Will Jimmy Carter be part of the Convention?

  4. Yeah and you would say Carter is an old kook with anti Israeli sentiments.

    Seems to me this thread is about hard working Americans finally getting some extra pay, without having to wait for it to (never) trickle down from the richest of the rich.

  5. Carter attacking a Republican President would make sense, since Carter is a Democrat.

    Instead, he is saying this about the Obama foreign policy.

    1. Ya gotta pick someone better than Carter
      To start off the day….
      Maybe Trump?
      He’s stepping over the field right now
      Probably will DOMINATE the debates
      And help Jeb

  6. Well, I think lots of better people than Carter have said that about the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. It’s newsworthy because Carter is a liberal Democrat. I also note that he went out of his way to say that John Kerry was a decent Secretary of State but he did not say that about Hillary.

  7. As with most presidents, Barack Obama’s record in foreign affairs is hard to judge while he is still in office.

    Once promising prospects (e.g. the Arab Spring, the reset) may look like failures at the moment, while apparent failures (e.g. relations with Russia, China, Iran or Israel) may yet turn out to be more successful than anyone can see right now.

    For one example, think how many times Turkey’s prospects and attitude towards the U.S. have changed since Paul Wolfowitz was American ambassador to Ankara way back when.

    So Jimmy Carter’s remarks seem neither particularly inaccurate nor particularly remarkable.

    1. The Arab Spring was orchasrtaed by Georege Bush….

      As far as I’m concerned it ius a failure…As is Bush’s move to ship democracy to the Arab Middle east….

      It simply does NOT the area…

      Bush, Wolkfowitz, Rummy, Cheney & Co. cared less about Foreign Affairs in my opinion….
      They just seeked to flex on the rest of the planet leaving Obama a pile of shit to clean up….
      Add the American economy to the dump also…
      With all THAT?
      I think Obama has done ok…
      Not spectacular…
      But good enough…
      They a

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