Media trys to tamp down the idea that the public will get info quickly in Baltimore….

Yesterday there where media reports that information from the police investigation in the Baltimore would deseminated to the public as soon as Friday….

That is not gonna happen…

As those in law enforcement and the criminal justice system knows…

The law moves slowly….

There will be no decision on the Freddie Grey case anytime soon…

The question is?

How will the protestors in the street handle this….

Having weathered two all-night curfews with no major disturbances, Baltimore officials are now trying to manage growing expectations they will immediately decide whether to prosecute six police officers involved in the arrest of a black man who later died of injuries he apparently received while in custody.

In an effort to be transparent, authorities have told the community they plan to turn over the findings of a police investigation into Freddie Gray’s death to a state’s attorney by Friday. Gray’s death from a spinal injury a week after his April 12 arrest is what sparked riots Monday — the worst the city has seen since 1968.

Prosecutors will review the information and eventually decide how to move forward, authorities have said.

But protesters on the streets and high school students who met with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Wednesday have said there are rumors circulating that some kind of ‘‘verdict’’ will be rendered as soon as Friday.

‘‘It became very clear … that people misunderstood,’’ Rawlings-Blake said….