Obama tops George W Bush’s numbers up to now…

For those who are comparing President Obama to George W Bush?

Forget it…..

Even with the Affordable Healthcare rollout?

Barack H. Obama has better approval rating’s up to now than Bush did during his second term…

For all of 2007, Bush never saw his approval rating rise above 38 percent, and, for the first three months of that year, received an average Gallup approval rating of 34.75 percent. In January of that year, Bush notched approval ratings of 37, 34, and 36 percent in three separate surveys. In February, he registered approval ratings of 32 and 37 percent, while in March he saw ratings of 33, 35, 34 percent. For the first three months of 2007,

Obama, by comparison, Obama has averaged an approval rating of 46.33 in the first three months of 2015. He received Gallup approval ratings in January of 2015 of 46, 46, 49, and 47 percent. In February, Obama registered the approval of 46, 47, 46, and 45 percent of the voters, and in March he received respective approval ratings of 46, 47, 45, and 46 percent.

While Obama, who averaged an approval rating of 42.6 percent in 2014, has seen his numbers rise since the summer of late, Bush, by and large, watched his own continue to fall throughout much of the last two years of his time in office….


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3 thoughts on “Obama tops George W Bush’s numbers up to now…”

  1. A key difference is that the decline in GWB’s numbers also included many who identified as conservatives, who lost faith in him (misguidedly of course in my opinion.) That does not mean that a lot of those people were determined to vote for the next Democrat nominee for President.

    Obama’s numbers now, may be slightly higher, but that is due in part to the fact that there are some in the Democrats’ base that will just never abandon him personally. They see this (perhaps to their credit in some ways) as a Blue vs. Red thing and will tell pollsters that accordingly.

    Nonetheless, Obama is still quite unpopular now, by and large. Perhaps that will change, but unless his approval ratings increase by about 20 percent, any Democrat nominee (absent a calamity of a Republican candidate) is going to be hard pressed to win in 2016.

    As we know, two-term Presidents do almost always have someone from the other party succeed them. The one time it did not happen, Reagan was extremely popular and George Bush ran on continuity.

    In cases where the incumbent party lost but it was close (1960, 2000), both incumbent Presidents were polling about 20 points higher than Obama is now.

  2. Hey Corey?
    Barack H. Obama IS doing better that his predecessor at same point in his second term
    You can make up whatever you want

  3. In regards to the electoral fate of others in his party, he has done a lot worse.

    But of course I just explained in the previous post why there were “differences” in the circumstances. Perhaps you didn’t read my post. That’s ok.

    In order for Hillary or whomever the Democrats nominate to win in 2016, the theme of “continuance” is going to have to be there. That looks like it would be a very tough sell right now. The overwhelming majority of the country feel that we are on the wrong track.

    If Democrats were smart, they would try to expand their options for 2016 and try to find someone that actually has a narrative of achievement either in business or as a Governor.

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