Open Thread for June 24, 2015…President Obama as a Lame Duck?….Hardly…

For those who think President Barack H. Obama has lost his Juice?

Think AGAIN….

First Read: “Right after the 2014 midterms, many political observers — including your authors here — believed Obama had officially entered lame-duck status. But we were wrong. After the Democratic losses, Obama flexed his executive muscles on Cuba, the environment, and immigration (though the latter has been stalled in the courts). Now you can throw in likely passage of a historic trade agreement, as well as the possibility of a finalized nuclear deal with Iran. As we wrote last week, this June is a big legacy month for the president. So far, he’s cleared the trade hurdle. Now we’re on to health care (with a Supreme Court decision coming) and Iran (with the deadline at the end of the month).”

And this political wind ain’t gonna hurt Hillary Clinton’s next years chances as muct some may think…..


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109 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 24, 2015…President Obama as a Lame Duck?….Hardly…”

  1. You are choosing to pass over the fact that he needed Republicans to get done what you think was a huge accomplishment.

    As long as he cannot get anything done without Republicans in Congress, then he is a lame duck.

    1. U are doing your typical try to change the obvious…
      Obama Is gonna get the Trade deal

    1. Surving Bostom Bomber


      CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk
      #Tsarnaev: I would like to now apologize to the victims and the survivors… I am sorry for the lives that I have taken.

        1. BREAKING
          The Senate has approved the TPA ‘fast-track’
          The vote wasn’t even close…60-38

          The Senate is expected to approve TAA
          Today, Which will include job assistance…

          This is a win for the President and for those keeping score ANOTHER loss for Democratic liberals and Labor…
          In the end?
          The President will get his Trans Pacific Trade Agreement just about completely in tact….

  2. Obamas Trade deal with the GOP is reminiscent of George W Bushs effort to pass immigration reform about ten years ago.

    Democrats were willing to go along but only if he could get a majority of Republicans to join in.He couldn’t and the effort died.

    The GOP shot themselves in the foot really.

    Had they gone along with GWBs plan ,they likely would have ended up as heroes to a lot of Hispanics and would be today doing much better with Hispanic voters.

  3. There are bipartisan measures and there are bipartisan measures.

    It’s one thing for a President to combine a small minority of his own party with his opposition’s votes on a matter of lonely principle, such as civil rights, war & peace or McCarthyism. Although I don’t think it happened that way, imagine a pre-1970 Democratic President relying on the GOP and a northern minority of his own party to pass some civil-rights measure over Dixiecratic obstruction.

    But if it’s not an issue of conscience but a pragmatic matter like trade, a President can’t claim to be in some kind of bipartisan majority if over two-thirds of his own party opposes him. On the stripped-down TPA for TPP, only 28 Democratic Representatives and 13 Democratic Senators voted yea (while 158 House Democrats and 30 Senate Democrats, plus two independent Senators who caucus with the Democrats, voted nay).

    1. Well DSD?
      He and Hillary sold about a dozen nations on this trade pact…
      Democrats have voted FOR fast track before
      The guy is looking at the US being shut out
      Of 40% of the world ‘s trading?
      No he’s NOT gonna let American consumers
      Have to fight higher prices
      Cause they won’t
      Simple economics
      And American labor KNOWS that
      The fact is most Americans wait for the cheapest costing products to make their money go farther
      It sucks
      But they could care less where the product is made
      Labor knows this
      The 2016 elections aren’t THAT far away
      Pol’s need votes
      And money
      The President neither
      This makes the GOPer’s only TOO happy to screw the Dem’s
      Especially lefties and their favorite villain’s ….The Unions
      All of the above perpetuates low wage
      You would Correct
      But things are NOT really fair
      Are they?

  4. What DSD says is very true.

    If this trade thing is so important to Obama and those who want to crow about him getting a legislative victory,they ought to be thanking their lucky stars Republicans did so well in the midterms and took over the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. If not for that, this deal would never have gotten done. Obama certainly worked tirelessly to see Republicans knock off all those Democrats across the country. He’s the real MVP.

    And james, who has long said he is happy that Republicans beat the Democrats in the midterms and took over, may indeed have been ahead of the curve for Obama supporters.

