Open Thread for June 9, 2015…Obama’s June….

President Obama has a historic June coming at him….

The Supreme’s on his Healthcare Program…

The House on his Fast-Track Trade Bill….

A Defense Bill…..




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108 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 9, 2015…Obama’s June….”

  1. The smart ones keep their thoughts within a small tight group
    Kirk certainly isn’t by himself with his views and remarks….

  2. Nope James, he isn’t, perhaps after he gets beat next year he and Mitt Romney can “let the dogs out!”

  3. Holy Shit!
    CJS Dempsey is thinking about bringing back
    Petreues remote combat bases?
    More to come…..

  4. With regard to Corey’s 5:47, the political ads probably do play well. But of course given his slurred speech, he can’t pretend that the stroke didn’t happen. It is not as if people would not otherwise notice, so there is no Bulworth moment.

  5. It isn’t the slurred speech talk about on the Hill though – they are concerned about his mental faculties when he makes comments like the one about Graham.

  6. At this point in time I think a very fair question is “why are Republicans seem so comfortable with child molesters?”

    They were not comfortable with Gary Studds.

  7. If Kirk’s mental faculties were affected by the stroke, that won’t be his last mistake. I assume that time will tell.

  8. It’s ok for a guy with a stroke to get over once or even twice
    But if the media turns on him?
    He’s got problems….

  9. I had forgotten about Gary Studds. His involvement with the page took place in the early 80s. I’m not going to defend what Studds did – the page was 17 – and I don’t care that the relationship was consensual.

  10. For your pedantic information, it’s Gerry, as in Elbridge, pronounced with a hard G, as in Gary.

    Vice President Gerry gave his name while Governor of Massachusetts to the gerrymander (usually pronounced, if inconsistently, with a soft G, as in Jerry).

    James Madison named Gerry as his running-mate when seeking re-election in 1812, after his first Vice President, George Clinton, had died in office. Madison & Gerry (Dem.-Rep.) beat George Clinton’s brother DeWitt Clinton & Jared Ingersoll (Fusion Federalist) in the first wartime election, but Gerry, too, died in office.

    Now (providing you bet intelligently) you’re sure to win Final Jeopardy! with the right question when given an answer like “Both of this U.S. President’s Vice Presidents died in office.”

  11. And Studds was censured by the House – a Democratic House – Hastert never came close with Foley or anyone else.

  12. The mysterious etymology of Mark Kirk’s ‘bro with no ho’ comments

    Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) is Washington’s latest victim of those relentlessly scheming microphones-that-people-don’t-realize-are-on. The Huffington Post picked up Kirk’s comments riffing on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s idea that, in the unlikely event he’s elected president, Graham, who is single, would have a “rotating first lady.”

    “I’ve been joking with Lindsey, ’cause he doesn’t have … did you see that?” Kirk said during a Senate Appropriations Committee vote. “He’ll have a ‘rotating first lady.’ He’s a bro with no ho.”

    More @

  13. We don’t know whether Lindsay Graham has a ho or not.

    But I’m still confused about his plans to have a rotating First Lady. Will he be calling each of these these women his wife or just his companion? Why does Corey think that Caitlyn Jenner will be one of his ladies?

  14. Just image if he should win?
    ….and he had to actually try to deal with this?

    Then of course we have if Hillary wins?
    An ex-President as the First Man?

  15. On the extreme outside chance that Lindsey Graham could be President, it would be an interesting idea. It would just be for social occasions, hosting State Dinners, etc.

    One of them would be his sister, as other unmarried Presidents in history have had relatives fill the role, but it might be interesting to have a Rotating First Lady for say a month at a time. The winner of Miss America can take a turn each year, past First Ladies (such as Hillary) can come back as Throwbacks, all sorts of people in American life, from all sorts of different backgrounds can all have a turn, and they can all have their own individual cause and bring awareness to it.

    A Rotating Cast of First Ladies, could generate a lot of attention, and do a lot of good through their individual activities via social media, etc.

  16. Apparently, the ABC television cameras briefly showed LeBron James’ genitals on tv tonight.

    An important moment in American broadcast history.

  17. And they showed the cut he got on his head…..

    But his Cleveland Cavilers are getting a loss tonight….

  18. I saw the cut on the head thing. What I just saw online was more disturbing.

    I have a hunch that somewhere Michael Jordan will be even more convinced that LBJ does not measure up.

  19. LeBron played like junk tonight, so it’s fitting.

    I wonder if he has any idea yet. Is somebody going to ask him at the press conference?

  20. They always have a presser after the games…

    He’ll own up to probabaly being a little tired and not playing up to what he should…

    In my mind he’s not Jordan yet…
    But he’s closer than ANYONE I’ve seen so far…

    Clevelend has to be Happy to have him back…

  21. Great news about the Warriors, although we have a split household, since my husband was born and raised in Shaker Heights Ohio. He, like me, doesn’t care for LeBron. We have tickets to the next game here in Oakland, should be fun.

    But, let’s talk about a few things that have been discussed this evening. First, Gerry Studds, Manila’s obsession with Gerry and Barney Frank notwithstanding, there are significant differences between the Schock/Hastert/Foley scandals and what two “out” Members of Congress actually did do, or not do, in the past.

