President Obama keeps at emptying the Guantánamo Military Prison…..

Six years ago a incoming President Barack Obama promised to the world that he would shutdown the military detention facility at the tip of Cuba which hold men detained from American’s fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq against militants….

Gito is still there….

Congress has been adament that the men held there NOT be brought to the American mainland….

The President and his Attorney General have moved to have several of the deteanines TRIED in American courts in New York and Washington…But that is it…..

In recent months there have continual movement of detainies being shipped off the Cuban island to other countries….(There are those who are not happy with this) There are still over a 100 being held now….

The United States transferred five detainees from the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, to Kazakhstan, the Defense Department announced late Tuesday. It was the last in a flurry of year-end moves as President Obama sought to fulfill his promise to close the American-run prison.

The five former detainees — three Yemenis and two Tunisians — are “free men” for all intents and purposes after the transfer, a senior official in the Obama administration said. Officials declined to disclose the security assurances reached between the United States and Kazakhstan or detail how the men would be prevented from returning to battlefields in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

With the move, 28 detainees have been transferred this year from Guantánamo to other countries, including Uruguay and Afghanistan, administration officials said.

It is the biggest number since 2009, when Mr. Obama assumed office and began trying to make good on his campaign promise to close the prison, which top administration officials have characterized as a blight on the country’s international standing. There are 127 prisoners at Guantánamo.

Some Defense Department officials have expressed concern that prisoners released from the prison may return to take on the American troops who remain in Afghanistan…..


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    When does the Green Monster Bus leave Fenway to take all the Red Sox equipment down to Florida?

    If you see how many decades it took the Red Sox, and then the White Sox to win another World Series, then you can’t discount the Cubs, either.

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    So you see why Manila wrote that spring training (Cleveland batteries on Feb. 18) is only 48 days away.

  3. How about 47 days from now?

    That’s what the source that Manila and I used says (Feb. 18th: Cleveland Indians’ pitchers & catchers report). Of course it’s possible that some team’s TBA could come sooner, but you’d think if it came earlier, they’d have decided and announced it earlier.

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