Indiana Republican Legislator’s to ‘clarify’ their Relgious Freedom Law…Live-Blog Update

Stung by the outcry against the vagueness of the law that people believe could be a free pass for discrimination against gays….Republican legislators in Indiana have announced that despite their Governor pledge to NOT change anything in the Law….They WILl go ahead and lay down some specifics to address the perception that the law makes it ok to deny Gay people in that the state their civil right…

The Out cry against the language in the law has gotten so much attention that Other states have backed away from following Indiana’s lead in passing Religious Freedom Laws altogether…

Republican lawmakers in Indiana promised Monday to amend a religious liberties bill that critics have labeled as anti-gay, bowing to protests that have rapidly spread to several other states considering similar measures.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R) said the legislature would act as soon as this week to “clarify” the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which grants individuals and businesses legal grounds to defend themselves against claims of discrimination. The fix, Bosma said, would make clear that the law does not allow people to discriminate against gays, as critics contend.

Opponents of the measure say the fix suggested by Bosma and other Republicans is vague and probably insufficient. Meanwhile, criticism of the act, signed into law last week by Gov. Mike Pence (R), continued to mount….


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101 thoughts on “Indiana Republican Legislator’s to ‘clarify’ their Relgious Freedom Law…Live-Blog Update”

  1. I’ll add to that….
    In some church’s on the South?
    Gay rights does NOT resonate too loud even to this day

  2. SE, I can confirm that Keith did have a high level government job and has testified before Congress. Keith’s government website did have His picture on it. He clearly worked in DC, and I met him there for dinner two or three times when I was traveling on business.

    Corey, I have never known Keiith to lie. I’m sure he made some mistatements like we all have – including you. For example, you recently accused Keith of saying that everyone who supported Romney was a racist. Wrong – Keith said non racists also voted for Romney,

    Gotta go.

  3. He said I was a racist (and said that every racist voted for Romney) and also talked about Nazis in relation to my association with the Republican Party. So those were obviously misstatements, and I have every right to call him out for his hateful attempts bullying.

    I certainly believe that he has said many things about himself online that were untrue, going back to 2006, and “background” he first presented himself under. So, with that in mind, I take everything he says with a grain of salt, because he seems to be someone who is so in need of having everyone else think he is a big-shot.

    I have never asked Zreebs to give me any information about “Keith”, but if Keith really wants to show how important he is and if he has nothing to hide in regards to his online activity, he ought to let us know who he is.

  4. I’ve never doubted that he was who he said he was–A federal government worker living in Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Sonoma. I’ve always doubted the seriousness and overall sincerity of the off-the-wall, whackadoodle remarks I often see embedded within the points he’s trying to make. Some of his points might actually be legitimate, but it does seem he cannot help himself as it regards the barbed remarks.

    Lots of people made inaccurate statements on Politics 1, most notably and egregiously Daniel. It was just the nature of things on there. I know I did(I think I once claimed I was a lawyer from Vermont), and I am sure Keith did as well.

  5. Saying that he worked for Ray LaHood (presumably at DOT) and then claiming on here that the LaHoods somehow set Aaron Schock up might not have been the best idea.

    I’ll probably send that thread from here to the LaHood Congressional campaign. I have nothing to lose from doing so.

  6. The CEO of Wal Mart is asking Arkansas Gov. Hutchison to veto a resolution similar to Indiana’s religious freedom bill.

    Is Wal Mart just a bunch of liberals looking for something to complain about?

  7. NASCAR, that hotbed of hippy liberal atheist flag burners is also speaking out against Indiana’s law.

  8. My, my, I see Corey is still upset. Your little fantasy about me seems to be disintegrating — thanks Zreebs for speaking up since so much misinformation was being offered up today. I am who I said I was, the offer of lunch, coffee, or dinner remains open Corey. But, please know, given your comments here over the years about the Magic Negro, your “call a spade a spade” exchanges with Ethan, your support for voter suppression efforts and the Southern Strategy, and your financial support for Mitt Romney — I really can’t change my opinion on the race thing. Just as your comments over the last few days tell us all we need to know about what you think about gay people and their rights. You don’t appear to like people that aren’t like you. You also appear to offer up threats at the drop of the hat. I just wish you had taken my advice to expand your political horizons and work in DC, then you might better understand some of the things I have been talking about over the years. Have a good evening.

  9. Corey, The intent of your desire to learn Keith’s last name is obvious – which is pretty evil by the way. And despite that you have written on multiple times that Keith is horrible, i doubt that Keith even ever thought about doing to you what you plan on doing to him, and I would be willing to bet he knows your last name. The amazing thing to me is that you are often perplexed that we on this blog often see hidden motives and goals from things you say. Jeez, I wonder why?

