Some stories about those who qualify for Obama’s Immigration Action…And some who Don’t…

The Washington Post does a few pieces on the undocumented….

Not all of them will benefit from the President’s executive actions on Immigration….

And despite the cry from the Right?

The people involved …and who do NOT qualify ARE real live people….

The WashPost piece is about Latino’s….

But the undocumented are also Asian’s, Those from the Caribbean , and yes even those from Europe and other places…

For some, it means that the years of telling lies and keeping secrets are finally coming to an end. For others, nothing will be any different — except perhaps a renewed sense of being left out or left behind.

President Obama’s decision to lift the threat of deportation from nearly 4 million illegal immigrants, arguably his most aggressive use of executive power, has deeply divided the nation.

The latest poll, released Wednesday by CNN/ORC, indicates that the country broadly approves of the result. Of those surveyed, 26 percent said he went too far. Half said he got it right, and 22 percent said they think he should have gone further.

Above: Martha Rios reads with her daughter, Yahaira Pereida, 9, and son, Christian Pereida, 5, at home in Columbia, Mo. Rios is one of the illegal immigrants who will benefit from President Obama’s order. (Catalin Abagiu/For The Washington Post)
The order builds on Obama’s 2012 executive action protecting those whose parents brought them to the country illegally when they were children. It will offer a legal reprieve to parents whose offspring are citizens or living in the country legally.

Where Americans have misgiving, it appears, is in the way Obama went about it. In the CNN/ORC survey, 56 percent said he should not have expanded protection unilaterally, with an executive action that did not give Congress a say in shaping the program. Obama said inaction on Capitol Hill forced his hand.

So he has set off another of the seemingly endless ideological and partisan battles that rage in Washington. And viewed from the perspectives of people who have waited a long time for any action on immigration, there seems to be an arbitrariness to setting policy this way.

That is what a group of Washington Post reporters discovered when they fanned the country to hear the stories of immigrants such as Guadalupe Arreola, who was working under a white tent at a swap meet in North Las Vegas…..


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