Political Roundup for April 30, 2015… The Clinton Foundation…Red Racing Horses

by: izengabe


Clinton: The more we learn about the Clinton Foundation the worst it looks for Hillary. With the release of Peter Schweizer’s new book “Clinton Cash” has come renewed interest into looking into the money machine that is the Clinton Foundation. The latest revelation is that the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose over 1,100 foreign donations that occurred while Hillary was Secretary of State. Since less than 10% of the Clinton Foundation budget goes to actual charity work (see here) it makes you wonder what they were actually doing with all these millions they raised from shady Russian billionaires and foreign governments.Perry: National Review’s Jim Geraghty profiles how 5 years in the US Air Force shaped the life of Rick Perry. Perry could be one of the few 2016 GOP Presidential candidate with any military experience.


KY-Gov: The ad war in the KY GOP gubernatorial primary is heating up. Kentuckians for Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity (KGOP) is up on the air with a new TV ad backing state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer (R). Hal Haienr (R) has a new spot up featuring his wife and daughter and Matt Bevins (R) has a new ad that touts his credentials as the “real deal conservative”. You can see the Hainer and Bevins ads here.

NY-Gov 2018:Gov Andrew Cuomo (D) has now said that he has definitive plans to run for a third term in 2018.


UT-Sen: Another potential Republican primary challenger to Sen Mike Lee (R) has declined to run. Alex Dunn (R), a Provo business executive, has decided against running for Senate. Dunn was being recruited to run by some deep-pocketed UT figures who are searching for a more establishment oriented primary opponent to take on Sen Mike Lee. Dunn however decided to pass on the uphill task of challenging the popular incumbent Senator.

MD-Sen: Roll Call takes a look at how the riots in Baltimore could change the dynamics of the nascent Maryland Senate race. The riots have thrusted potential candidate Rep Elijah Cummings (D) into the spotlight….



The Clinton Foundation is the GOPer’s new Benghazi?


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