Apple being sued on iPhone storage claims….

Two guys from California are going after Apple Computer for false advertising in data storage in it’s iPhones, iPads and iPods…..

They point out that a 16 Gig iPhone has almost 3 Gigs of Operating System , which gives us users 20% less of what we paid for….

Good point guys…..

Apple is facing a lawsuit accusing the company of falsely advertising the storage capacity available in its iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in the northern district of California, says the massive data footprint of the iOS 8 operating software eats into the advertised capacity of Apple’s mobile devices.

“In reality, nothing close to the advertised capacity of the Devices is available to end users. Indeed, the discrepancy between advertised and available capacity is substantial and beyond any possible reasonable expectation,” the plaintiffs’ attorney Jonas Mann wrote in a court filing.

It’s common practice for consumer electronics manufacturers to tout the total memory or storage capacity of their devices excluding pre-loaded operating software or applications. The plaintiffs’ complaint said Apple does not let users insert memory cards into its devices to increase their storage capacity, a feature that is offered by some rival smartphone manufacturers…..



How about all the hoops you have to go thru to get rid of the embedded U-2 album that comes with the phone?

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