Why did Phil Jackson make his pick in the draft?

Phill jackson …..The guy who led the LA Lakers to the promoise land…Who coached the GREAT Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to Six championships…Who played for the Knicks and is now their teams President picked a skinny 7′ 2″‘  kid from Latvia his week over some VERY well known guys…


Let me pause to acknowledge the obvious: Jackson has tossed the cosmic dice here. Quite a few respected basketball minds view Porzingis as the sleeper of the draft, but he will not fully awaken next season. The teenager is still growing, his frame rail thin. Does the Latvian need to inhale protein shakes? No doubt.

Jackson showed up at Friday’s news conference looking dapper in a gray shirt and black suit, with black Nike sneakers with an elfin cut to them. Asked if he expected Porzingis, who weighed 233 pounds at a recent workout, to gain weight, he played the sophisticate.

“I think another stone,” he said. Two stone even.

A stone is a unit of measurement in Britain; one stone equals 14 pounds.

Jackson said he’d asked his former Lakers star Pau Gasol, a Spaniard, about the weight. “He says he weighed 227 when he was drafted by the Grizzlies, and he was approximately the same height” as Porzingis, Jackson said.

More to the point, this skinny teenage Latvian shoots 25-foot jumpers like layups and possesses impressive footwork and a 38-inch vertical leap, which allows him to essentially stuff his elbows into the hoop….