    Let’s stop this BS. Of course many of us write things on the blog that we would not want share on a day-to-day basis to people at work. Allow people to say what they feel on the blog anonymously. If they say stupid things or behave like a jerk, then the other bloggers will see it, and their opinion of that person will go down. That is punishment enough. All of us have the right to call others out if they say stupid or offensive things. You can both do it and handle it, and so can Keith.

    By the way, Keith is now retired. Notice I used past tense in my original blog to describe Keith’s positions with the government.

  10. Of course, most of us(at least the observant ones from way back) know Corey’s last name(Gross). He uses it in his e-mail address, which was visible on Politics1, and the first letter of it is used in the formal, url-based name of his website(“CGPolitics”).

    It is Keith’s business if he wants to reveal his last name publicly. Same goes for who he talks to in Congress. I’m not about to get in the middle of that one, except to say that I wouldn’t myself be willing to state one way or another Corey’s assumed intentions on any matter.

  11. I have not used taxpayer money to spread hate online, as he would have done. As long as he will bring up my name here to do that, he’s fair game, which is what makes him different than the multitude of other “jerks” from both the left and right that I have found online.

    As someone who wants to see Darin LaHood get elected to Congress (not that there will be much drama in that), I feel it is perfectly acceptable for me to alert them to what is being said about that family and possibly by whom. Almost certainly, they will not care, but that’s not up to me.

  12. I would hardly say right now that the younger LaHood is a lock for this seat, but he does look like the man to beat at this time.

    I’m waiting on the field to develop in that one before I say for sure which way that one leans.

  13. And to be totally frank, Keith doesn’t bother me now nearly as much as he did 3 years ago. My usual response to his comments is to either laugh them off(sometimes, an occasional guffaw is audible) or try to take to heart the key points he’s trying to make. Whether I’m successful in that is best determined by other people.

    I can easily see where others would be maddened by his remarks. He can be a bit cross at times.

  14. Back to the original topic of this thread: H i w bout them crazy wide eyed libruls at…NASCAR and Wal Mart just looking for something to complain u n about with the IN and AR anti gay bills!

    Real Americans will see right through these Sodomites!

  15. Those businesses are all about commerce. They don’t care about the traditional values of the people who generally frequent both(and give them their riches). They’re pandering for profit. Shameful! The pursuit of profit is the road to Hell.

  16. And that Lawrence by SE is why the cultural warriors will eventually be told to shut up by the real powers that be in the GOP, we only want your votes. Don’t EVER get in the way of corporate profits!

  17. They do that, and the Republican Party collapses.

    I don’t know why third parties are still not viable in this country. It seems to me that Democrats should embrace the far left, Republicans should embrace the far right, and a middle party should embrace corporate powers.

    The Corporate Profits Party Primary would be a BARNBURNER between Hillary and Jeb.

  18. Corey, Last thought – as I got to get back to work.

    What are you going to say to LaHood? “Hello my name is Corey. There is some guy who goes by the name of “Keith” on the internet who claims he used to work with you or for you in some capacity, maybe he still does. I don’t know much else. He claims that he is important and someone else on the internet seemed to confirm it. The last name “Keith” gave to me was obviously wrong. By the way, this is what he said about you… Maybe you want to do something about this during your campaign and address these rumors that are were stated somewhere on this prominant blog pdog101. By taking aggressive action, it might help you in your campaign.”

    I am sure your email would make both LaHood and Keith quiver in fear. Maybe I’m missing something?

  19. I know what to say. I have met LaHood Sr. before a couple of times actually, but I doubt he knows who I am. Thank you for confirming that the LaHood thing is accurate, as well as unwittingly giving me more and more information about Keith, the more you said yesterday.

    Yes, maybe they will think nothing of it. Maybe they think I am just a person with an axe to grind. That’s probably the case and I am fine with it. I just feel that he has crossed way too many lines for far too long. He has loved to brag about who he is, and why he is so important, so he ought to be able to live with the consequences, if there are any.

    Standing up to a bully is never wrong, and that is certainly what he is. I remember him asking on P1 if Kyle had committed suicide yet because Kyle said he was a gay Republican. Just a really bad person and there is probably nothing in the world I can do to make him a better one, but there is no reason why I should be quiet.

    Unless he does not post here again I suppose.

