Kansas GOP Gov Brownback MUST raise some of the taxes he cut…..

So much for the NOT having small business pay taxes and selling people on lowering their taxes to get elected….

Brownbacks tax cut thing was just plain Bull Shit…..

And it worked for him last November….

But now the bill is due….

With the state facing a $400 million budget hole for the coming fiscal year, the conservatives who dominate the Legislature here say they are agonizing over the likelihood of doing something that did not seem to be in their DNA: raising taxes.

Just three years ago, many of these lawmakers passed the largest tax cuts in state history, saying they would lead to economic growth. But that growth did not appear, and after repeatedly trimming spending to close shortfalls, legislators again find themselves in a prolonged budget battle with no easy answers, where both houses of the Republican-controlled Legislature are proposing tax increases.

The reason: even anti-tax Republicans are acknowledging that there is not much more to cut without significantly hurting popular programs, including education.

The fault lines now seem to run along the question of which taxes to raise….


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6 thoughts on “Kansas GOP Gov Brownback MUST raise some of the taxes he cut…..”

  1. “Supply side ” economics has NEVER worked and ,indeed, is inherently contradictory,but Right Wingers like Brownback still cling to the mythology.

    1. Well….

      The guy got over on it…..

      Now the bill is due…
      You notice the cuts mentioned are for social programs for those less fortunate and that DO NOT vote in large numbers….
      Maybe Corey will come on and applaud the vote supression in these area’s that let Brownback and his friends give a handout to THEIR friends that they now have to figure out how to PAY FOR?

  2. I disagree.

    I don’t think he’s “over it.”

    This garbage has NEVER worked ,yet Republicans keep pushing it.Im sure Brownback STILL believes in it and will blame it not working as the fault of someone else.Thats Typical Republican baloney of course.

    Once you accept ,as I have , that the prime reason the Republican Party exists is to make sure the rich get richer these type things make more sense.

    Brownback was fulfilling the party’s central tenet.No way is he EVER going to say it was a mistake.

  3. Just as a lawyer or lobbyist always has the same answer no matter what the question (“find for my client”), Republicans just want to cut taxes, period, but especially taxes on business and the rich.

    If you’re left with a surplus (as in 2001) then “it’s the people’s money, not Washington’s; give it back!”

    If you are or will be in deficit, then a tax-cut will stimulate the economy and pay back more than its cost.

  4. This is good news for Missouri. As supply side economics has wrecked Kansas economy and gutted their services many businesses that moved from Kansas Cit, MO to the KS suburbs are now moving back.

    As the state line runs right through the heart of the KC metro area moving from one state to the other is as easy as crossing the street in a lot of places. One actually called State Line Road.

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