Hillary Clinton hits some bumps in few places…Poll….

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released on today?

Hillary Clinton has taken a hit over the last months email issue….

While none of any other polls have shown as much slippage….The Hill’s piece has tried to tie the slippage TO the emails….

In each state Hillary Clinton still remains at or slightly below 50%….

The poll’s author’s admit the email issue is NOT a deal breaker for Clinton….

She still leads ALL of the Republicans everywhere except in Florida , where the poll shows Jeb Biush  slides ahead by 3% points ….

We all know that Hillary will slip in the polling ….

But all of the other recent polling has Hillary ahead of ALl of the Republicans everywhere…

Hillary Clinton’s favorability ratings have plunged in two key battleground states that will be critical to determining the 2016 presidential election, a new poll finds.

In addition, about half the voters in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania say they don’t trust the former Secretary of State.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released on Tuesday, 50 percent of voters in Florida say Clinton is not honest or trustworthy, compared to only 41 percent who say that she is. Clinton’s favorability rating in the Sunshine State has shrunk from 53 percent positive and 39 percent negative last month, to 49 percent positive and 46 percent negative this month.

In Pennsylvania, 49 percent of voters say they don’t trust Clinton, against only 44 percent who say that they do. Clinton’s favorability rating in the Keystone State plummeted from a 55-38 split in February, to 48 percent positive and 47 percent negative in March.

Clinton’s image has held the best in Ohio, where a slim plurality, 47 percent, say they find Clinton to be honest and trustworthy, against 46 percent who say they don’t. Her favorability remains nearly unchanged here, at 51 percent positive and 43 percent negative….


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  1. I certainly remember you saying that and then I am pretty sure you edited your own post to remove it after I told you I wanted my “Race of the Day” features removed from the site and to be removed from the blogroll on here. You did it to try to get me to stay.

    I did not get a screenshot of that one as I do now for a lot of the Keith threads here, in case they were to somehow go away.

  2. It also reminds me of the theory you wrote on here in the Summer of 2012 that Mitt Romney was not releasing his tax returns because he was possibly an agent of a foreign government, and was running for President in order to help them.

    1. Ok
      Ya gotta produce that one Corey
      You”re a virtual data mining system ALL by yourself?

  3. So if Mitch McConnell went to the Senate and said that he had it on good authority from a source he was not going to name, that Hillary Clinton’s private emails involved her telling foreign countries that she could provide them with additional aid if they agreed to donate to the Clinton Global Foundation, it would just be simple politics as usual?

    I admire a good partisan who is loyal to their party, but you seriously take it james to a completely different level and it really looks bad on you.

  4. Romney obviously paid his taxes every year. There was no reason to suggest otherwise. Reid said he knew for a fact that Romney went 10 years without paying taxes. Democrats should have insisted he step down for that lie as soon as Romney released them and proved them false, but he is still there today, and this story is revisted, because Reid said he had no regrets and it was fair because it might have helped Romney lose.

    There is of course also quite a dichtomy for those who think that it was mandatory for Romney to release all his taxes, even though he was not required by law to do so, and it involved his private sector life, but feel that Hillary does not have to release her emails, even though she was required by law to do so, and relate to her public actions, as a public servant.

    Since there were all these questions about what might have really been in Romney’s taxes, it has to be fair to make all these assumptions about what could have been in Hillary’s emails.

  5. Romney hedging on releasing his taxes raised questions as to whether or not he might have gone a year or two without paying them.

    But Reid’s actions on this matter were clearly out of line.

  6. James is a shill for the Democratic Party.

    His entire rationale for believing Democrats would hold the Senate in 2014? “I’m a Democrat.”

  7. james, there is a big difference between “buffing” and lying. Reid was obviously lying and due to the technicality of some law, he cannot be sued for something that is said on the Senate floor. That is the only reason he said it there, and only there.

    I have been willing to call right-wing birthers crackpots, etc, and I would wish you would show a bit of a spine on this by admitting that Harry Reid brought dishonor to himself and to the Senate by the episode. Many others have now conceded as much.

    And why do you not want to make the story a post on your site?

    1. Harry Reid WILL be given acolades for his service in the US Senate….

      He has only done what ALL politicans have and will do to get elected or to help others….
      There IS no pride in the menthods sometimes used by others or him in some instances….

    1. The Dog….

      “Reid DOES know something…
      Or has a iron tight walk away statement signed a sealed ALREADY…’

      I’d say I was questioned WHAT DID Reid know?
      As you point out…
      He was bluffing….

      1. Hey Corey?

        If you look hard enough…
        You’ll find me pointing out several times over the years when I think politicians and others are stretching the truth or misstating things….

  8. Nothing Harry Reid said on the matter was legitimate. That has been proven and should have been evident at the time.

    I have a hard time remembering any Democrats either prominent or on here criticizing Reid at the time for that tactic.

    I just hope that angle of Reid’s character is not forgotten as he approaches retirement and his latter years.

  9. Never really been a fan of Harry Reid and I’m glad to see him go.

    There were legitimate questions regarding Romney’s taxes though.

  10. Anyone catch when Harry Reid gave an interview recently when he was asked if he had any regrets about lying on the Senate floor and saying that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes? That was of course later proven to be false.

    Reid said that he had no regrets because Romney had lost the election after all. So, he pretty much said that the ends justified the means, even if it meant lying.

    Is that someone for Democrats to be proud of?

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