Republicans in Congress will try to defund Obamacare after Supreme Court Ruling…

These guys just can’t take ‘NO’ for a answer…..

Nevermind that GOP governors are expanding their use of the Healthcare program for their states….

Nevermind that over 55 of America uses the programs benefits to have healthcare coverage….

They just keep at trying to repeal the program, wasting taxpayer money and time in their hopless efforts….Just to make points with their base apparently…

Republicans in Congress are moving toward a plan to use a special budgetary process to repeal ObamaCare, after the Supreme Court ruled for a second time to uphold the controversial law.

Since last year’s elections, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has proposed using budget reconciliation to repeal large chunks of the law.

The procedure would allow Republicans to pass a repeal package through the upper chamber with a simple majority vote, bypassing the 60-vote threshold usually required for major bills. The gambit is less relevant in the House, where the GOP holds a sizable majority and the minority party has fewer rights.
McConnell is expected to follow through on his earlier proposals, to the delight of conservatives, after Thursday’s 6-3 court ruling in support of a provision of the healthcare law dealing with insurance exchanges and subsidies.

He views the budgetary tactic as the only way to get an ObamaCare repeal to the president’s desk.

The effort has no real chance of becoming law — Obama is certain to veto it — but it will enable Republicans to satisfy their base supporters and draw a contrast between the parties ahead of next year’s presidential election….