Democart Martin O’Malley knocks Clinton ‘Triangulation’

This formet Governor of Viginia is off the charts for the 2016 Democratic nomination nod….

But as I and others have asked….

“Who will primary Hillary Clinton?’

Martin O’Malley may be that person…..

Some Democrats hope Mrs. Clinton will face a strong primary challenge, worrying that without one she might be unresponsive to some progressives.

The remarks from Mr. O’Malley, who is viewed as facing an uphill battle, signaled a new phase both of his own efforts, after a year of saying he was not in “compare-contrast” mode with Mrs. Clinton, and of the early 2016 campaign.

The politics of triangulation is a phrase often used to describe former President Bill Clinton’s brand of centrism. It has also been used to criticize Mrs. Clinton as overly poll driven, and liberals have long used it as a cudgel*. In a pivotal Democratic primary speech in November 2007 in Iowa, Mr. Obama deployed “triangulation” as an attack line against Mrs. Clinton.

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton declined to comment on Mr. O’Malley’s remarks….


* Cudgel – bludgeon, club, beat, batter, bash...Wiki…