Vice President Biden’s son has passed….


Vice President Joe Biden has announced that his son, former Deleware Atty Gen Joseph R .”Beau’ Biden, 46, has passed away due to cancer….

He served in the U.S. Army Reserve and planned to run for the Deleware Governors spot….

He had been in Walter Reed Medical Center earlier in the month for treatment…

More on this to come…

3 thoughts on “Vice President Biden’s son has passed….”

  1. In a single day in the 1880’s, New York Assembly Minority Leader Theodore Roosevelt lost both his wife and his mother, then retired from politics to ranch in the Dakotas.

    The present Queen of England lost her mother (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) and her sister (Princess Margaret) in the same month.

    Wars, massacres, epidemics and disasters can be worse, for example for the relatives of Prof. John Nash (“A Beautiful Mind”) and his wife, who died in the same car crash this month.

  2. RIP, this has to be so hard for the Vice President. My mother lost a child, m sister, who was in her 40s at the same age as Joe Biden is now. Years later I think she is still not over it. I can’t even imagine.

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