Republican Voter turnout wasn’t strong in the 2014 Midterm’s either….

The fFix @ The Washington Post further clarifies the numbers which point to low voter turnout in the 2014 Midterm elections by BOTH sides….

So people who want to tell you that the Republicans had a ‘wave’ event are full of it….

In four of the last seven House election cycles, Republicans have received more votes than Democrats (and more seats in five of the seven). Three of those four were in lower-turnout midterms. Democrats got more votes in one midterm this century: 2006, when Republican turnout was lower. But even in that year, more people came out to vote in House races, in terms of raw numbers, than in 2014.

This year’s low turnout wasn’t just because Democrats didn’t have a strong message. Republicans didn’t appear to have a very strong get-to-the-polls message either….


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One thought on “Republican Voter turnout wasn’t strong in the 2014 Midterm’s either….”

  1. We all know how obsessive you can be but this is getting to be downright silly.

    Look the Democrats LOST the MidTerm elections.

    This incessant micro analyzing and the faux explanations don’t change that.

    The “we lost because not enough people voted” routine?

    Irrelevant minutiae for


    Enough for Godssakes!

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