Open Thread for May 19, 2015….The Media keeps crying about Hillary…

Another day….

Another crying spell from the media hungry for media access to a Hillary Clinton who seems to happy to keep them at arms length….

The 2016 presumtive Democratic Presidential nominee is spending time with potential voters…

Not engaging the media on their terms….


She really does NOT need early media coverage to launch herself to voters…..

Monday marked another day and another dodge for Hillary Clinton, who is increasingly coming under attack for not answering questions on the campaign trail.

The numbers are in dispute, but the rough estimate is that Clinton has only fielded 13 questions from the press during the first 37 days of her official candidacy for the White House.

During a swing through northern Iowa on Monday, she again sidestepped the national press at the Mason City home of Dean Genth and Gary Swenson, backers of then-senator Barack Obama in 2008. She largely stuck to outlining the pillars of her campaign, including campaign finance reform, and took no questions from reporters during or after the event.



She IS working on her people to people thing these days in Iowa and New Hampshire…

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  1. A lot of people in both Pawtucket and Providence don’t want the Pawtucket Red Sox (International League, AAA) to move to their desired riverfront site in very central Providence.

    But state leaders seem to either think this is a great idea or else are afraid of what seems to be bedevilling (no pun intended) the Nassau County Supe: being blamed for “losing” the Paw Sox (or RI Red Sox) to Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts is smarter: when Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots (AFC-NFL) and Revolution (MSL) wanted state tax credits, breaks and subsidies for replacing Foxboro Stadium with Gillette, he was told no (despite a feigned threat to move to Providence).

    Same thing happened with Curt Schilling’s failed 38 Studios: RI’s governor and State House leadership (including soon-to-be-imprisoned ex-Speaker Gordon Fox) grnated incentives that the Bay State had declined to offer.

  2. Semi-final official results of the Irish marriage referendum (43 out of 43 centres reporting, only Roscommon-South Leitrim voting “No”)

    Results received at the Central Count Centre for the referendum on the Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015.

    % Turnout




    Latest Summary – national position

    Electorate: 3,221,681
    Total poll: 1,949,725
    Percentage turnout: 60.52%
    Invalid ballot papers: 13,818
    Valid poll: 1,935,907
    Votes in favour: 1,201,607
    Votes against: 734,300

    Details and maps at:

    This leaves Northern Ireland as an awkward hetero-only islet (perhaps with the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and/or Gibraltar) between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland).

    The pro-equality movement has been working both sides of the Border simultaneously, so despite the Democratic Unionists, the Roman Catholic hierarchy and other socio-religious conservatives, I’m sure that the Six Counties will see some movement soon.


  3. Irish referendum results with 40 of 43 centres reporting (still to report are 3 around Cork on Ireland’s South coast):

    National Summary Results

    Constituencies in detail:

    Yes: 1,128,209

    No: 682,932



    Percent Turnout

    40 / 43

    The only constituency to vote No so far is Roscommon-South Leitrim, in the north central part of Ireland (51.4%).

    The government has promised implementing legislation this summer.

    The reaction of both sides was surprisingly conciliatory, not what you’d expect, for example, in the U.S.

    Top Yes Constituences

    Dublin South East: 74.9%
    Dublin North: 72.6%
    Dublin Central: 72.4%
    Dublin South Central: 72.3%
    Dún Laoghaire: 71.6%
    Dublin South West: 71.3%
    Dublin Mid-West: 70.9%
    Dublin West: 70.6%
    Dublin North West: 70.6%
    Dublin South: 69.9%

    Top No Constituences

    Roscommon-South Leitrim: 51.4%
    Donegal South West: 49.9%
    Cavan-Monaghan: 49.4%
    Mayo: 48%
    Donegal North East: 47.5%
    Galway East: 46.7%
    Sligo-North Leitrim: 46.4%
    Longford-Westmeath: 46.4%
    Tipperary North: 45.3%
    Limerick: 45.3%

    See also the official site at:

    1. On Kate Murray in Nassau County…..

      ….The Islanders’ move to Brooklyn has emerged as an issue in the race for Nassau district attorney, with Democrats pledging to spend money to highlight Republican Kate Murray’s role in blocking the $3.8 billion development around Nassau Coliseum that the team said was needed for it to remain on Long Island.

