Chicago Blackhawks are the Hockey Stanley Cup champions…

Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks scores a goal Monday in the second period against goalie Ben Bishop of the Tampa Bay Lightning during Game 6 of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Final in Chicago.

…from the NY Times….

The Chicago Blackhawks can now rub shoulders with the Canadiens, the Islanders and the Oilers after they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2-0, to win their third Stanley Cup in six years.

The Blackhawks defeated the Lightning in six tightly contested games — five were decided by one goal — to win the title at home for the first time since 1938 during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term as president. They won their last two Cups in 2010 and 2013 in Philadelphia and Boston, respectively….


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  1. Why would the Cardinals hack the Astros?

    Why would the Nixon campaign have broken into McGovern’s campaign?

    Obviously, the Cardinals have never gotten over the 2005 NLCS.

  2. So, the St. Louis Cardinals are hackers? FBI Investigations?

    Since this is the sports thread…

  3. Lightning goalie Ben Bishop played the series with a torn groin. Ouch. Considering that, he was unbelievable in net.

  4. Duncan Keith did win the MVP as I predicted. He finished the playoffs with a +/- rating of 16 – which is more than twice that of any hawk. Despite being a defenseman, he lead the team in assists.

    When the playoffs come, the Hawks win more than their fair share of close games. And this year, I would argue that they upped their game in each series that they played.

  5. Thanks James

    great series.

    The Blackhawks are going to have to trade some players for salary cap considerations before next year

    1. …twitter….

      ESPN ‏@espn
      The Hawks don’t mess around. They’ve won 10 straight Game 6s when leading a series 3-2, second-longest streak ever.

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