FiveThirtyEight on Martin O’Malley…People just do NOT like the Guy

That IS what Harry Enten @ 538 has concluded looking the recent ex-Maryland Governor’s jump into the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination contest, that O’Mally has virtually NO chance of winning….Enten gives four reasons why O’Malley ain’t gonna win the nomination…Then he gets down to REAL reason he thinks the guy is spinning his wheels….

….there’s a far simpler reason for why I’ve doubted O’Malley’s ability to compete: The people who know him best don’t like him. O’Malley is starting way down in the polls, and he’s not well known. And we have evidence that more O’Malley exposure doesn’t equal more O’Malley support. He earned just 3 percent (compared to Clinton’s 63 percent) in a poll of Democratic voters in Maryland conducted in October by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland.

If this strikes you as a surprisingly low percentage for a two-term Maryland governor and former mayor of the state’s most populous city, it should. It speaks to the fact that O’Malley was unpopular enough in deep-blue Maryland that by the end of his second term, Republican Larry Hogan came out of nowhere to defeat O’Malley’s lieutenant governor in the 2014 governor’s race….



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5 thoughts on “FiveThirtyEight on Martin O’Malley…People just do NOT like the Guy”

  1. He’s not a serious candidate and has already received more attention than he deserves.

    He might grab a few people turned off by Bernie Sanders”grumpy old man” persona but OMalley doesn’t appear too well liked himself.

  2. He’s at 1 percent now.

    Sure, he’ll go up in the polls a bit. But I doubt he’ll be a major factor.

    Same with Chafee

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