John Kasich Update….’ he’s kind of a jerk’….

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That’s from a The Atlantic long piece. by Molly Ball….

The thing about John Kasich is, he’s kind of a jerk.

Lobbyists in Columbus warn their clients before meeting the governor not to take it personally if he berates them. A top Ohio Republican donor once publicly vowed not to give Kasich a penny after finding him to be “unpleasantly arrogant.” As a congressman, Kasich sometimes lashed out at constituents—one who called him a “redneck” in a 1985 letter got a reply recommending he “enroll in a remedial course on protocol”—and when Kasich was thrown out of a Grateful Dead concert for trying to join the band onstage, he allegedly threatened to use his clout to have the band banned from D.C. As I was writing this article, Kasich’s press secretary, Rob Nichols, helpfully emailed me the thesaurus entry for “prickly,” sensing that I would need it.

I spent several days with Kasich in Ohio in February, and during that time he told me, repeatedly, that he did not read The Atlantic—and his wife didn’t, either. He said that my job, writing about politics and politicians, was “really a dumb thing to do.” Later, he singled me out in a meeting of cabinet officials to upbraid me for what he considered a stupid question in one of our interviews. At a Kasich press conference I attended at a charter school in Cleveland, he interrupted several speakers, wandered off to rummage on a nearby teacher’s desk as he was being introduced, and gleefully insulted the Cleveland Browns, to a smattering of boos.

But while Kasich can be rude—and at times even genuinely nasty—he is also prone to spontaneous displays of empathy, frequently becoming emotional as he talks about the plight of people “in the shadows.”



7 thoughts on “John Kasich Update….’ he’s kind of a jerk’….”

  1. Republican,

    We’ll see if the Millions of $$$$ can save Jeb or if his Surname is too much baggage. From the Souces I have & know no one wants Jeb squaring off with Hillary.

  2. With that personality, he’s not fit to be president. Add to that his liberal positions, and he’s a non-starter for the Republicans. If you’re a Republican who’s a Kaisch fan who hates George W. Bush, I have a suggestion for you: join the Democrats! You’ll fit in better there.

    That said, I would grudgingly accept Kaisch as a VP candidate as a tactic to win Ohio and defeat the Hilldebeast.

  3. Unlike with Chris Christie I don’t see Kasich going out of his way to be a jerk to people. These instances are more along the line of occasionally losing one’s cool.

    1. He WOULD have to be less ‘spontaneous ‘….LIKE Christie…He HAS to be less frank and not come over as combative….

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