Open Thread for June 6, 2015…..Waiting for Jeb….

I’m on the line for pointing to Jeb Bush becoming the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee…

I’m a Democrat…

So  I get nothing from by guess, except my political nose points to the guy…

So far he’s just been collect ALL the money he can getr and from time to time he shows up in front of the emdia and says something…

He has NOT be impressive even if he DOES lead the pack  in the Real Clear Politics polling average, and has done so pretty consistently, even if it’s by a small margin….

Well, he’ll make his run offical in week or so….

And we’ll see in a year if this ole’ dog’s political nose is on track or not…..


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169 thoughts on “Open Thread for June 6, 2015…..Waiting for Jeb….”

  1. FYI?
    Christie HAD the U.S. Atty job in Jersey before Fischer
    Was the Atty Gen of NYS

  2. Did you think I was not aware of their bios?

    Me? Of all people?

    (This was actually a question on Final Jeopardy a couple weeks ago….words to the effect of “these two Governors, are next to each other alphabetically, and were former prosecutors.” Obviously, I got it right.

  3. Of course he pleads not guilty, now, I wonder what he will offer to give up to get out of this thing. His business partners should be a little worried at this point. It is Illinois after all.

  4. Lindsey Graham says he’d have a “rotating” First Lady if he were elected President.

  5. Congrats to Lindsey Graham in saying that he would welcome Caitlyn Jenner’s vote. Perhaps it will also help him attract other transgendered Republicans to hia candidacy?

  6. Obviously, Caitlyn Jenner would have to go in the rotation.

    I am just thinking of the reality show possibilities, if people could compete to be First Lady for a month.

    If the Clintons could rent out the Lincoln Bedroom to the highest bidder, I guess it could happen.

  7. Lindsey Graham ain’t gonna be President…
    The rotation thing isn’t gonna happen…
    People and the media would be ALL over it…
    Lindsey has to be careful
    Or the NY Times will dig DEEPER into his personal space…

  8. I believe uber-leftist Bill Maher said on tv recently, “We are one attack away from President Lindsey Graham.”

  9. Yeah I thought Graham ‘s comments on Jenner were a big step for the party.

    I’d never vote for him because he is such a war monger.

    But he’s light years ahead of people like Santorum and Cruz when it comes to personal tolerance.

    He’s still anti marriage equaliy though.

  10. If that does happen and President Graham invades (fill in the blank) to spread Democracy (I guess Rummy won’t be involved this time) I hope they reinstate the draft and raise the max age to 45.

    I’ll go if called, even though I’d strongly be opposed to another Iraq or Vietnam style war.

    Would you Corey?

  11. It Caitlyn Jenner were to become a GOP First Lady though, even as part of a rotation, the New York Times might pull a Rubio and go after her driving record, and discover that she actually was in an accident that killed a woman not long ago.

  12. You had your chance to go in Afghanistan, which you supported.

    I don’t get the argument. I wouldn’t be able to enlist even if I wanted to, and I do not think they would take you at this point either.

    Was Hillary right on Libya though by the way? Was that worth the cost?

  13. And whenever I have heard Lindsey Graham speak hawkishly, it has not been in the context of “spread democracy”, but to kill the people who wish to do us harm, before they can. I think he is right.

  14. That’s my point. If we’re dumb enough as a country to be spooked into another endless war we need to be all in or else we’ll never learn.

    Bring back the draft, raise the age to WWII levels and no exemptions and be done with it.

    My guess is a lot of tough talk will suddenly fade away.

    By the way Corey, what do you think of Rumsfelds comments on the foolishness of Bush’s “spreading democracies”

  15. Bob Woodward ,who wrote four books on the Bush presidency ,and spent hours interviewing Rumsfeld, has basically called him a liar.

    Indeed Woodward has cited a speech Rumsfeld made shortly after the invasion specifically hailing the growth of democracy in Iraq.

    Previously, Woodward had called Rumsfeld memoirs a whitewash of the record and an effort to shift all the blame to Bush for what happened there.

  16. Oh you bring back the draft and ALL this war talk will end.

    My personal opinion is that anytime the United States commits more than Five thousand troops in ANY capacity to a war zone, then a draft will automatically go into effect,done by birthday lottery of Nineteen year olds(as in the latter days of Vietnam).This time,however, include females ,with NO exemptions for college students nor those medically “unfit” as they are usually capable of serving in a non combat capacity.

