Open Thread for June 9, 2015…Obama’s June….

President Obama has a historic June coming at him….

The Supreme’s on his Healthcare Program…

The House on his Fast-Track Trade Bill….

A Defense Bill…..




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108 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 9, 2015…Obama’s June….”

  1. So tomorrow you can spend the whole day blogging Corey, why would you thank God for Friday. For you, everyday is Friday. Have a good night.

  2. I had forgotten that the age of consent in DC is 16 (and was 16 in 1983) so what Studds did apparantly was legal. But Dan Crane was also reprimanded for having sex with a 17 year old female page at exactly the same time, so it would appear to be a stretch to say Studds was singled out for being gay.

    The company that I work in has a requirement that if you are having a romantic relationship with someone in your department or with someone in another department that you work with, you must report it to management. I have to assume that failure to do so would potentially be grounds for dismissal, and once informed, management would not be passive. At another company that I previously worked with, a coworker who had a relationship with someone in another department was told that one of the two had to leave the company. Studd’s behavior would not likely be allowed in the private sector for most companies in 2015.

  3. I’d like to hear what “interesting” stuff Corey has found on supposed election fraud. His statement reminds me of Donald Trumps comments on what his investigations on Obama’s birth certificate

    In other words I won’t hold my breath

  4. I think Studds was singled out, in my opinion the Crane situation was an add-on for appearances. Gerry’s case was very different for lots of reasons, but, like I said, he was very unpopular and no one was going to give him the benefit of the doubt like they did for Barney Frank (of course the Washington Times made the Frank situation into much more than it was).

  5. Barney Frank was unpopular with a lot of people.

    I’m not in Washington, but apparently journalists didn’t like him personally. David Brooks thought that he’d been unnecessarily rude and brusque to a young female reporter.

  6. He is brusque, Wolf Blitzer and he absolutely hated each other, and Barney is proud of it. But, I was talking about his fellow House Members. One Member who came back from a tough stay in the hospital put it something like this, “Barney came to visit me several times during my hospital stay, while most of my other colleagues were too busy measuring my office space in case I died to bother.” He really is a great guy if he is your friend.

  7. Fact is do we really know who we are electing? Frank was a lot of things but boring was not one of them. You will see his picture next to “survivor” in your Funk and Wagnalls. As to Hastert, I, pardon my Penn State, didn’t even know he had been a gym teacher. Hmmmm?

    I felt Hastert was invisible as Speaker and considering all the sexual folderol that the Impeachment of Clinton exposed, and with all apologies to President Harding, as close to “normalcy” as could be expected at the time.

    Still, under the Constitution a man is innocent until proven guilty but in the public arena, considering the jackal pack that the media is, I guess a man is guilty until he is proven guiltier.

    Let the facts come out but until then, oh the hypocrisy of it all!

  8. You’re playing the “legal” game.

    I know I do it for a living but that’s ahead fake.

    I don’t give a DAMN If they convict him of this Federal finacial offense.

    The FACT is that he is a hypocritical bastard and was having sex with his students.

    End of story.

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