Hillary Clinton Update…A short history on how she came to run this time…

Politico is out with a piece this morning on how and when Hillary Clinton came to decide to run for President a second time….

In it they show how most of us KNEW she was running way earlier than the media let on and point something this Dog has brought up….

That she really does not like running for office, but will have to do her best in the next 16 months if she wants to BE President…..

It will be unfortunate that she will probabaly not be primaried hard, something she could probably use….But then the media and Repoublicans will be out to do a preview of next fall’s fight for the Presidency now, eh?

Clinton is dead-set on avoiding the mistakes of ‘08, and approved a series of secret reports studying the 2008 campaign in minute detail, friends and advisers say. But for all her calculation, she’s been surprisingly noncommittal and reluctant to leave her comfortable double-mansion life for the grinding, grubby, lacerating realities of another campaign, fully exposed to the media horde she fears, loathes and fights.

Her ambivalence made for a rocky pre-campaign — a methodical but often scattershot two-year slog that included a lackluster book tour, a triumphant return to the stage as a surrogate during the 2014 midterms and a painfully slow-footed response to the State Department email server scandal.

For all the talk about how different things will be this time around, Clinton’s slow-walk to 2016 hearkens back to the overly-cautious frontrunner’s approach that helped sink her campaign in 2008. Unlike her husband, Clinton isn’t a political natural — she’s an unconventional candidate who performed best when she was losing, and the lack of an obvious primary opponent means she’ll have fewer opportunities to battle-test her new approach.

Clinton was undecided about embarking on another run as recently as December — “She was at 95.5 percent” in favor of running “but not all the way,” said a Clinton insider — and she was worried about an Obama-like challenge from the left by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to people who spoke with her at the time. And she seems to have genuinely questioned her desire to seek the office a second time, or at least put her ambitions on hold for four years. In the aftermath of the 2008 campaign, before she accepted Obama’s offer to become secretary of state, Clinton was genuinely burned out and told friends she thought her electoral career was behind her. But as her approval ratings spiked during the controversy-free first years at Foggy Bottom, she started reconsidering…..