Conservatives ARE pissed at Supreme’s Obamacare ruling…

I did a post here about how the nations highest court has moved to the left on some social rulings….

The right-leaners have focused on Chief Justice John Roberts as a turncoat against their views….

Do we have some sore losers here?

Conservatives were left baffled after Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obamacare three years ago. On Thursday, as the George W. Bush appointee again helped President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement avoid a potentially devastating blow, they felt betrayed.

Adding to the sting: The chief justice wasn’t just along for the ride: when the court’s ruling allowing the law’s insurance subsidies to be offered nationwide emerged, he wrote the majority opinion and delivered it from the bench.
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“It’s a sad day for the Constitution when the clear terms of a statute can be ‘interpreted’ away in the service of an aggressively lawless president. The two biggest losers today are the English language and the legacy of Chief Justice Roberts,” said Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network.

“If the Chief Justice is willing to join the Court’s liberals in this linguistic farce, it’s time we admitted that our national ‘umpire’ is now playing for one of the teams,” she added, alluding to Roberts’ famous description of a judge’s role as calling balls and strikes.

Roberts’ decision to side with the Obama administration for a second time on the high-profile health care law threw a huge splash of fuel onto a long-simmering debate about whether Republicans misjudged the chief justice when he was nominated a decade ago or whether he has grown more moderate in his years on the court — a phenomenon many conservatives complained about with earlier Republican appointees such as Justices David Souter, Sandra Day O’Connor and John Paul Stevens.