Breaking…The Supreme’s UPHOLD Obamacare Healthcare Subsidies 6-3

President Obama (and millions of Americans) gets ANOTHER win from the US Supreme Court….

The GOPer’s take ANOTHER Loss….

The Supreme Court has upheld a key provision of ObamaCare, affirming that 6.4 million people can continue to receive subsidies that allow them to purchase healthcare plans.

The 6-3 decision authored by Chief Justice John Roberts is a huge victory for President Obama.

The case, King v. Burwell, represented the biggest legal threat to ObamaCare since the Supreme Court ruled the law was constitutional three years ago.
It puts an abrupt end to the years-long challenge from conservatives, led by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, that have also levied a half-dozen other lawsuits against the 5-year-old law….


The GOPer’s take ANOTHER Loss….

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34 thoughts on “Breaking…The Supreme’s UPHOLD Obamacare Healthcare Subsidies 6-3”

  1. What a great day!! And two Bush appointees provided the votes needed to protect health care. This ruling cements the President’s legacy and gives him a huge win. By the time the next election roles around millions more will have health insurance under Obamacare – those folks won’t want to risk giving up their coverage under a potential Republican Administration.

  2. No Scott they won’t, Rubio is out already saying he will repeal Obamacare – speaking to the base, an uneducated base given that they don’t really understand how the legislation works. Interesting that two Bush appointees helped to save the bill. That will not sit well with right wing Republicans who don’t trust the family and Jeb specifically.

  3. Yes this IS a very good ruling from the court….

    The Affordable Healthcare Law is upheld AGAIN….

    The states will NOT fight it…
    The GOP will continue trying to knock it…
    But it’s gonna be ok…

  4. No Scott…
    The GOP Governors and Mayors probably will for the money…
    But NOT the Washington types

  5. Anthony Kennedy was appointed by Reagan, not Bush.

    I certainly think Obamacare is bad policy and bad law and is unpopular in the country.

    I had no idea what the court would decide, and thus I am not surprised.

    Had they ruled the other way, I am certain that james and his followers here would have had posts about how horrible this was going to be for the GOP politically to deal with the issue of people losing coverage, etc.

    It was going to be another “loss” for the GOP either way, just like how any election result, no matter how opposite, has him “happy.”

  6. No Scott….

    The GOPer Governor and Mayors will …
    They need the money..
    The Washington types won’t…

  7. I’m just happy no one is losing their coverage. I don’t care if it theoretically might have been worse for Republicans politically had millions lost health care and were understandably angry.

  8. The GOPer’s are NOW mounting a campaign to sell the idea that Healthcare costs are climbing….

    They are waging that thru the CBO…

  9. Corey….

    If you missed the it in the media for the last few weeks?
    There was several plans to get around a negative ruling from the court…
    They won’t be needed…
    Ya took another LOSS Corey…

  10. I did not take a “loss.” I am not on Obamacare and hope to never have to be. A private plan I formerly had was cancelled due to Obamacare though.

    It would have certainly been painted as an electoral problem for Republicans if the court ruling went the other way. Obamacare still remains unpopular though, based on all polling. The Obama lawyers should be happy of course. I am focused on seeing a Republican get elected President. If that happens, I think many things can get done to help America become better.

  11. Oh, and Daniel?
    If you see this?
    Healthcare didn’t stop Obama from a second term..
    And The Republicans are reluctantly learning to live with it….
    You waz WRONG!

  12. james, can you humor us and post what you would have written had the ruling gone the other way?

    Somehow, I sense you would have been giddy there too. I could do it as a parody, but the last time I did that, you got offended.

  13. Stay focused…

    You party seems to be pushing on doing just EVERYTHING to alienate everyone except rightwingnuts….

    That might not not be a winning effort, even with the 2014 results…

  14. We could have had universal health care back in the 70’s but Kennedy and Mills held out for more just in time for a recession. So what is Obama Care about to morph into? More Government jobs to help with wealth redistribution?

    Pardon my VA, the spoils system will be back with a vengence.

  15. If the ruling went the other way I would have posted that a few old guys voted to screw MILLIONS of Americans out of way to get Healthcare that they couldn’t have afforded before Barack Obama got his job….

  16. Just think, by the next election Obamacare will be written in stone like Medicare and Social Security with at least six million more participants — and the President did a masterful job of explaining, yet once again, the benefits of his health care plan. Look at it this way, Ted Cruz should be happy, his health plan was protected by the Supreme Court. Got to go. Have a great day everyone! And God Bless President Barack H. Obama!

  17. Sure there were a lot of Wingnuts voting in1 2014 .

    Wait are you SERIOUSLY claiming that the TEA Partiers weren’t a MAJOR reason for Republican Senate victories?

    Indeed, YOU have bragged on here that those types who support the extreme Right Wing candidates will still support a more moderate Conservative like Bush rather than a Democrat.

    I agree.

    So don’t be disingenuous and suggest they weren’t a big part of the Republican victories last year.

  18. I’m saying that if they voted, why didn’t the people who disagreed with them vote?

    If that is what happened at the last national opportunity, I do not know how people can be so confident that the 2016 election would be so dramatically different.

    I think you misunderstood the context of my post. Perhaps I am not expressing myself clearly lately. I’m trying to juggle work and this fun and it is starting to get me more distracted than it should.

  19. The much heralded Democratic ‘get out the vote’ NEVER happened last year…

    I was sure it would materialize in Texas..
    Jack wasn’t…
    He was right…
    Latino’s activly campaigned within their own to NOT vote because of the foot dragging on immigration…

    What about 2016?

    She will running to break ANOTHER American tradition…
    The GOPer’s are working hard to disenfranchise themselves from the increasing numbers of NON-White people that make up this country….
    Obama is hitting it out of the park on everything except a stalled immigration initiative, that he and Hillary can point to the Republicans as obstructing….
    Rubio and spanish speaking Jeb Bush isn’t gonna counter this with latino’s Corey…

  20. Democrats have a problem getting their “base” out in non Presidential years .I admit that.

    My point was that these Tea Partiers are a BIG part of the Republcan “base” and those type voters certainly provided the margin of victory in many Republican Senate victories in 2014.To claim not is silly.

  21. I was not saying that. They voted in 2014 and they will vote in 2016.

    Of course, you have a bunch of idiots on the right who are mad today and think that Jeb Bush is responsible for John Roberts.

    If that is the standards, Jeb is also responsible for Alito and Clarence Thomas and should get 2-1 bragging rights.

  22. But, that’s not how it works, especially in right wing lala land. Both Bush Presidencies gave us Justices that now vote like lefties – health care and now gay marriage. That is all the far right primary voters will remember when they think about a potential third Bush Presidency. Jeb is tarnished with this brush and there is nothing he can do about it other than to wrap himself in the Confederate flag.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today was.

  23. Well….The flags are disappearing in someplaces….


    In spite of the rightwingnuts….

  24. I saw a lot of crazy stuff regarding Roberts today on some right wing Facebook pages. That he was “blackmailed” by Obama into ruling this way.

    Then you have the actual candidates running like Ted Cruz and Huckabee who have now deemed Roberts a hated “judicial activist”. A term they use to any judge who rules in a way they don’t like.

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