The Clinton’s as a American Oligarch Family….

Posted by David Macadam @ The Oligarch Kings….

…….“I’m more convinced than ever that our future in the 21st century depends on our ability to ensure that a child born in the hills of Appalachia or the Mississippi Delta or the Rio Grande valley grows up with the same shot at success that Charlotte will.”

Here Hillary was referring to her grand-daughter by Chelsea.

In the oligarchical nature of American politics this is a hollow offer.

Of the 43 Presidents of the United States (and it is 43 not 44, as Grover Cleveland served in two non-sequential administrations) fully 29 were related to each other by blood, marriage and adoption. And this is a feature that far from being essentially an eighteenth century phenomena is one which gets stronger and stronger today.

The Clintons were certainly “novus homen” when they appeared in the White House but they have most certainly bedded in well since. Chelsea married Mark Mezvinsky the son of Ed Mezvinsky a big Democrat suit and fixer, as well as being a one-time Representative from Iowa, and Marjorie Margolies-Mevinsky who was a representative from Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton’s running allows us to envisage a truly awesome fight in 2016 between Hillary and Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida. Jeb Bush is the brother of one President, George W Bush and the son of another, President George Walker Bush. He is the grandson of Senator Prescott Bush. He is also descended through his mother from President Pearce….