Lincoln Chafee to announce run for President…

Who says No One will run against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination?

Here’s another guy that will run at Hillary from the left…

And like the others?

He ain’t gonna win….

Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee will officially enter the presidential race on June 3, a source with knowledge of his plans told POLITICO.

He’ll make the announcement in a speech he’s scheduled to deliver next Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the George Mason Center for Politics & Foreign Relations in Arlington, Virginia. Following the announcement, Chafee will travel to New Hampshire on June 4 for a previously scheduled event with local Democrats in Grafton County.

Chafee, who became a Democrat in 2013, has made Hillary Clinton’s support for the invasion of Iraq the chief rationale for his primary challenge to her. As a senator and member of the Republican Party in 2002, Chafee voted against authorizing the war.

In April, Chafee surprised the political world by announcing that he was exploring a presidential run.


7 thoughts on “Lincoln Chafee to announce run for President…”

  1. since Scott and Oliver both criticized Chafee’s comments on the metric system, I think a few thoughts need to be mentioned.

    1) You are both right. Chafee is a very long shot to the nomination. his odds are at best equal to those of Santorum.

    2) The discussion of the metric system came rather late in Chafee’s speech. Before that, he talked about many issues, including but not limited to why he opposed the war in Iraq, our deteriorating transportation network, racial injustice, economic disparity,healthcare, climate change, the UN, torture, fair trade, repair relations with several South America countries, Russia, war on drugs and capital punishment.

    3) Changing to the metric system IS something we should do. Besides the US, the only two countries that have not converted are Liberia and Myanmar. Nice company guys! The refusal to convert is a cost to our economy, and the change would be virtually painless.

    4) a bigger concern to me is why is neocon Robert Kagan a consultant for Hillary?

  2. Not to mention a former racetrack blacksmith (which is what Lincoln Chafee was after his Classics B.A. at Brown and a master’s in blacksmithing from Montana State). And a former First Lady of the U.S. and First Lady of Arkansas.

    When Sanders, Chafee and Clinton were all in Congress together, they were in three separate parties, but only one of them voted to authorize war with Iraq.

  3. Someone commented on Politicalwire that Chafee would be the only male WASP in the Democratic field, as Sanders is Jewish and O’Malley Catholic. Not sure about Webb. They also commented about the diverse experience of the Democratic candidates with a former SOS, four who served in the Senate, two former Governors, two former mayors, a former Sec of the Navy and Vietnam veteran.

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