    1. The 2014 results have little to do with this
      President’s play to a different drummer in their last years in office…
      In the LONG run EVERYBODY KNEW he would get this trade deal
      You’re crowing about the political angle
      My last was simply about the economic factor
      Which seems to be ALL Obama was concerned with…

  5. Only changes in the roll call from yesterday’s cloture motion are to or from the Not Voting column.

    The Chair and Ranking Minority Member (ex-Chair) of Foreign Relations, who didn’t vote on cloture, voted on this measure: Bob Corker (R-Tenn), Yea, and Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Nay.

    However, Marco Rubio (R-Fla), who voted Yea yesterday, joined Mike Lee (R-Utah) in not voting today, so the total remains at 60 (47 R & 13 D).

    Menendez’s vote increased the Nays by 1 to 38 (31 D, 2 ind, 5 R).

    Total not voting: 3 yesterday on cloture (Corker & Lee, R + Menendez, D) and 2 today (Rubio & Lee, R).

    5 Republicans voting against H.R. 2146

    Jeff Sessions & Richard Shelby of Alabama
    Susan Collins of Maine
    Ted Cruz of Texas
    Rand Paul of Kentucky

    2 Republicans not voting:

    Marco Rubio of Florida
    Mike Lee of Utah

    Leaving 47 Republicans (out of 54) voting Yea, which is 2 or 3 short of a majority.

    13 trusting Democrats voting for H.R. 2146:

    Tom Carper & Chris Coons of Delaware
    Tim Kaine & Mark Warner of Virginia
    Patty Murray & Maria Cantwell of Washington state

    Dianne Feinstein of California
    Ron Wyden of Oregon
    Michael Bennet of Colorado
    Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
    Claire McCaskill of Missouri

    Bill Nelson of Florida

    Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire

    1. One more thought
      ( I know somebody is gonna be on my case on my comments)
      When Obama assumed office he ALSO. Had problems with Congress
      A MAJORITY Democratic one…

  6. I think most people missed the point of this story — completely missed it. First, the President only helped himself with independent and swing voters by putting this deal over in the Senate (one important factor is he now has the authority to negotiate a deal for an up-or-down approval vote in the Senate – something the Republicans have been reluctant to do on any other issue up until now). Because at the end of the day he disagreed with one of his Party’s core constituencies, and proved his independence.

    But, second, and more importantly, this is one of first times the Republicans in Congress have gone along with the President and actually cooperated or compromised on an issue. Bringing me back to the fact that Obama is actually a very conservative guy, and the Republicans could have been doing this all along rather than obstructing the “great black Socialist.” But, no they couldn’t bring themselves to do that since they were hell bent on making him a one-term President. How did that work out?

    So, we should all be grateful all those Republicans were elected to Congress since they support free trade. Really? The same Republicans who voted over 50 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, or opposed immigration reform any number of times, or Obama’s efforts to stimulate the economy? Nope, they happened to agree with Obama’s agenda this time, and the Chamber of Commerce whipped GOP votes for final passage. Money talks. Will it happen again, not likely, but the President can claim a victory this time around.

    So, putting aside the pros and cons of the legislation at hand, look at it this way. The President just won one, the media is telling us so, and his approval rating will most likely tick up once again. And, just like Bill Clinton, the last middle of the road Democrat in the White House, Barack Obama is securing his legacy with the public. This can only help Hillary.

    Finally, we just came home from a citizenship party for one of our weekend handymen. He and his whole immediate family have become American citizens since they moved to Northern California from Bolivia eight years ago. All hardworking good people. We have never talked politics until today when I asked if they were going to registered to vote? The answer: “yes, and we will be voting for the Democrats, because those Republicans don’t like us.” So, spin that all you like, demographics are very quickly working against the GOP (and that GOP Congress, that we should all be so grateful for, will only help these folks stay in the Democratic column).

    1. I have gone back and forth with Jack repeatedly, saying that Democratic President’s for practicality tend to NOT be to left , so I agree with you….

      I also agree that with the GOPer’s actually running Congress a partially good dynamic has occurred. This is something I have ridiculed for saying…

      There is no doubt the GOPer’s aren’t his allies in any sense…
      But like Bill Clinton?
      Sometimes a bad thing turns into something that CAN be maneuvered to someone’s advantage…

      Props to you and those others working to welcome people to this country like Americans have done for decades….
      People forget what is written on the Statue of Liberty..