    First, I never liked Gerry Studds, God Rest His Soul, I thought he was an ass, and his staff followed his lead. But, he never broke any laws. He had a consensual relationship with a young man that was legal under DC law at the time, and that young man told investigators that he would have done it again if he had the chance. Gerry never spent a dime of taxpayer’s money on his affair, and survived the whole thing because he was an “out” gay man. Do I approve, no. But, I understand.

    Look at it this way. If Gerry had been taking a sixteen year old girl to Portugal on his own dime, no one would have said a word. The problem was that it was a boy. Do I approve, no. But, it was legal. It wasn’t legal for Denny Hastert, who voted to censure Gerry Studds, to take sexual advantage of young boys he was responsible for, but he did – and they sure didn’t consent, hence the payments.

    This all comes back to being honest with yourself, something Republicans still have trouble doing (see Hastert, Schock, Craig, and Foley). Both Studds and Frank survived their individual “scandals” because they were eventually honest with who they were.

    Here is another example. When I was a staff director of a House Committee, my clerk was an extremely young and good looking young blond who I had to keep Congressman Howard Coble (a 60 something at the time) away from with a stick. It got so bad I had to complain to the Chair who spoke privately with Howard to make him stop. He didn’t. But, since it was a man on woman, no one actually gave a shit until my clerk told Howard she would cut his “you know what off” if he ever bothered her again. He stopped.

    So, really, what is worse? Two consenting adults of the same sex, no matter what the age difference. Or, one old cracker Congressman from North Carolina who took one too many Viagra pills. I know what Manila thinks. Sorry, I cannot work up a good anger about what Gerry did, even though I never like him, but I can for what an authority figure did to young wrestlers 30 years ago in Yorkville Illinois. Especially when that authority figure went on to condemn others for what he did in spades (see Corey) himself.

  22. And while Gerry Studds was being censured by a Democratic House, Denny Hastert had already spent years taking sexual advantage of young boys at Yorkville High. Young boys who had no say in what they were being asked to do.

  23. Facts do matter, so back to Mark Kirk, someone I have now found that lots of Senate staffers have expressed concerns regarding his slow recovery from a stroke. I need to point out that even on the South Side of Chicago, which is one of the areas through which Kirk previously said he “drives faster,” and Corey would never go, it is doubtful that many people refer to their own or someone else’s wife as a “ho” – other than, of course, Mitt Romney in “a photo op, who let the dogs out, drive by,” since he would never ask the driver to stop.

    Of course, if Kirk thinks of a wife as a “ho” then that might explain why he didn’t get married until he was 41 and his marriage lasted less than ten years. His friendship with Graham might explain that too. Birds of a feather, but the birds seem to be fixated with LeBron’s genitalia.

  24. So tomorrow you can spend the whole day blogging Corey, why would you thank God for Friday. For you, everyday is Friday. Have a good night.

  25. I had forgotten that the age of consent in DC is 16 (and was 16 in 1983) so what Studds did apparantly was legal. But Dan Crane was also reprimanded for having sex with a 17 year old female page at exactly the same time, so it would appear to be a stretch to say Studds was singled out for being gay.

    The company that I work in has a requirement that if you are having a romantic relationship with someone in your department or with someone in another department that you work with, you must report it to management. I have to assume that failure to do so would potentially be grounds for dismissal, and once informed, management would not be passive. At another company that I previously worked with, a coworker who had a relationship with someone in another department was told that one of the two had to leave the company. Studd’s behavior would not likely be allowed in the private sector for most companies in 2015.

  26. I’d like to hear what “interesting” stuff Corey has found on supposed election fraud. His statement reminds me of Donald Trumps comments on what his investigations on Obama’s birth certificate

    In other words I won’t hold my breath

  27. I think Studds was singled out, in my opinion the Crane situation was an add-on for appearances. Gerry’s case was very different for lots of reasons, but, like I said, he was very unpopular and no one was going to give him the benefit of the doubt like they did for Barney Frank (of course the Washington Times made the Frank situation into much more than it was).

  28. Barney Frank was unpopular with a lot of people.

    I’m not in Washington, but apparently journalists didn’t like him personally. David Brooks thought that he’d been unnecessarily rude and brusque to a young female reporter.

  29. He is brusque, Wolf Blitzer and he absolutely hated each other, and Barney is proud of it. But, I was talking about his fellow House Members. One Member who came back from a tough stay in the hospital put it something like this, “Barney came to visit me several times during my hospital stay, while most of my other colleagues were too busy measuring my office space in case I died to bother.” He really is a great guy if he is your friend.

  30. Fact is do we really know who we are electing? Frank was a lot of things but boring was not one of them. You will see his picture next to “survivor” in your Funk and Wagnalls. As to Hastert, I, pardon my Penn State, didn’t even know he had been a gym teacher. Hmmmm?

    I felt Hastert was invisible as Speaker and considering all the sexual folderol that the Impeachment of Clinton exposed, and with all apologies to President Harding, as close to “normalcy” as could be expected at the time.

    Still, under the Constitution a man is innocent until proven guilty but in the public arena, considering the jackal pack that the media is, I guess a man is guilty until he is proven guiltier.

    Let the facts come out but until then, oh the hypocrisy of it all!

  31. You’re playing the “legal” game.

    I know I do it for a living but that’s ahead fake.

    I don’t give a DAMN If they convict him of this Federal finacial offense.

    The FACT is that he is a hypocritical bastard and was having sex with his students.

    End of story.

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