Open Thread for June 24, 2015…President Obama as a Lame Duck?….Hardly…

For those who think President Barack H. Obama has lost his Juice?

Think AGAIN….

First Read: “Right after the 2014 midterms, many political observers — including your authors here — believed Obama had officially entered lame-duck status. But we were wrong. After the Democratic losses, Obama flexed his executive muscles on Cuba, the environment, and immigration (though the latter has been stalled in the courts). Now you can throw in likely passage of a historic trade agreement, as well as the possibility of a finalized nuclear deal with Iran. As we wrote last week, this June is a big legacy month for the president. So far, he’s cleared the trade hurdle. Now we’re on to health care (with a Supreme Court decision coming) and Iran (with the deadline at the end of the month).”

And this political wind ain’t gonna hurt Hillary Clinton’s next years chances as muct some may think…..


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109 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 24, 2015…President Obama as a Lame Duck?….Hardly…”

  1. President Obama will announce tomorrow that the U.S. and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s country….

    I can’t wait to hear Sen Marco Rubio
    On this!
    President Obama keeps on truckin!

  2. Trump is suing Univision for $500 mil in connection with broadcast access rights for his half own Miss Universe beauty pageant…

  3. This whole thing started when Trump made some unflattering remarks about Mexico during his campaign roll-out…
    The Trump name back on the front pages,eh?

  4. Heroic U.S. women brave deadly German firepower to win 2-0 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final in Montréal.

    The U.S. (ranked 2nd in the world) play the final on Sunday against the winner of today’s (Canada Day’s) semi-final between England and Japan. Germany (no. 1) plays the third-place, or consolation, match against the loser on Saturday (Independence Day).

    This was an exciting and technically-interesting contest between two very good, and very evenly-matched, teams that both played tightly together over the entire field. Unlike some evenly-matched games that can bore the viewer with stalemate, this was one that was definitely worth watching.

    German goalkeeper and captain Nadine Angerer (the only goalie to be named FIFA Woman Player of the Year) and American goalie Hope Solo both played great games. However, Angerer ended 540 minutes without admitting an opposing goal when she let in the first-ever penalty kick that Germany has allowed in this tournament. She later let in a header from Kelley O’Hara that scored the second U.S. goal.

    Solo herself now has over 510 continuous minutes since last allowing a World Cup goal, not dented when crack German striker Celia Sasic shot wide of the goalposts on a penalty kick to end an unbroken string of 12 successful German penalty kicks this tournament.

  5. There are indications that the government will come out with a strong jobs report tomorrow….
    Small business ahead of big business…

  6. England loses FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final to Japan in Edmonton, Alta, after Laurie Bassett scores an own goal in stoppage time. England and Japan had each been awarded a questionable penalty kick, both of which were converted into goals, so the strange score was 2-1 Japan.

    Next Sunday’s final is US vs Japan (7 p.m.), reprising several US-Japan showdowns in e.g. the 2012 Olympics and the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

    The third-place, or consolation, match is at 4 p.m. Saturday between England and Germany.

  7. I saw that goal by Japan caused by the England player. I can’t imagine how Laurie Basett feels about this mistake that caused England to miss going to the World Cup Final for an event that happens only once in four years. I still recall being the goat of a game I played in grammar school.

  8. Apple is getting worst….

    I just did a update and it seems to have screwed up my Safari browser …..

  9. Ayman Mohyeldin subs for Jose-Diaz-Balar this morning on MSNBC’s 9 to 11 am show….

    They brought the guy back from the Middle East…

  10. Yesterday,Keith asked about the burning of Black churches in the south.

    There have been seven since the killings in Charleston.

    I referenced that the one in SC was caused by a lightning strike.Authorites are now saying that while that is still a possibility ,they re investigating evidence that may point to either arson or an accident within the Church itself.

  11. Then after that, Obama attacked Walker by name in his speech.

    Is that anyway to treat a host? He wouldn’t have liked it if it was an illegal immigrant transgender activist in “his house” doing it.