  20. Zreebs, you aren’t missing anything at all. Two things, first the Aaron Schock situation. Corey made the comment that this was an organized effort to take Schock down, as if it had been a conspiracy to remove him from office. I made a joke that the LaHoods must have been behind it because Ray wants his son in Congress (it was a joke). Schock did this to himself, he redecorated his office in the “gayest way possible” and then his Press Secretary, after inviting reporters in to see the décor, decided not to answer questions as to who paid for it. That opened the flood gates, trips, concerts, and his traveling photographer. For the record, old Ray had nothing to do with it. It has been a open secret that Schock, like Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and David Dreier, is gay (his father basically confirmed it in a crazy interview by denying it). All of them are gay men who cast votes against their community. I find that reprehensible, just like I find Corey’s support of discrimination reprehensible — and whenever I have the opportunity I will call them on it.

    Second, Corey can do what he likes with my name and background. I am retired and working on projects that I enjoy, making some extra money, and reaping the benefits of the Obama Stock Market and economy. I intend to run a marathon this Spring in Europe, travel, and raise money for Hillary’s upcoming Presidential race. I should point out that the homophobic actions of Governor Pence and others just make that last task much easier for me. Gay folks have lots of disposable income and resent discrimination. Have a good day everyone. It is a beautiful day in Northern California, I intend to put the top down and enjoy it.

  21. Corey, One final thought – this time for real. Let me just say that if you do send something to Lahood, and someone gets into trouble (which won’t happen), it will probably not be “Keith”. But then, you probably don’t care. By the way, I did not confirm or deny anything about “the LaHood thing”. If you think I did, you mis-read what I wrote.

    Why a person who lives in a glass house would want to be throwing stones is beyond me. I’m pretty sure, by the way, that Keith will return to this site, but if he doesn’t, I am even more confident that it has nothing to do with your threats.

  22. I’m back, and ready to face Corey’s wrath – something that reminded me very much of being back in grammar school (so thanks Corey for the memories) with one of my classmates yelling, “teacher, teacher, Keith was mean to me.” I find it rather ironic that someone who has accused me of being a bully, would try to bully me into not posting here. I intend to continue, if only to point out how Corey supports discrimination.

    First, let’s talk about the Pence Bill and what has just happened today. Both Pence and the Governor of Arkansas have suddenly decided that their State legislatures need to re-examine this legislation (Governor Hutchinson’s son actually made that request as a clear example of how different generations view this issue). And the Indiana bill is very much not what Corey has defined it to be, since, by his own admission, he never read the State or Federal bills (sort of reminds me of those “death panels” in the Affordable Care Act — I bet you believed in the panels too Corey).

    So, let’s examine the Indiana law – a law that explicitly allows any for-profit business to assert a right to “the free exercise of religion.” The federal R.F.R.A. does not contain such language, and neither does any of the state R.F.R.A.s except South Carolina; in fact, Louisiana and Pennsylvania, explicitly exclude for-profit businesses from the protection of their R.F.R.A.s.”

    Second, the Indiana statute explicitly makes a business’s “free exercise” right a defense against a private lawsuit by another person, rather than simply against actions brought by government. That means, any business owner can deny service based on their own “religious” beliefs” – meaning Corey that someone can throw you out of their restaurant in Indiana for being a Jew, claiming their religious principals require they never touch or feed a Jew, and there is nothing you can do about it. Still think this is a good law because a baker might be asked to make a penis cake? Read the law Corey before you comment, it will make for a more informed conversation. Why even the head of Marriott, Arne Sorenson, said that the “idea that you can tell businesses they can somehow discriminate is madness.” Madness it is, Republican madness.

    But, public pressure worked on both Pence (who began his Congressional career as a classic homophobe supporting “gay conversion therapy” – please see Marcus Bachmann) and Asa Hutchinson who yielded to both his son and the Waltons (never under estimate the power of a gay man’s wallet). These bills represent the “ying and the yang” of discrimination politics (something the Republicans and Corey understand very well). For every step forward, the Republicans push back with hysterical (see death panels) predictions of what comes next – in this case wedding cakes with two grooms. So, they have combined the Southern Strategy with the “gays are coming to get you strategy,” and, given what is happening with big business all around the country, this sets up a direct confrontation between the GOP and big business? An inherent contradiction that may not be resolved in time for the next election – especially given some of the clowns in that candidate car.

    So, is it the party of big business, where profits and taxes are the issues that need to be addressed? Or is it the right wing cultural party that puts precedence on all the cultural issues that have been hounding the GOP for decades, ignoring any economic implication these issues might have on state economies? Remember Marriott, the Waltons, and Apple – trust me, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Will the GOP be the Pragmatic Party, or the Dogmatic Party? Indiana proves they cannot be both, and Arkansas may not be far behind. Pence has now, with his retreat on the bill, left the majority of the Republican Presidential Clown Car to his right – far to his right, a place none of them want to be in a general election. These positions play well in a small bubble of party politics, especially with folks like Corey, and Fox News, but it may go wrong when the larger November 2016 electorate is exposed to them – especially when Hillary reminds them of all this insanity. Last night David Letterman said that Governor Pence reminded him of that guy who is fishing in the Cialis commercial – I agree, but this time Pence has gone limp.

