The Obama Republicans….

I’ve been having a discussion here at the PDog today with another one of the regulars…

He’s of the mind that ALL GOPer’s are true blue Conservative REPUBLICANS….

I did a post yesterday on this with a NY Times piece linked in….

Politico is following the NY Times pice with a look at the Obama Republicans….They are those who won tickets to the US House a few weeks ago in Congressional Districts that voted FOR President Obama, a  Democrat….

My view is that these people are NOT gonna be flame throwing Republicans…

The Politico piece goes deeper into why they are going to help House Speaker John Boehner AGAINST the rightwingnuts and why they may even help Democrats and the President on a few occasions….

The GOP’s slimmer majority the past two years forced the speaker into repeated showdowns with tea party members whose overwhelmingly conservative districts insulated them from a political backlash. The incoming faction of moderate-minded lawmakers, enjoying no such cushion, will give Boehner more room to maneuver.

But this will create new complications for the GOP. The only question the past year was how many seats the party would seize from Democrats. Now the script is flipped. Even the most bullish Republicans acknowledge they’ve maxed out their majority and now must protect their politically vulnerable lawmakers, who will face pressure to distinguish themselves from the party’s conservative wing.

“Republicans won a larger majority, and that gives them more elbow room when it comes to negotiating. What the majority of the majority means today is different than what it meant yesterday,” said Brian Walsh, a former National Republican Congressional Committee political director who now heads a prominent House GOP-aligned super PAC. “I think where the difficulty presents itself is going to be on the big national issues, where the blue district members are going to have to defend themselves and break through their party.”

“It’s the big national issues that are going to create some divisions in the party,” he added. “And those will create some challenges.”

Those issues, Republicans say, include, most importantly, immigration, but also tax cuts and government spending.

Some of the new GOP members are in election mode even before they’ve taken office, painting themselves as reasonable, bipartisan figures.



Now here’s a a REALLY interesting thought….

Remember when Republican House moderates where scared to standup to the House flame throwing rightwingnuts of 2010?

Well that group…led by Senator Ted Cruz is gonna have a counter I’d say come January 2015…

That group along with Democrats could in fact change things very much so in the House …..

Things gonna be VERY interesting for sure in this next Congress folks….

Note #2….

Come 2016?

There IS gonna be a Democratic nominee running for President….

If the nominee is Hillary Clinton?…( or a Strong Democratic male)

There will most likely be a GOOD amount of voters going to the polls….

And that means a good amount of Democratic voters….

If these new 26 Republicans in Obama districts do not produce, or are shown to be against the basic Democratic voter wants?…They will ushered out of office swiftly in a LOT of cases one could image….

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14 thoughts on “The Obama Republicans….”

  1. Please list for me the Republican members of the Senate and House,excepting,arguably,Susan Collins of Maine,who aren’t IN YOUR WORDS!”true blue conservatives” and who would even dispute being labelled as such.

  2. jack,

    Senators Rob Portman (R-OH), Mark Kirk (R-IL) or Pat Toomey (R-PA)…

    Yes, Toomey got elected 2010 as a staunch Conservative but look at his Actions/Votes he took. He’s governing pretty much as a RINO.

    james though is pretty wrong on the GOP House Members….Obama beat Romney 51-47 in 2012 YET Democrats managed only to net 8 House Seats and 2 Senate Seats (Warren, Donnelly)

    Unless Hillary wins by a similar strong Wave like Obama in 2008 (Obama beat McCain 53-47) Democrats won’t get the House and the Senate either.

    The only sure Senate Seat at this Point Republicans will likely lose is Wisconsin cuz Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) didn’t move to the Center.

    Sestak in PA is a weak Candidate and Kirk could win too in IL. Remember: Kirk got elected numerous times in a Congressional District that voted almost every time for the Democratic Presidential Candidate in recent Elections.

    Florida = The FL Dems are DEAD
    Missouri = Governor Jay Nixon would have been a formidable Candidate but botched himself out with the Ferguson Disaster.
    Ohio = Democrats have a very thin bench here
    North Carolina = Doubtful that Hagan will challenge Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).
    Louisiana = Even if Vitter wins the Governorship next year his Successor will likely be appointed by outgoing Governor Jindal.

      1. I guess there is ANOTHER Government shutdown coming eh Daniel/Jack?

        The NEW people will lay down and joint the rightwingnut flamethrower’s

        Maybe Obama will just quit?
        I mean the GOPer’s got BOTH House’s…
        ALL of the Republicans will band together as one….

    1. We ALL know that Daniel….
      Which is why Jack’s insistence that ALL GOPer’s row in the way in the same boat in NOT true….

  3. I agree james…

    Republicans often acting like a bit clumsy in these matters BUT they ain’t stupid. They know another Shutdown would only help Democrats.

    1. But Boehner and McConnell ARE gonna have their hands full quelling the rebellion….

      As the

      piece points out….
      Obama can now just cause these two guys a shit load of misery having to fight in house…
      They WILL have more support with the newbies…
      But this political knife fight is gonna spill out into the media….

      I don’t care how smart those two are…
      They are gonna have a rough next two years from within…
      It remains to be seen if Democrats and Hillary can get their acts together to use this and their smarts to take the Senate back and keep the White House…

  4. And,AS USUAL!,James sets up a strawman to knock down.

    Evidently,he is claiming that I said all Republicans are “wingnuts”

    That’s not true.I said they were all Right Wing conservatives.They are.Hell they even proudly proclaim themselves such INCLUDING Kirk and Toomey.

    To insinuate that the act of opposing a government shutdown shows that one is some kind of “moderate” shows a total lack of understanding that one can indeed oppose such ,but still be a conservative who will continue to oppose President Obama on all issues of substance.

  5. Wrong jack,

    It isn’t just a potential Shutdown. These People are moderates trying to work with the other Party. YES, you can be conservative by roots but still willing to get things done.

  6. No they’re not “moderates”

    They are Conservatives and saywhat they are.

    But since you have run your damn mouth.Tell us Daniel all the things that the Republicans want to cooperate with Obama on and

    “Get things done.”

    Tell us what bipartisan legislation you see emanating from this Congress and on what subjects.

    We await your reply.

  7. We aren’t talking about History here.

    Quit trying to obfuscate the issue..

    YOU said that “these people are moderates(sic) trying to work with the other party.”Since you know this,it should be relatively easy for one with such kmowledge to expound on those areas where they will be doing such.

    Come on,Enlighten us all with your vast knowledge.Tell us the areas where these “moderates” want to work with Obama and back it up with ACTUAL EVIDENCE .

    We anxiously await your reply!


  8. Ah

    “Madame Piglosi”

    One can certainly see the inherent “moderation” from the likes of you.

    Any other “moderate” nicknames for us?

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