New York Governor orders immediate Nail Salon Health/Wages checks

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, esponding to a two part investigative series by the New York Times , has announced a crack down on the states Nail Salons…

Principally operated by asian’s….The Times focus showed the worked are underpaid, work long hours and are subjected to unhealthy work environments….

The swiftly assembled plans, while still taking shape, are the start of an effort to reshape an industry that has been a major entry point for immigrants into the city’s economy, but in which exploiting the people who toil over hands and feet appears to be, in many instances, simply the way business is done.

Salons will be required to publicly post signs that inform workers of their rights, including the fact that it is illegal to work without wages or to pay money for a job — a common practice in the nail salon industry, according to workers and owners. The signs will be in half a dozen languages, including those most spoken in the industry — Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

The emergency measures announced on Sunday will become permanent in the coming months, the governor’s office said….



This enforecement action if comprehensive COULD very well change the industry and prices….

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