Does the CPAC Straw Poll belong to the Paul’s?

Since 2009 the CPAC Straw Poll ‘s have been won by Ron Paul TWICE and Rand Paul TWICE…..

The only Republican to beat the father or son Paul team wins since 2005 is Mitt Romney….

So even with the Walker and Bush noise this week?

Some think that Rand Paul, and his appeal to the younger Republicans along with his people’s organizational skills, will land him another win in the events staw poll….

Rand Paul’s likely White House foes are looking to end his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll hot streak.

The Kentucky senator is still the frontrunner to win the annual measure of grassroots support after claiming victory for the past two years.

But how deep other potential rivals — most notably Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — cut into his support will show who is on the rise in the 2016 GOP field.
“Every year serious candidates come to CPAC and organize and get people to come here for the specific purpose of voting for them in the straw poll,” said Citizens United President David Bossie. “Does it at the end of the day really mean anything that you can have the money and an organization to bus people in? Probably, because that means you have money and an organization. It’s important.”

The establishment-minded Bush bused in hundreds of supporters to show strength in the convention space and at the straw poll ballot box, while rising star Walker had plenty of vocal backers in the building as well.

Like his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) before him, the younger Paul has dominated the younger, libertarian-leaning event in recent years. This year was no different, and his allies made a visible push to keep his hot streak alive at an annual rite of passage for GOP candidates…..



One can see where the fight for the nomination COULD come down to Jeb Bush and Rand Paul based just on the delegate counting….