  7. We’ll see what happens today (Thursday) when the Senate votes on African trade preferences with an enhanced TAA rider.

    I’m not so sure that it will pass both Houses, and should it fail, then you can cancel out most of James’ and Keith’s conclusions. The transferred identification of Hillary Clinton with the President will then hurt her. The base is already upset, and a relatively-united labor movement, — which showed a power which, while diminished from its highest point, hasn’t been seen in several years — is incensed.

    Tariffs are not the big issue in these negotiations; it’s other issues like intellectual property (copyrights, patents and trademarks), Internet access, financial regulation, labor standards, environmental safeguards and, most disturbing to Professors Warren and Krugman, Investor-State Dispute Settlement. Under ISDS, which already exists, independent arbitration boards could levy crippling fines on countries for enacting or enforcing laws and regulations seen as obstructing trade, but not for failing to enforce labor, environmental, safety or consumer standards.

    Trade agreements should not benefit industry only

    by Elizabeth Warren

    (Boston Globe op-ed, Tuesday, June 23, 2015)

    ….America’s current trade policy makes it nearly impossible to enforce rules that protect hard-working families, but very easy to enforce rules that favor multinational corporations.

    For example, anyone who wishes to enforce rules that impose labor or environmental standards must plead with our government to bring a claim on their behalf. Reports from the Government Accountability Office, the Labor Department, and the State Department have shown that the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations have rarely brought such claims, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of violations. Without strong enforcement, promises that American workers won’t have to compete against 50-cent-an-hour foreign laborers or promises that countries with terrible environmental records will raise their standards are meaningless.

    But multinational corporations don’t have to plead with the government to enforce their claims. Instead, modern trade deals give corporations the right to go straight to an arbitration panel when a country passes new laws or applies existing laws in ways that the corporations believe will cost them money. Known as investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), these international arbitration panels can force countries to pony up billions of dollars in compensation. And these awards stick: No matter how crazy or outrageous the decision, no appeals are permitted. Once the arbitration panel rules, taxpayers must pay.

    Because of how costly these awards can be, ISDS creates enormous pressure on governments to avoid actions that might offend corporate interests. Corporations have brought ISDS cases against countries that have raised their minimum wage, attempted to cut smoking rates, or prohibited dumping toxic chemicals. Just last month, a foreign corporation successfully challenged Canada’s decision to deny a blasting permit because of concerns about the environmental impact on nearby fishing grounds, and now the company could get up to $300 million from Canadian taxpayers. Will Canada’s environmental regulators hesitate before they say no to the next foreign corporation that wants to dump, blast, or drill?

    Leading economic and legal experts have called on America to drop ISDS from its trade deals. Hillary Clinton recently called ISDS “a fundamentally antidemocratic process.” The conservative Cato Institute agrees, noting that ISDS is “ripe for exploitation by creative lawyers” looking to challenge the “world’s laws and regulations.” …

    Trade and Trust

    by Paul Krugman,
    The New York Times, Friday, May 22, 2015

    …On dispute settlement: a leaked draft chapter shows that the deal would create a system under which multinational corporations could sue governments over alleged violations of the agreement, and have the cases judged by partially privatized tribunals. Critics like Senator Elizabeth Warren warn that this could compromise the independence of U.S. domestic policy — that these tribunals could, for example, be used to attack and undermine financial reform.

    Not so, says the Obama administration, with the president declaring that Senator Warren is “absolutely wrong.” But she isn’t. The Pacific trade pact could force the United States to change policies or face big fines, and financial regulation is one policy that might be in the line of fire. As if to illustrate the point, Canada’s finance minister recently declared that the Volcker Rule, a key provision of the 2010 U.S. financial reform, violates the existing North American Free Trade Agreement. Even if he can’t make that claim stick, his remarks demonstrate that there’s nothing foolish about worrying that trade and investment pacts can threaten bank regulation….