      Murray, the Hempstead Town supervisor, is dealing with renewed criticism on social media…

      More (Pay wall) @

  4. Yes and further Im unaware that Michael Jackson or Polanski were politically active or members of a nationally known group whose raison d etre was to foster” family values ” and involve itself in the political arena pushing candidates who support their policies.

    One can argue that morally there be no difference, but when engaging In a POLITICAL discussion of the matter,there is a WORLD of difference.

    Huckabee made a political decision to ,in some manner, defend the transgressor as a “good guy.” Unsurprisingly ,others might see a pound of hypocrisy in one who has spent a goodly part of his POLITICAL career lecturing others on what he believes is “family values” and decrying the conduct of others who fall short in this realm ,yet labelling his friend who fell similarly short as a “good” person.

  5. Agreed Jack – Corey’s “comparisons” were weak and naive at best. But the youthful indiscretion thing blows my mind.

  6. I had never heard of this guy before all this hit the fan but find Coreys “defense” of Huckabee rather odd.

    As he points out Huckabee isn’t really his type of Republican and his standard”Yeh but” counter(including A dead rock star and an old film director smacks of a hurried googling of “child molesters” )seems to be sort of grasping at straws.

    Huckabee is catching flack because he is associated in the public mind with all these so called”pro Family” groups and when one of them Is caught(figuratively) with his pants down and He elects to say nice things about him,Yeh he’s going to be called on it.

    Nothing unusual about it at all.

  7. I understand youthful indiscretions Zreebs – but this guy had sex with his sister – I believe child molesters are in a class by themselves. Not sure why Corey would compare this to sex with consenting adults.

    1. Yea we ALL have done things we shouldn’t have…

      But we aren’t in the spotlight with HIS history…

  8. Minor typos above: of course that’s Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky), not his father ex-Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx).

    And the (so-far failed) extension of the Patriot Act was S. 1357 not S. 1317.

    I over-compressed and should have said that last Thursday, Sen. Cantwell got the Senate leadership to agree to support an extension of the Export-Import Bank’s authorization. (The leadership can’t extend that authority by itself.)

    The blogosphere sincerely regrets the errors.

  9. Counting under way in referendums, by-election

    Saturday 23 May 2015 09.35 (= 4:35 a.m. US EDT)

    Counting of votes in two referendums and the Carlow Kilkenny by-election has begun.

    Voter turnout was in excess of 60% in some parts of the country, when the polls closed last night.

    The ballot boxes were opened at 9am with the counting of votes in the referendums under way at 27 centres.

    A result is expected by mid to late afternoon in the Marriage Referendum.

    The result of the referendum to reduce the age of presidential candidates is likely to follow two hours later.

    The outcome of the Carlow Kilkenny Dáil by-election is not expected until late tonight…

    Live (text, not video) coverage of the results as they come in (passage heavily favoured in the counts so far):

    Official Irish referendum site:

  10. The final vote on fast-track authority (H.R. 1314), after Sen. Hatch’s successful substitution, was similar to the cloture vote on Thursday that opened this up for final decision.

    In Thursday’s vote, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) held out as the roll was being called until she got the Senate leadership to extend authority for the Export-Import Bank and Speaker Boehner (an Ex-Im Bank opponent) to allow at least a vote in the House in June before the Bank’s authority expires. With that agreement, Sen. Cantwell was able to deliver the Democratic, party-line-breaking cloture votes of her fellow Washingtonian, Patty Murray, as well as those of Senators Ron Wyden (Ore.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.Dak.), Clare McCaskill (Mo.) and Chris Coons (Del.) The Export-Import Bank is very important to enterprises within several of those Senators’ states, e.g. Boeing in Washington state, but it has been a direct target of the Tea Party and libertarian factions of the GOP, who see it as the worst kind of “crony capitalism”, plus Republican politicians who want those factions’ support. (While 90% of its loans go to small exporters, 75% of the dollars go to a few big ones. On the other hand, the Ex-Im Bank returns a nice surplus or profit to the U.S. Treasury every year.)

