American Spec Ops troops are doing combat missions in Afghanistan…NY Times…

While President Obama has made it clear that American troops in Afgahanstan are only ‘advisors’….

That is NOT what is going on on the ground according to a New York Times piece….

With Hamid Karzai gone form the head of Afghanistan ….American and Afghan military leaders have moved ahead with re-engage their efforts against the Taliban….

As in Iraq….

America is trying to not let gains made in the decade go down the drain….

….interviews with American and Western officials in Kabul and Washington offer a picture of a more aggressive range of military operations against the Taliban in recent months, as the insurgents have continued to make gains against struggling government forces.

Rather than ending the American war in Afghanistan, the military is using its wide latitude to instead transform it into a continuing campaign of airstrikes — mostly drone missions — and Special Operations raids that have in practice stretched or broken the parameters publicly described by the White House.

Western and military officials said that American and NATO forces conducted 52 airstrikes in March, months after the official end of the combat mission. Many of these air assaults, which totaled 128 in the first three months of this year, targeted low- to midlevel Taliban commanders in the most remote reaches of Afghanistan.

As early as January, when officials in Washington were hailing the end of the combat mission, about 40 American Special Operations troops were deployed to Kunar Province to advise Afghan forces that were engaged with the Taliban over a handful of villages along the border with Pakistan…..



This Spec Op program is actually what Vice President Biden argued for against then Gen Stanley McChystal’s request for a ‘surge’l back then and lost….