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White Working Class Voters Bail On Democrats. Smart People Wonder Why?

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Every election begets postmortems and Monday morning quarterbacking. When an election has results as stunning at that of 2014, many navels are examined… some of them from the rear. At the New Republic, Noam Schreiber makes his contribution in The Big Question Democrats Need to Ask Themselves Before They Nominate Hillary:

So Democrats need to find a way to appeal to an older, whiter electorate as well. Specifically, they need to find a better way to appeal to the white working class, which is where they’re getting clobbered. In last week’s midterms, whites without a college degree accounted for 36 percent of voters; Democrats lost them by a 30-point margin. In 2012, the margin was 26 points.

At first blush, the white working class would appear to pose a real dilemma. The set of issues on which the Democratic Party is most coherent these days is social progressivism. It’s very difficult to find a Democratic politician that doesn’t support immigration reform, LGBT rights, women’s reproductive rights, affirmative action, steps to reduce climate change, etc. (It’s even more difficult after last Tuesday’s election.) But while these issues unite college-educated voters and working-class minority voters, they’ve historically alienated the white working class.

If you’ve been around for a while you’ve heard different permutations of this. Reagan Democrats were white working class voters who had historically voted with the New Deal politicians of the Democrat party but felt so alienated by the post-McGovern Democrat party that they bolted. They resurfaced again in 1994, this time they were Angry White Males who, allegedly, voted for the GOP because they were angry about their whole white patriarchy racket being ruined by women and minorities. This is not new. It was well documented in 2012.

wwc voters

It was the subject of the book, probably on every liberal’s bookshelf right beside Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century,” called “What’s the Matter With Kansas.” What Schreiber is reacting to is the fact that the 30 point blowout in favor of the GOP has migrated from areas that the Democrats have written off to areas that are critical if they are to elect a president.

At Mother Jones, Kevin Drum, posits an answer to the problem of why white working class voters have abandoned the Democrats:

I’d like to offer a different interpretation. I don’t have a bunch of poll data readily at hand to back this up, so it’s possible I’m way off base. But I don’t think so, and at the very least I welcome pushback since it might clarify some things that need clarifying.

Here it is: I agree that social liberalism isn’t quite the deal killer it used to be…..


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  1. Hey in the 90s I was one of those young Republicans who chanted “tax reform” and the need to simplify taxes.

    Of course I was a college kid making 6 bucks an hour, my taxes couldn’t have been simpler.

    But fighting for the those rich guys interests made me feel like a big man!

    So glad I grew out that stupidity.

    too sad a lot of folks haven’t.

  2. Since you left out #2 I presume you believe Republican sponsored Tax “reform” will be anything more than a chance to make the rich richer?

  3. (4) Relieve the oppressive dictatorship of union bosses and enforceable collective bargaining contracts from the suffering shoulders of the working man and woman. What self-respecting worker needs an artificial, job-killing minimum wage or the NLRB; forget right-to-work and Taft-Hartley: why not repeal the Wagner Act, go back to the Open Shop and the yellow-dog contract, and make all government jobs union-free?

  4. Yeh so they vote Republican

    This is how the Republicans intend to assist Working people:

    1.)Repeal Obamacare.Imperfect?Yes,but what do the Republicans propose?Ah the “free market” you know the same system that has guided this country to the highest priced health care in the world.That makes sense

    2.) Tax “reform.”Just a question?Is there any FOOL here who believes that this “reform” will involve anything more than reducing taxes for the wealthy and big corporations?

    3.) Regulatory “reform” which will make their working place less safe,their food less pure,the air they breath dirtier,the eater they drink and play in more polluted and their money open to the predatory malice of banks and other associated “financial services.”

    And ,who will these folks blame when all this comes about?

    Why the Blacks and Hispanics of course.

    As for the Republicans?Thanks chumps and don’t you worry we ain’t gonna do anything for “those” people!

    1. I JUST DO NOT understand WTF people would vote for people who would do #1 to #3 to them ……

      Add #4

  5. Overanalyzed

    This is so damn simple.

    White working class types are perpetually pissed off and they take it out on Democrats becuase they like to believe it is Minorities ,whom the they associate with Democrats, as their probkem.

    1. Ok….

      THAT makes sense?

      The Republican Governors from 2010, as I point out, screwed over labor and STILL the 3 guys squeaked back in….

      Obama is providing insurance for their kids and they STILL hate the guy…..

      It REALLY does make sense….

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