    5 Republicans opposed to fast-track authority (H.R. 1314 as amended, final passage):

    Susan Collins (Maine)
    Sessions & Shelby (Alabama)
    Ron Paul (Ky)
    Mike Lee (Utah)

    1 Republican not voting:

    Mike Enzi (Wyoming)

    14 Democrats voting for fast-track authority:

    Cantwell & Murray (Wash.)
    Wyden (Ore.)
    Feinstein (Calif.)

    Bennet (Colo)
    Heitkamp (N.Dak.)
    McCaskill (Mo.)

    Bill Nelson (Fla)

    Kaine & Warner (Va)
    Carper & Coons (Del.)
    Cardin (Md)

    Shaheen (N.H.)

    As I can best guess, the two changes from Thursday’s cloture vote are that Ben Cardin of Maryland (Nay on Thursday) voted Yea on Friday, while Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) who voted Yea on Thursday did not vote on Friday.

  11. Sequence (reverse order) of U.S. Senate roll calls on the evening of Friday-Saturday 22-23 May.

    H.R. 1314 (despite its IRS title) is the fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

    On the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act’s future, neither side was able to invoke cloture. H.R. 2048 looks like the USA Freedom Act that passed the House in bipartisan landslide with only 88 nays (half R, half D) while S. 1317 seems to be the Senate leadership’s attempt to extend the USA Patriot Act (including Section 215), originally passed in October 2001, for another couple of months past its sunset on June 1st, 2015 (the Sunday after next).

    U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 114th Congress – 1st Session (2015)

    Vote (Tally) Result Question: Description Issue Date

    [Surveillance & USA Patriot Act]

    195 (45-54) Rejected On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed: Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to S. 1357; A bill to extend authority relating to roving surveillance, access to business records, and individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 until July 31, 2015, and for other purposes. S. 1357 May 23

    194 (57-42) Rejected On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed: Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to H.R. 2048; A bill to reform the authorities of the Federal Government to require the production of certain business records, conduct electronic surveillance, use pen registers and trap and trace devices, and use other forms of information gathering for foreign intelligence, counterterrorism, and criminal purposes, and for other purposes. H.R. 2048 May 23

    [Trade bills]

    193 (62-37) Passed On Passage of the Bill: H.R. 1314 As Amended; A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for a right to an administrative appeal relating to adverse determinations of tax-exempt status of certain organizations. H.R. 1314 May 22

    192 (61-38) Agreed to On the Cloture Motion: Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R. 1314; A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for a right to an administrative appeal relating to adverse determinations of tax-exempt status of certain organizations. H.R. 1314 May 22

    191 (62-37) Agreed to On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1221: Hatch Amdt. No. 1221 As Amended; In the nature of a substitute. H.R. 1314 May 22

    190 (36-62) Rejected On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1243: Flake Amdt. No. 1243; To strike the extension of the trade adjustment assistance program. H.R. 1314 May 22

    189 (47-52) Rejected On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1251: Brown Amdt. No. 1251; To require the approval of Congress before additional countries may join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. H.R. 1314 May 22

    188 (39-60) Rejected On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1327: Warren Amdt. No. 1327; To prohibit the application of the trade authorities procedures to an implementing bill submitted with respect to a trade agreement that includes investor-state dispute settlement. H.R. 1314 May 22

    187 (48-51) Rejected On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1299: Portman Amdt. No. 1299; To make it a principal negotiating objective of the United States to address currency manipulation in trade agreements. H.R. 1314 May 22

    186 (70-29) Agreed to On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1411: Hatch Amdt. No. 1411 As Modified; Of a perfecting nature. H.R. 1314 May 22

  12. Going back to the things we did as teenager, I am willing to bet that most of us got away with things that we are now embarrassed by. With a little bad luck, alot of us could have been screwed big time. I can think of multiple things that with a little bit of bad luck could have turned out really, really bad. Perhaps you went joy riding 30 miles over the speed limit, drove while drunk, perhaps you had unprotected sex, or sex in public, took addictive drugs, stole or deliberately damaged some property, or beat up someone just because they were different than you. I’m willing to bet that most of us did at least one of those things, but we were lucky enough to get away with it.