    1. I’m gonna disagree with base hurt thing DSD….

      This WHOLE Magilla I would bet will be but a blip come next fall…


      If Obama gets a bounce and remnants of that bounce stick it WILL Help Hillary I believe

    1. The GOPer’s HAVE a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress…

      Clinton and Obama have ALWAYS known that they could get party votes from congressmen/women in states that LIVE on foreign trade…

      Sure it always takes arm twisting , but even Democrats come in shades of left and right…

  8. Cloture was invoked 76-22 on the House’s African Trade Preferences bill with TIA and procedural riders in the late afternoon of Wednesday. So a final vote should come today (or conceivably Friday).

    All 44 Democratic Senators and both independent Senators voted for cloture but over 2/5 or 40% of the Republican caucus voted nay (22 nay, 2 not voting, 30 yea).

    Question: On the Cloture Motion (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 1295 with Amendment No. 2065 )

    Vote Number: 220
    Vote Date: June 24, 2015, 04:43 PM
    Required For Majority: 3/5
    Vote Result: Cloture Motion Agreed to

    Measure Number: H.R. 1295 (Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015 )

    Measure Title: An act to extend the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the Generalized System of Preferences, the preferential duty treatment program for Haiti, and for other purposes.

    Vote Counts:
    YEAs 76
    NAYs 22
    Not Voting 2

    NAYs —22

    Gardner (R-CO)
    Barrasso & Enzi (R-WY)
    Crapo & Risch (R-ID)
    Daines (R-MT)

    Hoeven (R-ND)
    Fischer & Sasse (R-NE)
    Moran & Roberts (R-KS)

    Inhofe & Lankford (R-OK)
    Cruz (R-TX)
    Cotton (R-AR)
    Cassidy & Vitter (R-LA)

    Sessions & Shelby (R-AL)
    Perdue (R-GA)
    Scott (R-SC)

    Paul (R-KY)

    Not Voting – 2

    Lee (R-UT)
    Rubio (R-FL)

  9. I will repeat what I have said(not James misquoting of me,once again par for the course)

    The Democratic Party is a Center/Left party.The Republican Party is a Center/Right party.

    In other words what anyone who has the LEAST understanding of American politics knows.

  10. Keiths mention of the Bolivian family highlights a problem the Republicans have with not only Hispanics but Blacks as well.

    I’ve heard almost the exact same words from many Blacks,some who ,in conversation,espouse views that many would consider “conservative.”When asked why they don’t vote for Republicans,one is often met with the words,”because they don’t like us.”

    Simple words really ,but profound in their import and something Republicans really ought to think about.Then again, many Republicans do and admit it’s a problem for them but ,because of their dependence for electoral success on an increasingly Right Wing “base” that actually DOESNT like Minorities,or at least projects that attitude,are caught on the horns of a dilemma.

  11. I forgot to mention gay folks too Jack – and James is right about Asians too — the vast majority of the gay people I know (especially lesbians) absolutely hate Republicans for what they have done over the years politically to exploit the gay issue for votes. That brand will stick with Republicans for years to come. But, this is truly a great day – and tomorrow I expect the Court will rule in favor of gay marriage. Three big wins for Obama in three days!!

    When Hillary is elected I have heard she plans to appoint Obama to the Court. What a day that would be!!

  12. “When Hillary is elected I have heard she plans to appoint Obama to the Court.”

    With Roberts in there, why bother?

  13. “someone will be missed.”

    Should be “someone in the circular firing squad will be missed.”

              1. Jack Tapper CNN is trying to have a serious conversation with Trump….

                Trump is knocking American trade policy…China and even Mexico are out negotiated the US….

                Those countries have LESS rules that our manufactures….

                Trump continues on building a bigger wall across from Mexico…

                Trump…Iran will take Iraq

                Bomb the Iraq oil field’s…Tapper Huh?…Trump…Who cares?


                Traditional Marriage…3 marriage rebutt…Good question…

                He does NOT have a comment on face off with a gay married couple…

                (That’s their business?)

              2. He’s uncomfortable that people perceive he’s after Jeb Bush…

                He thinks Jeb is a ‘wonderful man’

                On Hillary…

                She went to his wedding…

                Money?…I give money to everybody…I’m a business

                I’m a conservative republican that gets along with everybody

                I’m in it to win it…

              3. we’re a 3rd world nation…a debtor nation…

                my trump piece is based on this Q & A which I guess was taped yesterday…

              4. Mets win 2!

                Pitcher Matz gets 3 hits with 4 RBI’s on his first MLB game

                Goes 7 1/2 innings

              5. NBC to Trump….you’re fired…..

                His comments on Mexican’s (and he’s an announced candiadte I’d imagine)

              6. BREAKING
                The Supreme’s halt Texas from legislation that would close just about all abortion services in the state…
                More to come…..

