Open Thread for May 9, 2015…Mothers Day….


Make sure you do NOT forget to say Thank You to your Mom…..

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111 thoughts on “Open Thread for May 9, 2015…Mothers Day….”

  1. But yet you became a Perot supporter, who had often been accused on anti-Semitism, and then a Nader supporter, when so many of the far left people associated with him are anti-Semitic, and are now in the same party as Al Sharpton, Fritz Hollings, and several others who you would probably “hear things” from.

    As for the statement that I am motivated by America going to war for Israel, that might sound like a dog whistle, but it was made somewhat late on a weekend night, so maybe you were just drunk again.

  2. Actually I was sober, I just don’t want a holy war, which is what a lot of right wingers seem to be rooting for.

    Yes, we should defend our strong ally Israel, but starting another war in the Middle East isn’t doing them any favors.

  3. I don’t think right-wingers are ever “rooting” for war. I will assume then that reading those comments should not infer that you were suggesting that somehow my loyalty is to another country over the United States.

    And we should keep in mind that throughout history, including recently, a good number of liberals have wanted the U.S. military to engage in places throughout the world for humanitarian reasons.

  4. Thanks Corey
    I’ll do a post on this later when the dust settles….
    Anybody think she can beat Harris!

  5. She will probably never be matched one on one against Harris. There will be about 20 candidates on the ballot, and she must guess it’s worth the gamble to try to advance in the jungle primary to a special election. So, if that happens, she probably will have techically “beat” Harris.

  6. Since Latinos are the largest ethnic/racial group in California, there will be a feeling among many people that one of them deserves to be the next Senator, and there will be a lot of identity politics at play.

  7. Well that was quick. State House Speaker John Diehl has resigned.

    Its too bad really. They’ll just replace him with another right winger railing against gay marriage and birth control coverage.

    Better to have a guy messing around with his teenage intern arguing that gays are ruining marriage and that denying birth control is a religious issue.

  8. You sound like all the right wingers on the local news comment boards Corey. Still whining you couldn’t get Clinton.

    Again, I’d rather he stay in office and defend his hypocritical social policies.

  9. Bill Clinton wasn’t first or last to fool around in office….
    I didn’t understand all the noise about the whole thing the and I STILL don’t….

  10. Well, there are similiarities.

    Bill Clinton, a politician who signed a law banning same sex marriage, had an affair with an intern as well.

    Clinton though lied about it, denied it happened, and blamed everyone else.

    This guy sounds like he did something extremely wrong in his private life and is rightly being held to account for it.

    I have no idea though how he was “denying birth control.”
    That’s just a riduclous charge.

  11. The MO legislature is all about allowing companies to opt out birth control (at least for women, vasectomies are curiously never mentioned) for religious reasons.

    Yes Clinton signed DOMA, but it’s not like the Republicans were big gay rights activists back then.

  12. Almost everyone used to believe in those religious exemptions, until it became a political wedge issue to distract from Democrat failures.

    Obviously, this Diehl guy nor anybody else is denying anybody birth control. Birth control is widely available everywhere in America. It is extremely easy to obtain. It probably could become even easier if we were to approve birth control pills as Over the Counter medication. Wouldn’t that make things easier?

  13. I am sure that if somebody chose to be employed by the Catholic Church and chose to be covered through them, a vasectomy would not be part of the benefits package.

    As for the general topics, we should of course realize there are distinctions between what most of us would define as “birth control” and something like a pill designed to specifically cause an abortion. Even the most ardent of pro-choice liberals used to believe that people should be able to exercise their religious or moral conscience on those matters. What’s next? Mandatory abortion coverage?

  14. Well, the Catholic Church does not believe in contraception. The overwhelming majority of social conservatives in America certainl do and have practiced it.

    I would certainly be in favor of making birth control pills OTC, as long as it is medically safe, which it almost certainly would do. I do not believe the abortion pill should be OTC.

  15. I’m also in favor of making birth control pills available Over the Counter,including the abortion pill.

    As for the official doctrine of the Catholic Church,apparently such is having little effect upon its adherents.Indeed, no Catholics I know express any interest in that position.

  16. Heck
    I think they ought let’s get married like they did back in the day….WAY BACK
    It sure would solve a LOT OF their problems

  17. As far as birth control being used as a wedge issue I’d say conservatives trying to paint women asking their insurance companies to cover the pill as freeloading tramps fits the bill.