    All of us are flawed, and we still make bad choices occasionally. We probably have forgiven ourselves for things we once did, and so we must be willing to forgive others too. The key is that we (privately) admit to our mistakes and take corrective action so they don’t happen again.

    Huckabee is wrong on many things. But he is right that “Good people make mistakes.” As Corey indicated, That is not an excuse for what Duggar did.

  13. Corey May 22, 2015 at 9:02 pm
    I’ve never voted for Huckabee or backed him for President…..

    But, you would vote for him if he were the Republican nominee.

      1. The Senate has PASSED the Fast Trade Trade Bill that Obama has worked for…

        Trade agreements will have to be voted on UP and Down is the basic of the Legislation…

        And YES…
        A LOT of Democrats LOST this one to their party leader, who had the GOPer’s help him…
        That includes Sen Warren of Mass a Democrat…
        Hillary Clinton can NOW say how she feels about the bill, which is owned by Obama…

  14. Corey seems to think what Ernest Hollings said decades ago about minorities is still relevant today when berating Jack but Huckabee can be forgiven

  15. So Corey and Mike Huckabee are defending a child molester – great way to celebrate Memorial Day. This is the same Huckabee who was critical of the Obama’s letting their children listen to Beyonce, but has calls a child molester a “good man.” Hypocrisy on heat.

  16. well Corey , you originally said you NEVER heard Huckabee speak ill of gay people, so what difference does it make the year he made the statement? Huckabee may have softened his tone slightly over the years, but I’m pretty sure either of us can find a comparable statement in recent years without the “health risk” comment. As Scott pointed out, the comment was hateful, just as it would be hateful if such a comment was made about Jews. Not sure why you are defending such an obviously hateful comment?

  17. As mentioned, I am not a Huckabee supporter, and indeed I find a lot somewhat phony about him, but that quote is apparently from 1992, which was a good deal back in context. Current candidates from the other party were certainly saying things in the ’90s, they would not be saying today. Far more people would have agreed with what he said back then, especially with all the fear about AIDS at the time.

    I am certain that Huckabee’s religious beliefs have him approaching the issue of homosexuality as a “hate the sin, love the sinner” sort of thing. I do not think he has attacked gay people on an individual basis.

    Now, William Jefferson? The convicted “cold cash” Democrat from Louisiana or WJC, the former President of the United States, a man in his 40s and 50s when President, who has certain acted inappropriately with woman (and who has been accused of heinous acts). Not at all the same thing as the actions of a teenager. His actions as President are certainly part of his legacy in a disgraceful way.

    Enjoy the weekend and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for your right to disagree with me on here.

    1. WJC….

      Which had several GOPer’s go hard against his actions only to have THEIR problems come to the forefront and discrace them…

      What’s the ‘glass house’ proverb?

      (Oh, and HIS wife could very well become the one and only one to earn the same job title as him, eh?)

      1. How long is Lorretta Sanchez gonna keep embarrassing herself before she give’s up a run for the US Senate?

        ….It’s highly uncommon for lawmakers of the same party to appear at events where their colleagues are being protested but a video dated May 18 shows Sanchez clapping in front of signs blasting pro-trade lawmakers like Bera. One sign slams him directly.

        The video, shot last weekend at the California Democratic convention, is drawing criticism from senior Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill who are heavily engaged in the legislative fight over fast track authority — a top priority for President Barack Obama’s second term.

        “She’s either breaking all sorts of rules of decorum among members, has no clue what she’s doing, or both,” said a Democratic aide.

        More @

  18. This may surprise ya’ll, but I’m willing to give people a little bit of slack for things they did as a teenager. I didn’t always make the best choices as a teenager either. and I firmly believe that people can get their act together as an adult. I think I did.

    The temptation is to go after the religious right, but I’ll back off on this one.

    1. No surprise….

      I have always said we DO tend to hold people to things from back in the day that may have nothing to do with now….

      MY POINT?

      When you are SOOOO intolerant of others ?
      Your faults get you a double look…

  19. Thanks Zreebs, that’s a pretty abhorrent thing to say if you ask me. Imagine if Huckabee said that about Jews Corey.

  20. According to Huckabee, “…homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk”.

    That qualifies as “speaking ill”.

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