Open Thread for June 12. 2015….

Just jump in and say what you want ….

Too busy right now…..

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106 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 12. 2015….”

  1. It was a great game, glad I got to see it in-person. The crowd in Oakland was amazing – the loudest I have ever heard. But, I will be just as happy to watch game seven (if there is one) on television.

  2. Stephan Curry may not have gotten 40, but 37 was enough…

    And he CAN shoot the jumper!

    The place must have been ROCKIN!

  3. When I was in Charlotte, Stephan Curry grew up within walking distance of my townhouse. At the time, his dad, Dell Curry was playing for the Hornets.

  4. “Unduly harsh?” At the time, everyone thought that the government deal was unduly beneficial to AID stockholders. Without government support, AID AIG stock would be 100% worthless.

  5. You think a greedy bastard like Greenberg gives a damn about “moral victories?”

    He wanted MONEY.He didn’t get any.Thats the bottom line.

  6. Meanwhile, in Kansas , Gov “Supply Side” Sam Brownbck has become “Taxin” Sam Brownback preparing to sign one of the biggest tax increases in Kansas history to plug a hole in the state budget due to Brownbacks misguided effort to revive the long discredited “supply side” economic formula.

    Kansas will now have one of the largest sales taxes in the country.

    The Republican controlled Legislature opted for higher sales taxes rather than restoring previous income tax rates because they had promised their wealthy benefactors that they wouldn’t touch their money.

    This type of thing is what is commonly known as

    “Fiscal conservatism.”

  7. I thought Bush events always started on time…

    Guess I will not be able to see any of it today.

  8. Big crowd for “Jeb!” They seem excited. The candidate is without a jacket or tie, but it is Miami after all.

  9. I mulitasked while having it on mute with closed captioning.

    (By the way, closed captioning makes a ton of mistakes and apparently does not speak Spanish.)

    All I could really make out of it was that Jeb looked more energized and confident than he might have before and the crowd, which looked heavily Hispanic, seemed extremely fired up and ready to go.

    Barbara Bush was there as well.

  10. Working at a full-time job on the very same day that one of my teams can win a championship is new for me. These last few minutes…. I guess it’s a milestone for both me and the teams.

  11. Blackhawks – Lightning, no score in the middle of the second.

    Lighting goalie Bishop looking very good. Blackhawks goalie Crawford looking shaky, but still no goals.

    Incredible series for hockey lovers.

  12. Donald Trump will declare $9 billion in assets as he reveals 2016 plans

    Donald J. Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul, on Tuesday will release a summary of assets that total about $9 billion as part of his likely entry into the race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to people familiar with his plans….

    More @

  13. Blackhawks win the cup 2-0.

    James, how about posting an article to celebrate the Hawks third cup win in six years?

  14. …from the State Journal-Register….

    Our Opinion: Mark Kirk’s filter problem

    History has shown you never know what might come out of U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s mouth. It could be a falsehood, a stretch of the truth or a really bad attempt at humor.
    Lately, odds are it may be something insensitive. Not good for a Republican who is up for re-election in 2016 and is considered one of the nation’s most vulnerable senators.
    Kirk was captured by a live mic on Thursday calling fellow Republican senator and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham a “bro with no ho.” Graham, a bachelor, had joked in an interview about having a “rotating first lady” at the White House should he be elected, and those comments were published Tuesday.
    Kirk, whose comments were made during a Senate committee meeting, then added, “That’s what we’d say on the South Side,” apparently a reference to some of Chicago’s racially diverse neighborhoods. “Ho,” for those who may be puzzled, is slang for prostitute….

    More @

  15. It looks like the guy is actually gonna run…..

    Boy is the GOPer’s Presidential Sweepstakes gnna be entertaining!

  16. After a failed amendment and a failed motion to recommit with instructions, the Intelligence Authorization Act passed the House this afternoon on a largely party-line vote. Among Republican dissenters were Justin Amash, Raúl Labrador and Walter B. Jones; among Democratic supporters were
    Sanford Bishop, Dutch Ruppersberger, James Langevin and Tammy Duckworth.

    (Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined)

    H R 2596 RECORDED VOTE 16-Jun-2015 5:53 PM
    QUESTION: On Passage
    BILL TITLE: Intelligence Authorization Act

    Ayes Noes NV
    216 _25 4 – Republican
    _31 153 4 – Democratic

    247 178 8 – TOTALS


  17. I have a proposal for Daylight savings time. I would put New England and the New York City area on Atlantic Standard Time year round. I would put everything from Pennsylvania, Western New York to the Mississippi River on Eastern Standard Time year round. From the Mississippi River to the Rockies they would be on Central Standard Time year round and from the Rockies to the Pacific they would be Mountain Time year round. No more changing the clocks.

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