Is Christie in Palin’s low GOP favorible range?

For those of you who are with me watching polling all the time for 2016…..

You know that Chris Christie has dropped in the overall polling, but still is in the top three in most polls…..

FiveThirtyEight is out witha piece that looks at his favorable ratings….

Those numbers are not particullary good….(Moderate and Liberal GOP’s do NOT like the guy much)…

Sarah Palin is a more conservative version of Chris Christie — at least as far as the 2016 Republican nomination contest is concerned.

After the revelation that she was thinking about running for president, and after her much-panned speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Palin has re-entered the presidential spotlight. But if she were to run, she would almost certainly go nowhere.

I say this on the basis of her net favorable rating (favorable minus unfavorable rating) among Republicans: It’s not very good. Although no live interview polls have tested Palin’s popularity in the past year and a half, surveys in 2013 found that Palin was almost universally known (average name recognition of 89 percent) but not universally beloved (net favorable rating of just +24.3 percentage points) among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

As I wrote this week, this compares miserably with past presidential nominees for the two parties at this point in the process (since 1980, not including incumbent presidents). Eventual nominees start the campaign either well-known and well-liked in their party, or not well-known. Palin, like Christie, isn’t in either category….



Yes…The linked piece mentions moderate and LIBERAL Republicans!

One thought on “Is Christie in Palin’s low GOP favorible range?”

  1. I would be very interested in this methodology.

    I’ve NEVER seen a poll where more that an infinitesimal number of Republicans ( less thn five percent) refer to themselves as “liberal” and only a smattering (around20% or so )who refer to themselves as “moderate.

    If these are the people being polled ,then this whole thing is a yawner and of little significance.

    There has developed a tendency of late to refer to certain Republicans as “moderates” ,to distinguish them foe Ted Cruz types ,even though in many cases their views are similiar and their disagreement is more tactical and these”moderates” are amenable to striking deals with the President on limited basis,mostly on budgetary matters.

    If that is the benchmark ,then the results are of some interest.

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