The 2016 Democratic Primary Debates?

The right leaning National Journal picks on the Democrats lack of challangers against a Hillary Clinton nomination run….

A few things are certain: There will be fewer Democratic debates than in 2008 and they’ll start considerably later in the cycle. Obama and Clinton debated 27 times during the 2008 primary, a staggering number that party officials have no desire to repeat. And instead of a spring start for those debates—the first one of the 2008 cycle was held in late April 2007—networks and the DNC anticipate the earliest a debate could start is the fall.

But if the field is small and Clinton is far ahead in polling, insiders expect her to have a lot of sway over the debate process and schedule—which may mean a much trimmer debate schedule than in years past.

“In a prospective Clinton candidacy … there’s a very strong chance she’ll start off with a very strong lead,” said veteran Democratic strategist Chris Lehane. “That would give her a little bit of a stronger hand to play in terms of both determining how many debates are actually proposed and which ones she actually agrees to.”

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy looks to be a near-certainty at this point, but what’s less clear is which of her potential opponents will actually decide to run. Vice President Joe Biden, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont have all expressed interest in the race; progressive supporters of Elizabeth Warren are hoping to pull the first-term senator from Massachusetts into the race as well, but thus far she’s shown no interest….


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One thought on “The 2016 Democratic Primary Debates?”

  1. I don’t think many people are holding their breath over this.

    Hillary Clinton is in much the same position as an incumbent President.This is a phenomenon we haven’t observed before and it’s disconcerting to the punditocracy.Theres no modern precedent.

    One can at least make some case for Biden if he were to run.

    But the rest?

    No one is going to take them seriously or pay much attention to any “debates” among them.

    Hillary Clinton is already the de facto nominee.

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