    Finally, I will not reply to all of the accusations Corey has made, there are so many, but I need to respond to the Kyle comments. I would never ask something like, did Kyle kill himself, concerning another gay man – even one I thought was so uninformed and wrong. Kyle was/is a confused young man, who I disagree with on everything (when I could actually make out what his position actually was), but I would never have said anything like that. So Corey, prove it. Come up with the quote, or admit it isn’t the truth. I would never goad a gay man like that, especially a gay man who claimed that they are “an x-gay” – he was clearly confused and I hope he has come to terms with who he is. You cannot change gay Corey, you should know that, and that is why I am so baffled by your willingness to discriminate.

  23. Part of this will be made into a post about the bill’s….

    Impressive piece of rebuttal….

  24. Thanks James, I feel very strongly about discrimination against gays as you know, and it really disturbs me that some of our leaders would use gay folks for their own political gain. Something that was clearly happening in Indiana until “right thinking Americans” got involved.

    As Chris Cuomo said the other day to one of the homophobes from Indiana who was behind the original bill, “you cannot fix gay!” We are born this way, the sooner folks in the Republican Party understand that, the sooner we will have a more accepting society.

    The Republican Party’s continued attempt to use anti-gay rhetoric as a political wedge issue has essentially given us closeted politicians like Aaron Schock, Mark Foley, and Larry Craig. The sooner people are free to be themselves, the sooner these embarrassments to the GOP will end, and maybe they can get back to doing the business of the people.

    Got to go, business meetings in San Francisco today. Have a great day everyone!

  25. American’s have faught long and hard to stand up for their Civil Rights….

    One’s color, relgion or sexual preference should have NOTHING to do with getting what they want in this country…

    We all have biases…
    But those biases should not allow us to hold things against others….
    There are some in this country who feel that the governmenet should cease to exist and that everyone should be able to shit over anyone they don’t like…
    It’s NOT going that way….
    The problem is that there are those who cannot accept that America in 2016 is NOT America of old…
    As the face of this country changes
    As the realiaztion of WHO WE ARE becomes clear
    There are those who are fearful…
    They run with those who use fear to organize and hold on to power
    We must NOT let that prevail….
    We must as a country push to right wrongs that exist even to this day….

    I am pround of this place because we discuss different points of view
    I am happy that we seem to be putting the anger aside here from where it was a while back…
    I will continue to urge people here to express their different points of view…
    Airing them is what this place and America is about…
    I would hope that people stay and talk to each other….

  26. So now it begins, Ted’s path to the nomination, double down on hate.

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) “had strong words for business leaders who haven’t defended religious freedom laws like the one in Indiana, which has sparked a firestorm of debate,” the Des Moines Register reports.

    Said Cruz: “The Fortune 500 is running shamelessly to endorse the radical gay marriage agenda over religious liberty to say: ‘We will persecute a Christian pastor, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi.’ Any person of faith is subject to persecution if they dare disagree, if their religious faith parts way from their political commitment to gay marriage.”

    Of course that is not what they are saying, but why should Ted let the facts get in his way. If he can sign up for Obamacare he can do anything, right?

  27. And Jeb backtracks, confirming that he cannot be trusted. See what trouble Pence started, thanks Mike, I really mean it, thanks.

    Jeb Bush “appeared to modify his public comments about Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law on Wednesday in a closed-door Silicon Valley fund-raiser, telling a small group of potential supporters that a ‘consensus-oriented’ approach would have been better at the outset,” the New York Times reports.

    “Mr. Bush’s comments were strikingly different in tone and in scope from what he said on Monday night in an interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. In that interview he praised Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana for doing the ‘right thing’ and said that the new law was similar to one in Florida and to a law signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993.”

    First Read: “The problem for Bush is that all of this only feeds the narrative that conservatives can’t trust him on these types of issues — compared with the rest of the GOP field. It also cuts against the identity he has created for himself — as someone who prefers running a general-election campaign instead of a race to please the base. It’s a tricky place to be in, because it ultimately ends up pleasing no one. “

  28. Ted Cruz is NOT gonna be the nominee….

    And will fade from the media as soon as others actually announce their runs…

  29. My feeling is the a la’ Romney?……He WILL come out as the nominee treading to the middle on certain KEY issues….

    I agree with Jack….

    They guy IS a Conservative in sheep skins….

  30. James, that’s what they said when Cruz was running against the establishment Republican Lieutenant Gov of Texas, David Dewhurst. You know what happened. You can’t count Cruz out.

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