  12. The article from James 5:15 suggested Walker and Obama appeared to get along in person; I recall the word “comity” was used, but Corey suggests that the article is lying. Exactly, what did Obama say at the airport about Walker that Corey views as offensive as the White House heckler interrupting Obama’s speech? Aren’t you a little embarrassed at some of the things you post?

  13. Read the link Corey….

    Walker couldn’t help bau take a shoot at Obama either….

  14. Obama attacked Walker in the speech. I was referring to that.

    And try not to take every single thing said so literally. I was speaking somewhat tongue in cheek. I know some people have a hard time reading intent on the internet.

    Bye again.

  15. Please provide the words that were used when Obama attacked Walker in the speech that you found offensive? I understand there was some wisecrack about the Packers, but that doesn’t qualify as an attack in my opinion.

  16. “With Walker one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination, Obama took direct aim at his policies. Although Walker greeted Obama at the airport, Obama tore into his attacks on union rights and his cuts for education.”

    Walker greeting Obama at the airport aside, it seems unusual for a sitting President to go to a state and attack that state’s Governor by name, unless he was directly campaigning against that person in a general election.

    Once again, happy and safe Independence Day to all and to America!

  17. Ever heard of Jan Brewer? Bernie Sanders was much tougher today. Frankly truer words were never spoken.

  18. I don’t see anything wrong with a president (including a GOP one) campaigning in a state against a sitting governor or senator. It is not as if Walker was at the Obama rally – right?. I think your argument is weird. So You think that it is offensive for Obama to attack Walker because he was greeted at the airport by him? If Obama was in town for three days, can he attack Walker the third day? Or does this mean he should never attack Walker ever again because he was once greeted by Walker at the airport?

  19. Folks?

    Walker got his cuts in also…
    They are BOTH politicians…
    One who has had over 100 MILLION people vote for him….

  20. Ok – I just listened to Obama’s speech. Despite what Corey said, Obama did NOT mention Walker’s name. He did talk about how Wisconsin’s economy has failed in recent years, and why it has failed.

  21. It’s not as if some kind of professional courtesy or the need for collegial comity prevents governors from criticising presidents of another party (or even their own party).

    But, as apparently the President did today, it’s best to talk about policies rather than personalities or records.

  22. Yes,Corey was trying to make an issue of something that never happened.The President was criticizing policies that Walker(and most other Republicans) support.


    How many times have we seen leaders of the opposing party from the President ,both Democrats and Republicans,literally walk out of the White House to a battery of microphones and offer criticism of a presidential policy?

  23. And in the vein of “you lie!” I’ve noticed right wing blogs fighting back on the Confederate flag. One that a few of my conservative friends quote and has million followers cheered some yahoos who waved it at Obama’s motorcade.

    Think about it, self proclaimed “patriots” cheering people waving the flag of a nation founded upon slavery and defeated by the USA to the President of the USA who happens to be of the race the defeated nation fought to keep enslaved.

    But since liberals are agin the flag reflexively conservatives are rallying to it.

    That’s why Trump is such a problem for the GOP. Supporting him and his hatefulness is seen as sticking it to the hated libruls.

  24. Yes I’ve noticed that conservative commentators and publications are beginning a backlash against the present movement against the Confederate flag and related symbols.

    I don’t think they anticipated(neither did I) the rapidity with which support for the Flag would collapse(the SC Legislature may lower the flag as soon as next week).

    Some are going along grudgingly.( rumors are flying in SC that Nikki Haleys quick move was precipitated by some of the big businesses,such as Boeing and Volvo, that have recently moved into the state ,informing her at their displeasure at this continuing embarrassment and the appearance of Republican National Chairman Rence Priebus bluntly informing her that SCs first in the nation southern primary might be in jeopardy) .

    What will be interesting us to see ,if or how many Republcan presidential candidates jump on the backlash bandwagon.

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