  14. I’m not sure that Barack Obama would be such a great Supreme Court justice: he may have been a teacher of constitutional law, but he’s also a pragmatist who’s impatient with theories and legal niceties.

    Tony Blair was also a lawyer who understands these details, but he was no friend to civil liberties: he and Home Sec. Jack Straw applied a conscious policy of never letting the Tories outbid them on public safety or law and order (pas des ennemis à droite; no enemies to the right).

    This actually let the Conservatives sometimes appear more concerned than Labour with the individual citizen’s rights against the State, and eased their initial coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010 (although David Cameron and Home Sec. Theresa May came down a lot harder later in their first term).

    1. Ok
      Christie jumps in and will get Sweepstakes entre chance
      A post on this later when the dust settles
      What is he?
      16 or 17?
      NH, Iowa and maybe even SC are gonna be messes!

  15. I don’t see Christie getting much of a “bounce” out of his announcement.

    Time has sort of passed him by.

    With Jeb Bush seizing the mantle of moderate conservatism,there just doesn’t seem a role for him in the current race.

  16. “Chris Christie: Telling It Like It Is”

    Coming 2018 to Fox News Channel’s Saturday Night Line-up!

    1. President Obama will announce tomorrow that the U.S. and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s country….

      I can’t wait to hear Sen Marco Rubio
      On this!
      President Obama keeps on truckin!

        1. Trump is suing Univision for $500 mil in connection with broadcast access rights for his half own Miss Universe beauty pageant…

          1. This whole thing started when Trump made some unflattering remarks about Mexico during his campaign roll-out…
            The Trump name back on the front pages,eh?

      1. There are indications that the government will come out with a strong jobs report tomorrow….
        Small business ahead of big business…

              1. Apple is getting worst….

                I just did a update and it seems to have screwed up my Safari browser …..

              2. Ayman Mohyeldin subs for Jose-Diaz-Balar this morning on MSNBC’s 9 to 11 am show….

                They brought the guy back from the Middle East…

  17. Heroic U.S. women brave deadly German firepower to win 2-0 in the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final in Montréal.

    The U.S. (ranked 2nd in the world) play the final on Sunday against the winner of today’s (Canada Day’s) semi-final between England and Japan. Germany (no. 1) plays the third-place, or consolation, match against the loser on Saturday (Independence Day).

    This was an exciting and technically-interesting contest between two very good, and very evenly-matched, teams that both played tightly together over the entire field. Unlike some evenly-matched games that can bore the viewer with stalemate, this was one that was definitely worth watching.

    German goalkeeper and captain Nadine Angerer (the only goalie to be named FIFA Woman Player of the Year) and American goalie Hope Solo both played great games. However, Angerer ended 540 minutes without admitting an opposing goal when she let in the first-ever penalty kick that Germany has allowed in this tournament. She later let in a header from Kelley O’Hara that scored the second U.S. goal.

    Solo herself now has over 510 continuous minutes since last allowing a World Cup goal, not dented when crack German striker Celia Sasic shot wide of the goalposts on a penalty kick to end an unbroken string of 12 successful German penalty kicks this tournament.

  18. England loses FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final to Japan in Edmonton, Alta, after Laurie Bassett scores an own goal in stoppage time. England and Japan had each been awarded a questionable penalty kick, both of which were converted into goals, so the strange score was 2-1 Japan.

    Next Sunday’s final is US vs Japan (7 p.m.), reprising several US-Japan showdowns in e.g. the 2012 Olympics and the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

    The third-place, or consolation, match is at 4 p.m. Saturday between England and Germany.

  19. I saw that goal by Japan caused by the England player. I can’t imagine how Laurie Basett feels about this mistake that caused England to miss going to the World Cup Final for an event that happens only once in four years. I still recall being the goat of a game I played in grammar school.

  20. Yesterday,Keith asked about the burning of Black churches in the south.

    There have been seven since the killings in Charleston.

