Ted Cruz Update…His dad tried to join Castro’s Army….

The Texas Senator tell’s it all about his fathers early efforts in his homeland of Cuba….

And how things changed for him with a realization of where Castro went after taking over the island….

(Ted Cruz will join other GOPer’s in selling a book with the exposure he gets from the  2016 Presidential Run….)

The father of Senator Ted Cruz was a 1950s Cuban revolutionary who longed to slip into the island’s eastern mountains and join Fidel Castro’s guerrilla army.

At 17, Rafael Cruz led a group of insurgents staging urban sabotage against Fulgencio Batista, a Cuban dictator. Mr. Cruz was eventually jailed and tortured, and upon his release wanted the underground to help him reach Mr. Castro’s camp in the Sierra Maestra highlands.

“My dad asked if he could join Castro in the mountains and keep fighting,” Senator Cruz, Republican of Texas and a presidential candidate, writes in his book, “A Time For Truth,” which is being released on Tuesday. “But he was told there was no way to get to the rebels.”

Instead, the elder Cruz bribed his way to a Cuban exit visa and headed to the University of Texas.

He returned home shortly after Mr. Castro seized power in 1959, but, Ted Cruz writes, was appalled to see Mr. Castro had “declared to the world that he was a Communist.” Mr. Castro did not formally call his revolution Socialist until the eve of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961….


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  1. “Macy’s drops Trump products lines from their shelves…”

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  2. Macy’s drops Trump products lines from their shelves…
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