Apple Watch…A Review…

I’m no gadget guru but when new devices are released to the market, I often find a need to do anything and everything to get my own. I was disappointed when I missed the Google Glass chance and then jumping for joy when a 3D printer was donated to our company game room. Again, I’m no expert but my reaction to new technology is somewhat of a kid in a candy store approach (with the sugar-high and all).

My birthday gift this year is the Apple Watch. At first I was hesitant to commit. I mean, how would you react when all the Googleites with Android fever were surrounding you spitting on the subject that Apple could come out with a smart watch? But considering I’ve ‘gone full Apple’ over the past 10 years, I figured I could spare a birthday on an overpriced digital watch. So, I first tried to sell my Movado, and only scammers wanted it. Then I decided it was worth the risk to check out the new technology. We scheduled a fitting and marched into the Apple Store to try out the new toy…..

After two weeks…..

My cousin told me the Apple Watch was an overpriced remote control for my iPhone and I have to agree with him. HOWEVER, since I’m still an Apple Champion, I will give them another release to get this right…..

Stefana The Geek….

For the complete list of Good/Bad…..(The Bad list is Bigger )