American President’s and their Secretary of Defense…

Chuck Hagel is out as the Obama Administration Secretary of Defense…

There has been a lot of hand wringing over this….

There shouldn’t be…

These days?

It’s normal….

Chuck hagel has gone down the stem road as the last three Defense Bosses he proceeded….

The people in the White House, who the Pentagon bosses answer to , because they speak FOR the Commander-in-Chief, their boss, are not shy about their implied power….

They do NOT respect the chain of command , which the military lives by….

So they have reached out DIRECTLY to commanders in the Afghan and Iraqi wars….

Add that to the pressure on the Pentagon to make cuts while doing MORE….

The President IS the boss…

But the military in this country IS strong as it tends to be everywhere is strong and has it’s friends…

With the Islamic State coming into the worlds focus there has a been increasing change of heart in Congress, and even out in the American public…

A year ago we where talking about military deescalation ….

Now we have military assets in Africa dealing with Ebola….

We have military assets doing trying BACK in Iraq and a Afghan mission that will have 10,000 troops STAYING in country..Not leaving….

It IS not unreasonable for a Defense Secretary to want clarity on HOW he should get everything asked of HIS department with LESS….

It is also a fact of life that the Pentagon has those who will carry their water for them in the media and political circles…

Blaming Susan Rice is just a side issue….

President’s listen to their military …But in the end they go in the room and decide things among those they trust for a long time….By their nature…Militaries and their civilian overseers have contentious relations….

President Obama , like those before him ….

Will have to deal with the issues of Politics vs Mission….

Chuck Hagel is just incidental….

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4 thoughts on “American President’s and their Secretary of Defense…”

  1. This article is REALLY funny coming from you.


    Because it is very similiar to what I ,and several others, were saying about then HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

    YOU ,however,were in full Defense mode of those two INCOMPETENTS ,insisting that the President SHOULDNT “throw them under the bus” etc. Etc.

    You’re right.

    The replacement of Cabinet secretaries is NO BIG DEAL

    Took you long enought to figure it out!

    1. Ok Jack lets address this piece….

      YOUR impatient push was that Sebelius should have been gone within a short time after the healthcare site rollout….

      THAT did NOT happen….
      Obama stood by her and concentrated on the problem..The site…
      Not the whole program, which is in the second year and dispute the shit thrown at it is growing with almost 10 mil Americans in the program…

      Shinseki and the VA?….
      I thought that Obama would, as with HHS stay with the boss and go after the problem…
      Turns out that the general ‘s style of management was incompatible with the agency…
      On that I was wrong in holding on to Shinseki…
      Obama was right is accepting his step down…
      A new boss HAS listened and started to make fixes…

      Your statement at face value about being NO BIG DEAL is factually incorrect….

      In EACH case you give?
      There was EXTENSIVE media coverage…
      In each case the President and the White House had to take time and effort to deal with a problem and find a political and management solution…

      In Each situation the successor has or will have to go before Congress for confirmation which will put the White House actions under a microscope….

      The above is hardly ‘NO BIG DEAL’….

  2. They were both incompetent political hacks,did crummy jobs ,and were ultimately sacked,never to be heard from again.

    And it was certainly no big deal as NO ONE cares they are gone or even much remembers them.

    Leave it to you to contradict yourself by downplaying Hagels sacking , but coming back to offer a silly,inane defense of two lesser Cabinet members,who RICHLY deserved what happened to them,basically inferring that somehow they weren’t “REPONSIBLE” for problems in their departments,Then incongruously claiming in the above comment that Hagel was and had to go.

    Once again,Cabinet members come and go and NO ONE much cares and ,except in a few cases,even remembers WHO they were.

  3. And as for FACTS,

    The FACTS are that both Sebelius and Shinseki will be remembered ,if at all ,for MAJOR SCREWUPS in their tenure,your absurd efforts at defending them notwithstanding.

    That is,among those who remember them at all.

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