  18. Once again,I don’t “get” why conservatives get all exercised by Birth Control.

    It would certainly seem like they would be in favor of limiting unwanted pregnancies.

    Over the years I have become convinced that ,as with several other issues, Conservatives take positions that they view as contrary to”liberal culture “for that reason alone,Ipso

    “If liberals are for it,it must be bad.”

  19. If a woman, such as Sandra Fluke, chooses to be insured through the Catholic Church, she should not have expected that the church violate their teachings to give her birth control. Again, she choose to be covered through the Catholic Church.

    That is especially true since there are numerous and ample ways for her or anyone else to be provided with as much birth control as they might possibly require, including for free at many venues.

  20. A), we believe in the freedom of conscience and religious practice, even if it is not what we also believe or the religion we practice.

    B) we do not believe abortion is or should be the same thing as birth control. If abortion is legal, then a person has legal standing to have one, but they should not expect others, be it the taxpayer or their employer to violate their moral conscience to fund it or sanction it.

  21. Ah yes, Sandra Fluke. Called a “slut” by that druggie Rush Limbaugh who then wanted to watch her use said birth control.

    Could have been a Sister Souljah moment for Mitt Romney, except he couldn’t piss off the right wingers at the time.

    Then he loses the single women’s vote by a huge margin, whole binders of women didn’t even give Mitt a second thought!

  22. The general concept that conservatives are “anti-birth control” is of course a canard. It is completely untrue. Almots all conservatives do or have practiced birth control and most believe that many more people should (while also not forgetting what is the only completely foolproof method.)

    It’s a political wedge issue designed by Democrats. It certainly failed though in 2014 as part of the so-called “war on women”. The Democrats chose to make it be the main issue of a Colorado Senate race last year and you can ask former Senator Mark “Uterus” how it turned out for them.

  23. Sandra Fluke played no meaningful role in the 2012 election. I do not believe in name calling. The left certainly does more of their fair share. I do not recall very many people complaining when Sarah Palin or her daughters get called sluts for example, but what Sandra Fluke was advocating publicly should not in any way have made her a cause celebre.

  24. I don’t see it as canard at all and I think the vast majority of conservatives would NOT agree with you that Birth Control should be available over the counter and are generally opposed to its free distribution.

    Conservatives are frequently in the forefront of opposing making birth control information more readily available ,particularly to teens,preferring abstinence education.

  25. I’d have to see polling data on that. I do not know that many prominent conservative politicians have said it should be OTC.

    I do not think hardly anyone in the country thinks that birth control should be illegal. Probably not even 1 percent of the country. Some may have a moral objection about it being provided for free to children, and some of those concerns may be valid, but I don’t think anybody cares about adults getting birth control for free anywhere. It’s a matter of who is forced to pay for it though.

  26. In the most important news of the day–

    The Chicago Cubs have now completed a four game sweep of the New York Mets. Today, they came back from four runs down late in the game to win.

    Sorry about that jamesb!

  27. Odd that you say you “don’t believe ” in “name calling.”

    I remember back in the Politics 1 days you often would mention things you had heard on Rush Limbaugh,a proud practitioner of that “art.”

    Good to see you’ve grown out of that distasteful practice.

  28. I’m sure many of us would like to see “polling data” for many if the claims that you make here.

  29. Canard?
    There are SEVERAL states that have gone after Planned Parenthood, 20 week abortion, government funding for even counseling on the subject…
    While as you say a good many GOPer’s are not following the parties platform
    It still remains AS the platform policy against a woman’s right to choose…
    I believe some believe life begins at conception
    So let’s just scratch ANY form of abortion…
    As with other issues
    The flock do NOT follow the leadership always
    They have their own reality to live

  30. I told my son
    I’m waiting till AFTER the All-Star game before I get excited
    And the Nationals are on fire, too?!

  31. I’d add opposition to public transit as another thing I don’t get about conservatives. You want poor people to work, then you make it damn near impossible for them to get to their jobs.

  32. The House has approved a watered down Iran Bill ….it passed 400 to 25….
    The senate vote was 96 to 1 I believe…
    The bill goes to the President….
    While the President has control of sanctions he put in place
    Congress will now have to vote to lift theirs
    If the numbers stay where they are?
    The action of Congress is veto proof…

  33. Cleveland is dusting off Chicago….94 to 73 with less than a minute to go…..


    That’s a Final…

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