Open Thread for May 23, 2015….Stay the course Mr President…

With ALL the noise about the Islamic State military moves in Iraq President Obama has said this more or less….

Iraq needs to fight its own battle’s….

We’ll help them…

But it’s their fight NOT ours….


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95 thoughts on “Open Thread for May 23, 2015….Stay the course Mr President…”

  1. I would say that the biggest reason Fox News doesn’t like Paul was his comments on ISIS.

  2. Filibustering against extending the USA Patriot Act (and I think also the USA Freedom Act, which Sen. Paul thinks still gives Uncle Sam too much power) could hardly warm the hearts of Roger Ailes and the Bush administration veterans at Fox, either.

  3. I’m out running around taking care of family today….
    I ‘ll try to post up later….
    The last time Paul did something like this he couldn’t stop the train
    He won’t this time
    Look for the USA Freedom Act or a delay with the status quo in place….

  4. They are about3 votes from the USA Freedom Act approval
    Knocking out BOTH bill’s would interesting
    Since the NSA would have to close down several programs for an extended time

  5. Rand Paul voted against cloture on both the USA Freedom Act and the USA Patriot Act extension (as did Angus King of Maine, Mike Crapo of Idaho and Jerry Moran of Kansas; Mitch McConnell’s vote against cloture on the extension was solely to allow himself to move reconsideration).

    The New York Times advocates letting the latter expire on Monday morning without passing the former (which is what will happen if nothing changes from last weekend).

    Unless no one filibusters the USA Freedom Act (which I think Paul would filibuster) and if no more Senators stay away (Mike Enzi of Wyoming didn’t vote on either cloture), the Administration needs to keep all of last weekend’s 57 votes for cloture and add three from these 42 Nay votes (41 R and 1 Ind):

    NAYs —42

    Alexander (R-TN)
    Ayotte (R-NH)
    Barrasso (R-WY)
    Blunt (R-MO)
    Boozman (R-AR)
    Burr (R-NC)
    Capito (R-WV)
    Cassidy (R-LA)
    Coats (R-IN)
    Cochran (R-MS)
    Collins (R-ME)
    Corker (R-TN)
    Cornyn (R-TX)
    Cotton (R-AR)
    Crapo (R-ID)
    Ernst (R-IA)
    Fischer (R-NE)
    Graham (R-SC)
    Grassley (R-IA)
    Hatch (R-UT)
    Inhofe (R-OK)
    Isakson (R-GA)
    King (I-ME)
    Kirk (R-IL)
    McCain (R-AZ)
    McConnell (R-KY)
    Moran (R-KS)
    Paul (R-KY)
    Perdue (R-GA)
    Portman (R-OH)
    Risch (R-ID)
    Roberts (R-KS)
    Rounds (R-SD)
    Rubio (R-FL)
    Sasse (R-NE)
    Sessions (R-AL)
    Shelby (R-AL)
    Thune (R-SD)
    Tillis (R-NC)
    Toomey (R-PA)
    Vitter (R-LA)
    Wicker (R-MS)

  6. I am recovering James, but not from the marathon, it is actually still going on. I came down with some type of virus early this week and it never went away. Fortunately my running partner’s husband is also my Doctor from DC. He is here and travels with enough medicine to start a mobile pharmacy. I am now on antibiotics and we will leave to see our friend finish the run in an hour. Only 10K runners here, and we have already booked for next year. And, I lost more weight this week than I did through the whole training process, and the worse thing, as long as I am on this medicine I cannot drink (fortunately I don’t like European wines – but I was looking forward to some whiskey tasting, next time).

  7. Keith, Sorry to hear that your virus never went away. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to train for something like that, but not to actually run in it. And of course, it really sucks to be someplace exotic and sick.

  8. WSJ has pointed out as I’ve mentioned before that Lindsay Grahams entrance into the GOP presidential contest likely changes the calculation of the other candidates in the field for the SC Primary

    Some may decide that contesting the state isn’t really worth it or ,at the least, they may spend less time and resources here.

    This may rebound against Graham.A lot of businesses make a lot of money off the primary.If his candidacy has the effect of reducing the significance of it ,with kless attention and less spending?

    Lindsay and his vanity candidacy is going to end up pissing off a lot of home staters.

  9. Fox News’s Britt Hume said that Rand Paul and those who believe like him are “paranoid.”

    This from a honcho with the network that midwifed the birth of the so called Tea Party(or,as I prefer, the rebirth of the White Citizens Council) ?

    I think if I was Fox News the last thing I would be doing is labeling others,


    Indeed, I think that is an entire news operation for which that word aptly applies.

  10. Fox has been getting beat up lately for leading GOPers astray….

    Ther failkure to take the outside world into account and such….

  11. No, but I’m just offering my opinion based on my observations and talking with some folks in the hotel business.

  12. I hear ya…

    It’ll be up a bit later…

    Thanks for your in-state view…

    I have the WSJ piece….

  13. Whipping up the Hillary people….

    Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
    Big #Hillary2016 news: We’ll announce the official campaign launch location soon. Be one of the first to know:

  14. Political media getting hot and bothered over NSA
    Let’s see how long it takes to approve the U.S. Freedom Act
    Which just moves things around

  15. As expected the Senate
    EASILY VOTED FOR clotsre on the U.S. FREEDOM
    77 to 17 Aye

    There will be NO SHUT DOWN OF THE NSA progrsms

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