More Working mothers give up on the GOP…

The Republican party in heeding the rightwingnuts of their party, seem to be working hard to disfranchise working women on more and more issues…

That HAS to have some in the party worrying, especially with a Hillary Clinton, first woman President push surely coming next year….

The trend that worries conservative thinker Sabrina Schaeffer is this: Three elections ago, nearly half of all working mothers chose George W. Bush. In 2008, the share dropped to 40 percent for Sen. John McCain. By 2012, only about a third backed Mitt Romney.

But even more alarming to Schaeffer is that few, if any, of the current presidential candidates have made the needs of female breadwinners a centerpiece of their campaigns.

“For years now, Democrats have been saying: We are focused on women in the workplace,” said Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, a nonprofit organization that promotes conservative policies. “For whatever reason, Republicans keep ignoring these issues. It’s the absolute worst thing they can do. They need to understand, engage and offer better solutions. They can’t be afraid.”

Schaeffer is among a chorus of conservatives who have grown frustrated — and increasingly vocal — about the lack of proposals from GOP candidates that could help reverse this exodus of swing voters from the party.

These conservatives say Republicans have an opportunity to exploit new proposals in Washington that have been embraced by influential right-wing policymakers and economists.

But some Republican strategists say that many of the candidates are planning to wait until after the primary to take up such ideas, so as to not prematurely alienate social conservatives who think families are better off when one parent stays home. That has dismayed some in the party who view the matter as urgent, especially with Hillary Rodham Clinton looming as the likely Democratic nominee….


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15 thoughts on “More Working mothers give up on the GOP…”

  1. The Republicans actually present an enticing program for working mothers.

    Tax cuts for the wealthy!

    I mean isn’t that their answer to EVERY problem in the country?

  2. With Hillary on the ticket I don’t see the Republicans even being able to match Romney’s 33% of working mothers.

  3. Jack, how could you forget the other GOP plank: Deregulation !

    It’s job-destroying employer mandates for liberal frills like medical coverage and Family Leave that are making life for working-mom teachers, nurses, waitresses and sales-clerks so hard. Government subsidies and supervision for child care and Early Childhood Education only limit working mothers’ choices. Q.E.D.

    Socially-traditional countries (often Catholic ones led by Christian-Democratic parties, even by conservative Christian Democrats) that really do believe in single-breadwinner, full-time-mother families put some of their money where they preach: by offering stipends or subsidies to stay-at-home parents.

    Britain’s Labour government of 1945-51 (which wasn’t markèdly traditional or religious) began giving family allowances in cash at post offices every week; the left-wing Health minister, Aneurin (Nye) Bevan, insisted that the allowance go to the mother so that it would be more likely used for household expenses like groceries.

    It also distributed free National Health Service orange juice (which I remember drinking), and like several British governments before Margaret (“milk-snatcher”) Thatcher became Secretary for Social Services, issued free milk in the schools.

    Of course some current American “conservatives” would see this as furthering socialist plans to destroy the family by undermining male heads of household. I wonder, for example, how the American Family Council would respond.

    By the way, this is one area where even quite conservative members of the U.S. Roman Catholic hierarchy (like Providence’s Bishop Thomas Tobin) part ranks with the bible-thumping Christian and secular far right; even the most fervent lay and ecclesiastical admirers of Pope John Paul II’s (and Benedict’s) conservativism on issues like papal authority, church government, abortion and homosexuality also believe in the social mission of the church and society (including the State).

  4. James, your headline would be clearer with a different preposition: more working mothers don’t [according to your extract] so much “give up to” the GOP (which I read as joining or conceding to it) as give up on it.

  5. Although I support Fast Track. It’s impact will be minor. But the progressive tax system will help them. Go ahead – sympathize with the struggles of Paris and Conrad Hilton,

  6. Oh of course “regulations!”

    Why haven’t you seen all these companies closing because they have been “regulated” out of existence?

    However, ,we both should note ,in fairness to Republicans ,that they are only opposed to “burdensome” Regulations.

    Seemingly the definition of which Is Anything that costs company well ANYTHING!

  7. He is a member of political party who worries a great deal about the status of the wealthy.

    Indeed, that seems to be their principle concern.

    Their first action ,upon taking control of Congress ,was to pass a bill lowering the Estate Tax, which affects about 3000 of the wealthiest people in the whole country.

  8. “Manila has been very concerned about the pending extinction of the wealthy.”

    Let’s go get the giant who lives on the hill!

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