    Do this and there will NEVER be another one of these “elective” wars.

  17. Meanwhile Bobby Jindals Louisiana is trying to deaL with a Billion dollar budget shortfall.

    A bunch of whiny Republicans in the Legislatire want their “Boss” the eccentric Grover Norquist to let them out of their No New taxes pledge(they previously having irresponsibly signed on to this insanity) .

    No Deal said Grover as the state teeters on the edge of gargantuan education cuts for starters.

    Meanwhile,Jindal is preparing to bring the beneficence of his stewardship of La. To the country as a whole by running for President.

  18. Exactly Jack, that is why it is also total BS for Ms. Lindsay to talk about Democracy in Iraq or anywhere else in the middle east other than Israel – it’s a total fantasy, always was. Let’s call a “spade a spade” as Corey and Ethan would say, both Graham and Rumsfeld are warmongers. Lindsay uses every chance he can get to simply spread fear – “we’re all gonna die” in his best Scarlett O’Hara voice, whether it is ISIS, Ebola or any other manufactured crisis of the day – he stays in a permanent state of hysteria.

    I do give Graham credit on the Jenner thing, it at least exhibits some self awareness on his part. But, if Graham were to even get close to the GOP nomination (he won’t), his fellow Republicans would take him down faster than Larry Craig in the Union Station men’s room.

  19. Graham basically supports a permanent American military occupation of the Middle East.

    Like all Republicans he uses all the right “code” words,”freedom” “Liberty” etc etc,but,and this Is typical of Republicans ,he refuses to say how he is going to pay for such(which will cost BILLIONS of dollars).

  20. Jack, it will be paid for with tax cuts for the rich.

    After all that worked out so well when we were spreading Democracy in Iraq!

  21. And it’s done wonders for Kansas!

    Then again,”Supply Side” Sam Brownback has now become”Taxin” Sam and is demanding the Republican Legislatire increase a slew of taxes to pay for his folly.

    Interestingly, there are no proposals to raise any taxes on the wealthy.

  22. I very much doubt that Americans for Tax Reform will grant a Pledge dispensation to the legislators of Kansas any more than they are willing to grant one to those of Louisiana.

    After all, Grover Norquist wants to shrink government to the size where he can drag it upstairs and drown it in the bathtub.

  23. The 5th circuit court in New Orleans has backed
    The restrictive Texas abortion clinic law
    No surprise
    The case will be appealed to the Supreme’s

  24. BTW?
    The obvious
    There ain’t gonna be a resumption of the draft anytime soon
    And the GOPers will continue calling for American ‘boots on the ground ‘

  25. Well Jack
    You’re gonna love this
    The WSJ is reporting that President Obama has oked several hundred MORE American Spec Forces ‘advisors’ to ramp up training the Iraqi military…
    Something he promised the Iraqi head he would do yesterday….

  26. More forthcoming on this which seems aimed at shoring up Anbar Province close to Bagdad…

  27. Ah yes, Dr. Wolfowitz, the folks at the gym would scream at him in the locker room to the point he had to quit and sign up with a private trainer (not that it did him any good). What a complete ass (and a typical Republican – but that’s redundant), the old “I know best,” too bad they can’t take the cost of the war out of this asshole’s pension check. Well, at least he isn’t trying to rewrite history like Rummy.

  28. I was corresponding with an old coworker (from 2004). I asked him what he had been doing over the years, and I praised him for losing a lot of weight, and he told me he had been in jail! Pretty shocking!

  29. I guess Jeb might still be waiting…..

    “A super PAC backing former Florida governor Jeb Bush is likely to fall short of collecting $100 million by the end of this month, despite widespread expectations that the group would hit that record-breaking sum, according to people close to the operation,” the Washington Post reports.

    “The exact size of the war chest is closely held, but two individuals familiar with internal discussions believe the total that the Right to Rise super PAC will report in mid-July could be substantially lower than the nine figures that senior Republicans have anticipated.”

    “That would be a major psychological blow for Bush’s operation, whose fundraising prowess has raised expectations about how much cash it has been amassing. Bush’s schedule for the past five months has been dominated by high-priced fundraisers for the super PAC, helping the group stockpile tens of millions.”

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