New Hampshire Endorsement Tracker….

Afternoon all!

The Boston Globe is running a FANTASTIC ENDORSEMENT Tracker for the New Hampshire Republican Primary next year.

Jeb Bush in Trouble already. By this time in 2011 many of those had endorsed Mitt Romney. If he can’t win NH he’s doomed.

Daniel G.

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8 thoughts on “New Hampshire Endorsement Tracker….”

  1. jack,

    Once again james is just counting Votes here. When it comes to an important Primary like New Hampshire you need to judge how much influence your backers have in the State. John Kasich for example has only been endorsed by 2 People BUT one of them is former NH Senator John E. Sununu. That carries a lot more weight than the 5 People of Rand Paul or the 3 Endorsers Jeb has.

    The Sununus are well known in NH and a probably together with Senator Kelly Ayotte the most coveted Endorsers sought IMO.

  2. Just my view

    But I don’t find much significance in these “endorsements”

    Although the Sununus are reputed to have something of an “organization” in NH.

    The truth of that claim,I don’t know.

  3. Well jack,

    If my memory is correct every Republican Presidential Candidate who won the NH Primary dating back to George H.W. Bush in 1988 had the backing of the Sununus except for John McCain in 2008. That former Sen. John E. Sununu has endorsed Kasich and his father John H. Sununu (who was WH Chief of Staff under George H. Bush) is handling Kasisch SuperPAC “New Day America” is pretty significant. You have to wonder why they didn’t go with another Bush, no?

  4. What IS interesting is Paul’s numbers….

    The guy IS gonna be around till the end I feel…

    He IS organized…

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