    I referenced that the one in SC was caused by a lightning strike.Authorites are now saying that while that is still a possibility ,they re investigating evidence that may point to either arson or an accident within the Church itself.

  21. Then after that, Obama attacked Walker by name in his speech.

    Is that anyway to treat a host? He wouldn’t have liked it if it was an illegal immigrant transgender activist in “his house” doing it.

    1. Read the link Corey….

      Walker couldn’t help bau take a shoot at Obama either….

  22. The article from James 5:15 suggested Walker and Obama appeared to get along in person; I recall the word “comity” was used, but Corey suggests that the article is lying. Exactly, what did Obama say at the airport about Walker that Corey views as offensive as the White House heckler interrupting Obama’s speech? Aren’t you a little embarrassed at some of the things you post?

  23. Obama attacked Walker in the speech. I was referring to that.

    And try not to take every single thing said so literally. I was speaking somewhat tongue in cheek. I know some people have a hard time reading intent on the internet.

    Bye again.

  24. Please provide the words that were used when Obama attacked Walker in the speech that you found offensive? I understand there was some wisecrack about the Packers, but that doesn’t qualify as an attack in my opinion.

  25. “With Walker one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination, Obama took direct aim at his policies. Although Walker greeted Obama at the airport, Obama tore into his attacks on union rights and his cuts for education.”

    Walker greeting Obama at the airport aside, it seems unusual for a sitting President to go to a state and attack that state’s Governor by name, unless he was directly campaigning against that person in a general election.

    Once again, happy and safe Independence Day to all and to America!

  26. Ever heard of Jan Brewer? Bernie Sanders was much tougher today. Frankly truer words were never spoken.

  27. I don’t see anything wrong with a president (including a GOP one) campaigning in a state against a sitting governor or senator. It is not as if Walker was at the Obama rally – right?. I think your argument is weird. So You think that it is offensive for Obama to attack Walker because he was greeted at the airport by him? If Obama was in town for three days, can he attack Walker the third day? Or does this mean he should never attack Walker ever again because he was once greeted by Walker at the airport?

    1. Folks?

      Walker got his cuts in also…
      They are BOTH politicians…
      One who has had over 100 MILLION people vote for him….

  28. Ok – I just listened to Obama’s speech. Despite what Corey said, Obama did NOT mention Walker’s name. He did talk about how Wisconsin’s economy has failed in recent years, and why it has failed.

  29. It’s not as if some kind of professional courtesy or the need for collegial comity prevents governors from criticising presidents of another party (or even their own party).

    But, as apparently the President did today, it’s best to talk about policies rather than personalities or records.

  30. Yes,Corey was trying to make an issue of something that never happened.The President was criticizing policies that Walker(and most other Republicans) support.


    How many times have we seen leaders of the opposing party from the President ,both Democrats and Republicans,literally walk out of the White House to a battery of microphones and offer criticism of a presidential policy?

  31. And in the vein of “you lie!” I’ve noticed right wing blogs fighting back on the Confederate flag. One that a few of my conservative friends quote and has million followers cheered some yahoos who waved it at Obama’s motorcade.

    Think about it, self proclaimed “patriots” cheering people waving the flag of a nation founded upon slavery and defeated by the USA to the President of the USA who happens to be of the race the defeated nation fought to keep enslaved.

    But since liberals are agin the flag reflexively conservatives are rallying to it.

    That’s why Trump is such a problem for the GOP. Supporting him and his hatefulness is seen as sticking it to the hated libruls.

  32. Yes I’ve noticed that conservative commentators and publications are beginning a backlash against the present movement against the Confederate flag and related symbols.

    I don’t think they anticipated(neither did I) the rapidity with which support for the Flag would collapse(the SC Legislature may lower the flag as soon as next week).

    Some are going along grudgingly.( rumors are flying in SC that Nikki Haleys quick move was precipitated by some of the big businesses,such as Boeing and Volvo, that have recently moved into the state ,informing her at their displeasure at this continuing embarrassment and the appearance of Republican National Chairman Rence Priebus bluntly informing her that SCs first in the nation southern primary might be in jeopardy) .

    What will be interesting us to see ,if or how many Republcan presidential candidates jump on the backlash bandwagon.

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